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[Guides] Guild & Merchant Alliance 2011 - Guide

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*** This is a very old guide,  A couple of guides were combined back in mid 2011 and though the information on fleets has been removed, the information in this guide has not been re-verified in many years and the interface pictures may be outdated or missing***

This is a combination of guides written by many players.
Thanks and nods to to dwolfy, SayetySoo, and SYPHER55.

You will not be able to reply to this thread.

Please post any comments, suggestion and new information to:
The discussion section of the forum


This thread has 5 posts each concerning a different aspect of guild affairs.
Each blue underlined phrase is a section/ post in this thread.

1)  Understanding Guilds and Merchant Alliances; describes what they are and how to join them. (this post)
2)  Guild Hall & Leveling a guild[/url]- A quick walk through of the guild hall and explanations about points and levels.
3)  War, hostility, neutrality - Guild Leader Functions[/url]
4)  Fast Leveling a guild[/url] - Suggested way to level a guild w/ calculated amounts of ores and logs and coin.
5)  Frequently Asked Questions about guilds[/url]


Understanding Guilds and Merchant Alliances


What is a Guild?

A guild is basically a club. In VCO they can be as complicated as a political party or as simple as a group of friends. In VCO there are many guilds, each with their alliances and hostilities, funds, cities, members, etc…

Why join a guild?

Joining a guild has many benefits. These include:

•        Spending time with friends
•        Making new friends
•        Sharing resources and items
•        Giving and taking advice and help
•        Using the consortia functions
•        Drawing the guild salary
•        Owning a city or colony
•        Being part of a proud community

All of these benefits must be given and taken, as to help other members in your guild as well as yourself.

The relation between Guilds, and Merchant Alliances:

Merchant Alliances > Guilds > Players

A Merchant Alliance is made of Guilds, and Players allied to it.


Single players don't have to be associated to any Merchant Alliance, but if they want to join or create a Guild they are required to join a Merchant Alliance first.


-Guilds & Merchant Alliances-
A Guild can’t ally with Guilds from different Merchant Alliances.
Hostile relations can’t exist between Guilds that are in the same Merchant Alliance (so there are no Guild Wars between them).
If during Siege Wars a player attacks another player from the same Merchant Alliance as them, they will get notoriety (can become pink/red named).

Names of Alliances, Alliance NPC's and Locations

There are 5 Merchant Alliances:

The Islandi Merchant Alliance
Associated Cities: Algiers, Tripoli, Alexander, Istanbul
Capital: Alexander

The following NPC's are in Alexander City:

The Islandi Merchant's Alliance Principal (choose affiliations here) 62,64
Guild Master (daily guild quests) 61,67
Merchant's Alliance Master (daily MA quests) 61, 65
Alliance Exchange Staff (exchange MA certificates for apparatus items) 62,61
Merchant's Alliance Officer (bid for siege war, Leader purchase items) 60, 59
Voter (vote for new MA alliance leader) 58, 56

The Western Mediterranean Merchant Alliance
Associated Cities: Venice, Genoa, Barcelona, Athens
Capital: Venice

The following NPC's are in Venice City:

The Western Mediterranean Merchant's Alliance Principal (choose affiliations here) 43,-24
Guild Master (daily guild quests) 38,-19
Merchant's Alliance Master (daily MA quests) 39,-21
Alliance Exchange Staff (exchange MA certificates for apparatus items) 41, -22
Merchant's Alliance Officer (bid for siege war, Leader purchase items) 51, -21
Voter (vote for new MA alliance leader)  47,-28

The Iberian Merchant Alliance
Associated Cities: Seville, Lisbon
Capital: Lisbon

The following NPC's are in Lisbon City:

The Iberian Merchant's Alliance Principal (choose affiliations here) 7, 14
Guild Master (daily guild quests) 5, 11
Merchant's Alliance Master (daily MA quests) 6, 12
Alliance Exchange Staff (exchange MA certificates for apparatus items) 2, 14
Merchant's Alliance Officer (bid for siege war, Leader purchase items) 14, 23
Voter (vote for new MA alliance leader) 8, 22

The English Channel Merchant Alliance
Associated Cities: London, Oslo, Bordeaux
Capital: Bordeaux

The following NPC's are in Bordeaux:

