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[Guides] List of Links to IGG Guides

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Posted on 2011-04-10 20:51:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG did make a few guides when the game first came out..
here is a list of links:

IGG old Merchant Alliance tasks guide -

IGG Warrior alliance guide -

IGG Master of (Labor) Alliance -

IGG Adventure Alliance Guide -

IGG storyline quest guide -

task guide (old alliances guides on Excel) -

IGG Profession Mentor & Voyagers Times quest guide -

VCO/ IGG Vetran Stratagies (IGG VCO game guide) -

New Era of Conquest guides

Apparatus -

Belief Items -

other stuff from those pages include links to pages on
Malta 1,2,3
Profession uniforms
6 instances
Guild/ fleet/Merchant alliance introduction
Beginner storyline quest guide

A whole lot of old info:

Newbie FAQBattle SystemSystem Setting
Game SceneAuto-TrackE-Book's Functions
Auto-lootAuto-recoveryStalls and Items Inquiry
VCO Equipment SeeingAuto Planting IntroductionVCO Chat Function
InterfaceCharacter AttributeShip Attribute
Profession SkillsChatting SystemOperations
Skills LearningConsume and Resume StaminaFunction of Reputation and Noble Title
Classification of Reputation and Noble TitlesReady to Launch outExchange Items
WarehouseBankRegister and Install
Start GameBrief Introduction to Skill

An over all VCO guide made by IGG (not updated )

here are the updates/ releases and any guides or announcements I can find by IGG

Non major updage guides:

Perto & Labintron announcement -


Update/ Release websites

Full Release April 8 2007

Doom Treasure (December 2007)

Colony Age (June 2008)

New Era Of Conquest (January 2009) (Professions, 6 instances, Malta)

March to Glory (August 4, 2009)

Atlantis (March 1, 2010) (Compound system, Exploration log, Polar Tundra, Atlantis/Bimi, lvl 5 Treasure)

Harbor Blockade (June 2011)

The Gate to Poseidon Temple (December 2011) (new open sea map rewards, Parlo Valey, New Pets, Equipment retrofitting)!.html

Pirate Kings Treasure (May 2012)  (Portabello, 3 sea battle instances, Knights vigil, new class skills, more omo)!.html

Hurricane Island Mystery (February 2014)

The Cretan Renaissance (March 29, 2016) - Crete seige battle, generals, fixes

The Defense of Yizhou (Land; June 6, 2017...Sea: May 8, 2018)
Sea Instance intro -

The Epic of Jiawu (Sea; November 22, 2018)