The English Channel Merchant's Alliance Principal (choose affiliations here) 52, 56
Guild Master (daily guild quests) 40, 51
Merchant's Alliance Master (daily MA quests) 42, 50
Alliance Exchange Staff (exchange MA certificates for apparatus items) 60, 57
Merchant's Alliance Officer (bid for siege war, Leader purchase items) 56, 72
Voter (vote for new MA alliance leader) 50, 67

The Nederland’s Merchant Alliance
Associated Cities: Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam
Capital: Amsterdam

The following NPC's are in Amsterdam:

The Nederland's Merchant's Alliance Principal (choose affiliations here) 46, -10
Guild Master (daily guild quests) 47, -7
Merchant's Alliance Master (daily MA quests) 46, -9
Alliance Exchange Staff (exchange MA certificates for apparatus items) 48, -3
Merchant's Alliance Officer (bid for siege war, Leader purchase items) 45, -15
Voter (vote for new MA alliance leader) 50, 3


List of Guild Managers
(Enter guild hall, increase maximum number of guild members allowed, join consortia war)

  • Athens City 47, -50
  • Alexander City 18, -23
  • Beirut City 39, -17
  • Istanbul City 17, 13
  • Venice City 10, 44
  • Genoa City 50, 0
  • Tripoli City 29, 46
  • Barcelona City 172, -25
  • Algiers City 34, 11
  • Seville City 87, 51
  • Lisbon City -23, -24
  • London City 42, -68
  • Hamburg City 71, -202
  • Oslo City -148, 158
  • Stockholm City -7, -74
  • Reykjavik City -60, -12
  • Aden  City -23, -20
  • Quanzhou 27, -3
  • Nagasaki -1, -37
  • Zhigu City -47, 140
  • Beijing City 36, 140
  • Edo  City -66, 147
  • Poseidonia 13.0, -429.0
  • Corsica bandit camp 81.2, -125.6
  • Crete bandit camp 82.3, -126.9
  • Tortue (Pirate Leader Haman) 56, -14

Merchant Alliance Messenger:
  • Athens 49,-51
  • Poseidonia 13, -426

Creating, Joining and Quitting

Joining a Merchant Alliance:

1. Talk to the NPC "[Name of the Merchant Alliance] Principal" at the captal city of the Merchant Alliance you want to join.
2. Choose the option "Merchant Alliance Affiliate of Free Player" and confirm.


Changing your Merchant Alliance:

1. You have to wait at least 3 days (real life) after joining or changing Merchant Alliance before you can change to another one.
2. Talk to the NPC "[Name of the Merchant Alliance] Principal" at the capital city of the Merchant Alliance you want to change to.
3.(a) Choose "Merchant Alliance Affiliate of Free Player" if you don't belong to a Guild.
  (c) Choose "Merchant Alliance Affiliate of Guild" if you are Leader of a Guild and want to change the Guild's Alliance.
  (d) if you are a regular member of a guild you will have to quit the guild before you can change Merchant Alliances.
4) It will cost 50 Special Offer Vouchers (SOV) if you want to switch to a higher ranked Merchant alliance, but can be free if you change to a lower ranked alliance.
You can also change guilds within a Merchant Alliance for free.
***WARNING*** SOV cost about 300,000 silver each (on Columbus server 7/2011) so that is about 15 Million silver to change Alliances

Merchant Alliance Positions:

1) Alliance Leader
 A. To obtain the level 5+ "alliance leader" title, a guild needs to occupy the merchant Alliances' central city during siege battles.  
 B. The Siege war begins at 12:01am every Sunday. There are 1080 minutes for preparation, 60 minutes for scouting, and 180 minutes for the battle.
 C. Battles for Merchants' Central Cities
    a) Winners will win the Alliance Leader title, special clothes charm, and the power to control the central cities.
    b) The Alliance Leader title can only be used by a guild leader from this alliance.
 D. Guilds that don't have colony cities are not qualified to occupy the main cities; meaning that they can't become merchant leaders.

2) How to dismiss a Merchant Alliance Leader
 A. There is a Vote administrator (NPC) in each main city. Players can vote against the current merchant leader.
 B. If there are N level 5 guilds and the blackball exceeds N*0.6, the current merchant leader will be forced to give up the leader title. Then all of the guilds can fight each other to get the title during siege battles again.  
 C. On the 1st and 16th of each month at 12:00 am, the system will count the votes, and then reset the voting system.
 D. Each guild can vote only once during the given period.

Fleets Were removed from the Game December 2011

Creating your own Guild:

1. first you must join a merchant alliance as a free player
2.  You (the potential guild leader) need to be profession level 80 to create a guild. (Your members do not need to be profession level 80) ... though there is one report that ALL have to be lvl 80 or above.. (needs further confirmation 12/3/2012)
3. Your guild has to have at least 5 members (they need to be present in the city where and when you are applying for your guild).
4. Guild leader may need to have 500,000,000 game coin on their character (change to 500kk took place in 2014)
5. Talk to the NPC "Guild Manager" at any city.
6. Choose "Apply to establish Guild".
7. Input a name for your Guild, choose a symbol for it, type some info about your Guild (this is optional) and click "Yes".


Joining a Guild:

1. You have to be associated to the same Merchant Alliance as the Guild you want to Join.
4. Choose "Apply to join Guild".
5. Select a Guild from the list and click "Join".
6. Wait for the Guild's Leader or Vice Leader to accept your application.


You can choose to organize the Guilds' list alphabetically by clicking on the arrow (image link broken)
( /\ - A to Z | \/ - Z to A)
You can't see any information about which Merchant Alliance the Guilds belong to (unless it is informed by the Leader on the "G Tenet". So it is recommended that you know it beforehand (by PMing one of the guild's members, for example).

Quitting a Guild:

1. Open "Interaction" window (Press Ctrl + A)
2. Select the tag "Guild"
3. Select the tag "Affairs"
4. Click on "Quit the Guild" to quit or "Guild Disbandment" to disband (if you're the Leader) and confirm.


When you quit a Guild all your Guild Contribution points will be lost. (Tip: you can use those points or transfer them to other Guild members before quitting, so they won't be wasted).
When the Guild's Leader quits, the Vice Leader will be promoted to Leader.

After you quit a guild, you must wait 30 minutes before you can join another guild.
(use to be 24 hours) 5/18/2016

Note: Don't forget to put money into your Guild or it will be disbanded, it will be gone forever ever, (unless you pay IM and igg restores for you.)


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The Guild Hall & Leveling a Guild:

A Guild can be leveled up to level 10
Do this by doing guild hall quests, clicking guild contribution certificates, using the guild build certificates at the npc in the guild hall.

ACTUAL Requirements for leveling a guild
(Yes it's different than the chart IGG gave us)

Guild LevelCommercial / EconomicIndustrialAgricultureMilitaryMember Cap w/out , w/ purchase of extra
Total number of points needed in each of the 4 categories
1 to 2total: 500N/AN/AN/A20 , 40500 **
2 to 3additional; 1,000

total: 1, 500
N/AN/AN/A40 , 801,500 **
3 to 4additional; 2,500

Total; 4,000
N/AN/AN/A60 , 1204,000 **
4 to 5additional: 5,000

Total 9,000
N/AN/AN/A80 , 1609,000 **
5 to 6additional: 14,000

Total: 23,000
additional: 14,000 if was maxed

Total: 23,000
additional: 23,000

Total: 23,000
additional: 23,000

Total: 23,000
100 , 20023,000 x 4 = 92,000
6 to 7additional: 28,000

Total: 51,000
additional: 28,000

Total: 51,000
additional: 28,000

Total: 51,000
additional: 28,000

Total: 51,000
120, 20051,000 x 4 = 204,000
7 to 8additional: 42,000

Total: 93,000
additional: 42,000

Total: 93,000
additional: 42,000

Total: 93,000
additional: 42,000

Total: 93,000
140, 20093,000 x 4 = 372,000
8 to 9additional: 63,000

Total: 156,000
additional: 63,000

Total: 156,000
additional: 63,000

Total: 156,000
additional: 63,000

Total: 156,000
180, 200156,000 x 4 = 624,000
9 to 10 additional:

Total: 254,000
additional: 98,000

Total: 254,000
additional: 98,000

Total: 254,000
additional: 98,000

Total: 254,000
200 , 200254,000 x 4 = 1,016,000

** points needed in Commercial category only

what was not clear in the guide IGG gave us,  is they are telling us the additional amount of points needed
so actually:

lvl 1 > lvl 2 = 500

lvl 2 > lvl 3 = 500 + 1000 = 1,500

lvl 3 > lvl4 = 500 +1000 + 2500 = 4,000

lvl 4 > lvl 5 = 500 + 1,000, +2,500, + 5,000 = 9,000

lvl 5 > lvl 6 = 500 + 1,000, +2,500, + 5,000 + 14, 000 = 23,000

lvl 6 > lvl 7 = 500 + 1,000, +2,500, + 5,000 + 14, 000 + 28,000 = 51,000

lvl 7 > lvl 8 = 500 + 1,000, +2,500, + 5,000 + 14, 000 + 28,000 +42,000 = 93,000

lvl 8 > lvl 9 = 500 + 1,000, +2,500, + 5,000 + 14, 000 + 28,000 +42,000 +63,000 = 156,000

lvl 9 > lvl 10 = 500 + 1,000, +2,500, + 5,000 + 14, 000 + 28,000 +42,000 +63,000 +98,000 = 254,000

you will notice you do not loose any of the points you have already gained....
so when you reach 500/500 points the counter automatically changes to 500/1,500

Please click the link below for the following information:
How to enter the guild hall
How to do guild tasks
Descriptions of all the guild hall npc's

Because this section is so large, it has been moved to a different thread;
Please go to:

Guild Hall Introduction & Guild Hall Quests Guide

How many Commercial points you need to get a higher guild level:
I am not sure if there are minimum member numbers required for a guild level to increase. - ele

Managing Guild:
(A few functions can be used by any guild member)

Increasing limit on number of members in a guild:
Any guild member can buy extra member space at the Guild manager.  Each additional member costs more money than the last.
Guild Function > Guild member promotion
Lvl 1 Guild = +20 members max 50....Need minimum 3 members or guild will be disbanded.
Lvl 2 Guild = +40 members max 75
Lvl 3 Guild = +60 members max 100
Lvl 4 Guild = +80 members max 125
Lvl 5  Guild = +100 members max 150

The in game interface:
First press Ctrl + X to open the Interface.  
All managing options for Guild are in the Guild - Affairs section.
At the section Members etc. you can see Info about them.

(old interface picture fleets are removed)
Contribution transfer Was removed from the Game in the December 2011 Update

Guild Officer Functions
- see next post on Guild Diplomacy, sieges, and wars.
- see Military minister in Guild Hall intro Guide


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Please read the following guide that describes the differences between PVP, Siege and wars;

Guide to PvP, Sieges, War, Guild tasked, Extortion -

and the following older guides explain how to begin and end the sieges wars, hostility etc..

Guild Diplomacy Tutorial
This guide written by Jackobicek  Aug 31, 2007
Guild Battle interface photo by me - Ele
Some notes added from other guides.

i believe that the guild diplomacy interface is one of the most confusing parts of the game so lets have a look at some of the features.../i have read a topic in which someone once again demanded a payment of 10m to remove hostility... so i decided i gonna write this/

1) enter battle mode and neutrality

--- possibly the most confusing of all options
--- neutrality costs 10m*number of hostiles and does NOT mean all your hostiles suddenly become neutral... neutrality protects your guild from war declarations ie no hostile can war you while you are in neutral state
--- the neutrality payment is deduced from your guild fund
--- neutrality cannot be called after L4 at L4 every guild automatically enters battle state

How to become neutral if level 5 guild (may work for other levels as well)
This is not tested by me as i am not a guild leader... but saw this in a conversation - Ele
I do not know if waiting time is needed between declarations.
1) Ally the hostile guild
2) cancel ally request
3) Declare hostility
4) declare war
5) declare (select?) neutral

2) diplomacy table

--- normal state
     --- this state means the two guilds so far have no relations whatsoever
     --- you can join eachothers sieges
     --- there is NO way to return to this state once an alliance or hostility  was declared

--- alliance
     --- you can help your ally in guild war
     --- you cannot ally a guild if any of their hostiles is your ally or vice versa
To ally a Guild; they have to be the same MA.

--- hostility
    --- you can bid on your hostiles cities if you are L5 guild
    --- you can kill each others haloed players without gaining notoriety
    --- only way to remove hostile state is allying your opposition which may not be feasible

To hostile another guild, They have to be in another MA.  

--- war
    --- can be declared after 24 hours of hostility
    --- battle takes place after approximately 24 hours at a prescribed war time /2am GMT +1 thatz where i live/
    --- battle has two phases naval battle and land battle
    --- winner receives a part of enemies guild fund
    --- losing side loses 30 percent of their industry and commerce value
    --- war is ONE click operation do NOT press the button if you dont know what is going to happen
    ---once war was declared there is no way back... you gotta fight
    --- war costs are depended upon guild lvl difference
         --- same lvl guilds 100k
         --- 1 level difference 2m
         --- 2 levels difference 40m
         --- 3 levels difference 800m
         --- 4 levels difference 16b
   --- you cannot war a guild that is higher lvl than your own guild
   --- you cannot war a guild that is in neutral state

For a city siege; the players, you want to invite to help you, need to be in the same MA as your guild, otherwise you wont be able to invite them

Note to Guild War:
You can Guild War another guild at the Guild > Affairs > Guild Diplomacy. The war is always at the same time of a day (atm 8 pm GMT-5). The first part of the war is Sea battle.  The attacker has to win to go on at the second portion of the war which is Land battle. If the attacking guild wins this second part they won the war. The defeated guild looses all guild funds, some industry and business points, so the loosing guild will decrease by one level or even dismiss/disband if they dont have enough guild funds.

There are two types of Sieges:
1. City Sieges
     City Sieges are when a Guild attempts to take over a city, either from a NPC-run army or an enemy Guild (this depending on who owns the city).   To participate in a City Siege,  interested guilds must bid.   To bid; a guild has to contact the Municipal Minister in the City of interest.

The cities that are possible for Siege Wars are:
Cape Town

2)  Fortress Battle:  A "fortress battle" or ordinary guild war is when 2 guilds fight each other (i think they can be any level) but NOT for a city. the winner gets a share of the loser's guild fund and (i think) industry points. (its definitely some points, not sure whether industry or commercial).
it is fought in a special arena, at the time of the war you need to visit the guild manager (in any city) to enter this. it consists of two parts: sea battle and land battle. unlike siege wars they are separated and not ongoing. the sea battle comes first. this is a battle in a special offshore arena, between the ships of the two guilds, the npc ships of the two guilds, and allied PLAYERS. after this has been decided, the battle moves on to land. this is the same map as the siege arena. the fight is between the npcs of  both guilds and the players on each side.
i cant remember how they are decided :S , it's been at least 6 months since my last one. as for declaring one of these i believe it is in the guild hall, from the war minister (i cant remember name, it's the one that you dont get quests from, not the caretaker, also the one where you spend industry points).  - Tobiou

Land Battle arena (Athens, Seville) is not same as Siege war arena.
If u win u get 50% of defeated guild money, and defeated guild is losing some commercial points. Defeated guild can loose industry but ONLY when u destroy NPC barbets and/or soldiers.
Attacking guild can lose industry too if defenders destroy NPC ships/soldiers.
U can declare war same place where you declare hostiles, and make allies.

PS. You win if u kill all enemy players.  - globus68


Siege War Guide

by soccermaniac88

I'm not sure that there is a guide for siege war yet, but I was unable to find one. I remember being very confused about them when I was a noob. I am making this guide to help clear some things up.

A siege war starts when a guild decides they want to attack and try to take over a city belonging to another guild.

There are a couple steps that need to be taken by a guild  in order to siege a city.
1) The first step is to make a bid to siege a city.
  Every Sunday morning around 0:00 GMT (think is Friday now?? - ele) bidding takes place. In order to make a bid you must go to the municipal minister in the city you want to siege. The guild that is currently holding the city might turn on arena rules in order to stop anyone from making to the municipal minister. A couple hours later the results to the bids are shown. If a city receives no bids then nothing happens, as for all the other cities the highest bidder wins the right to siege that city.

  Requirements for your guild to enter a siege war:

1. It must be level 5.
2. Can only bid for 1 city.
3. Cant be an ally with the guild that they are seiging.
4. Guilds defending and bidding must be in the same Merchant Alliance

   For you to enter a siege war you must:

1. Belong to the attacking guild.
2. Belong to the defending guild.
3. Get invited to the war by the leader of the attacking or defending guild.

  The next phase of a siege war is the "preparing  time". Preparing time is 1 hour before the war starts. War starts Sunday at 1300hrs EST.  So prepare time starts at 1200hrs.
(Before the 1 hour prepare time?? - ele ) In this period of time the attacking guild must place their mother ship. The mother ship will serve as their headquarters, it is a place to heal and regroup. If the attacking guild fails to place their mother ship then they automatically lose the war.

   Finally the war is able to start. At the beginning attacking teams will enter the offshore scene of the city they are laying siege to. There they will be met with the defending guilds ships. The attacking team must break through the defending teams ships and make it to the dock or decharge that transports them to the defenders fort. If the attackers are able to make it there then the land fighting will begin. The attackers will need to enter the defenders fort and find a flag located in the barbette of the fort. If the attackers destroy the flag they win, but the defenders will try to stop them from getting to it.

   There are many ways for the defending team to win. The first way is to locate the attackers mother ship. If they manage to do this then they will board it. Once on board there is a flag located on the deck of the mother  ship. Its the same type of flag that the attackers are trying to destroy in the city. If the defenders destroy the flag that is on board of the attackers mother ship then they win. The defenders also win if they are able to hold off the attackers for a total of 3 hours.

   During the siege war arena rules are used between the contending guilds. You will not go pink if you attack someone on the opposing team and likewise if they attack you. Be warned that there is a small risk of losing some items if you are killed in the war.

Lets recap...

Attacker Wins if:
They break the flag in the defenders barbette.

Defenders Win if:
They locate and destroy the flag on the opposing teams mother ship.
They hold the attackers off for 3 hours.
The attacker fails to place their mother ship.

If you have any suggestions or additions to the guide just leave me a reply.


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This guide written by M3664



How to Attain Level 2-3-4-5 Guild?
What Metrials are needed? and how many materials are needed?
How Much money will be Consumed?
And The Right Procedures To Level Up the Guild?
How to increase your contribution points?
And Ranks In Guild?



  • First of all you should know what kind of materials will u use(timber or metals) and then to make a good choice you should pick the highest of the two skills (ex. mining skill is 38 timberfelling skill is 61...) the higher is timberfelling because you can compound lvl 7 timber already so....
  • It comes up that Timberfelling is much higher than your mining skill, well then now proceed to the suburb which contains Lvl 7-8-9 Logs and bring your ship with the highest capacity so that you can collect more
  • After collecting them do not compound them unless you have accpeted the tasks...
  • In accepting the tasks go to a guild manager and proceed to the Commercial minister and accept the Lvl 7 task for timbers...
  • NOW here is it you should only compound the asked materials example: he asked you to submit 9 Timber lvl 7.... then you should only compound 9 lvl 7 and then submit the task and accept another task with the same one and compound only the needed mats and that's it just keep doing it over and over again untill you are done...

The Exact Details In leveling a Guild up to Level 2...

f26 f26

Level Of Materials:Ores/Logs NeededMetals/Timbers Needed Silver Coins Commercial Points And the guide's GOAL :
LVL=122,5007,5007.5M500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=210,5003,5007M500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=36,5132,1716,513,000500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=44,5001,5006M500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=53,3001,1005.5M500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=62,520840500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=71,944648500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=81,512504500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=91,176392500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild
LVL=10900300500 commercial points LEVEL 2-Guild

The Exact Details In leveling a Guild up to Level 3...

f26 f26 f26

Level Of Materials:Ores/Logs NeededMetals/Timbers Needed Silver Coins Commercial Points And the guide's GOAL :
LVL=190K30K30M2,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=242K14K28M2,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=326,0138,67126M2,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=418K6K24M2,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=513,2004,40022M2,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=610.0203,3402,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=77,7222,5742,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=86K2K2,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=94,6831,5612,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild
LVL=103,6001,2002,000 commercial points LEVEL 3-Guild

The Exact Details In leveling a Guild up to Level 4...
f26 f26 f26 f26

Level Of Materials:Ores/Logs NeededMetals/Timbers Needed Silver Coins Commercial Points And the guide's GOAL :
LVL=1202,50067,50067.5M4,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=294,50031,50063M4,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=358,50019,50058M4,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=440,50013,50054M4,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=529,7009,90049.5M4,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=622,5007,5004,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=717,3615,7874,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=813,5124,5044,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=910,5003,5004,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild
LVL=108,1002,7004,500 commercial points LEVEL 4-Guild

The Exact Details In leveling a Guild up to Level 5...
f26 f26 f26 f26 f26

Level Of Materials:Ores/Logs NeededMetals/Timbers Needed Silver Coins Commercial Points And the guide's GOAL :
LVL=1405K135K135M9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=2189K63K126M9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=3117K39K117M9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=481K27K108M9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=559,40019,80099M9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=645K15K9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=734,72211,5749,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=827K9K9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=921K7K9,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild
LVL=1016,2005,4009,000 commercial pointsLEVEL 5-Guild

                                                               ULTIMATE GUIDE PART 2

                                                                  =MAKING IT STRONGER=


first of all you need 100K and make a team of 5 people and NOTE that the 5 people you have invited on the team should not be on a guild or does not send a requesting to join letter on the guild manager otherwise it will be invalid so its better to make your friends on the team or invite people that are Noob's....





                           TO GAIN 1,000 INDUSTRY POINTS YOU NEED 750K AND 15,000 LEVEL 1 CANONS




                           TO GAIN 1,000 INDUSTRY POINTS YOU NEED 5.6M SILVER COINS AND 14,000 LEVEL 2 CANONS










Now on Sieges. There are two types of Sieges:
1. City Sieges
City Sieges are when a Guild attempts to take over a city, either from a NPC-run army or an enemy Guild (this depending on who owns the city).
For City Sieges…
To enable a place in a City Siege, guilds interested must bid.
To bid, a guild has to contact the Municipal Minister in the City of interest.
The cities that are possible for Siege Wars are:
•        Athens
•        Barcelona
•        London
•        Oslo
•        Madeira
•        Cape Town
•        Aden
•        Malacca
•        Zhigu
•        Seoul
•        Nagasaki

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How Guilds Work
Guide by ArngrimJarl

Ok. trying to condense the different threads into a comprehensive guide.
Work in progress, please assist with more questions and more information. Note, this is an attempt to gather the different(best) answers in one thread, and into one post, some answers may be inaccurate, in that case, please post corrections in this thread. Some answers/questions are mine, some are not, so the text may look strange occasionally, as the information accumulates, I'll try to clean up the language..

The Guild Page - Not Full of answers, but a good starting point.
Siege battle Rules

1.What happens to the cannons/materials and figureheads etc. that we give to the guild for guild quests.
They disappear - the guild is awarded commercial/industry points.

2. How do my guild acquire ownership of a city
By doing a city siege, you bid for a siege, then you attack. It is recommended you have a lot of high level ships.You will also acquire control over nearby cities.

3.Do the trader /// frigate ships belong to your guild once you own that city.
They are automated, you don't own them, but they still patrol. However, official confirmation of this is not on the official sites.

4.When you own a city do you get paid over time for the trader ships or whatever supposedly give u money not sure sorry about the wording
Your city makes money from your taxes that you set for trading, etc.

5.When you are hostile versus another guild how do you do battle with their ships.
Hostile means you can attack them when they are on a guild mission in a pvp arena and vice versa.  War means that after a set amount of time you meet at a specific location and battle it out. Will post specifics later.  If you lose, (you lose 10% of guild fund and maybe some ranking. I also believe the winners gain said amount. Again. Will find specifics and update.

6.If the trader // frigate ships do belong to you how do you attack other players if you see them attacking your boats.
You cannot use them for your own arsenal. However, any guild you are at war with cannot enter the city, and your "frigates" and such will attack them.

7.B.How do i bid on a city? I go to municipal guy by governor in Athens, but it just says initial price 10000 and below that something i don't understand. Also says in boxes other guilds that have placed bids (which there are none yet.)
Basically, get your guild to level 5. Have your guild leader go to the municipal manager and place a bid on the city of your choice (has to be one that is listed in the siegable cities list). The information listed on that screen shows all of the other guilds who have bid on the city. At this point in the game there are few level 5 guilds so out bidding someone hasn't happened yet.

8. Why cant I have more than 3 directors?
9. Why cant officers higher in rank than director do the same thing directors do?
10. Why cant the guild leader appoint departments instead of having the directors apply for them?
11. Will I be able to add more departments as my guild levels up or gains members?
12.  Why can't I delegate certain Guild Leader powers (for example power to enter war state or neutral state) to directors, for example the director of the defense department?
For all the above; Because that's the way the guild system was designed. You can have 1 Vice Leader, 3 Directors, 5 Exec Officers no more, not even when you level the guild up. Checking the guild page before making a guild would have been a wise choice.

13. I've noticed mention of a guild hall. What is their purpose? How do you enter it?
Enter it via the guild master, once you are part of guild. In there you collect guild quests, donate to the guild, take your guild salary out (no this does not affect the guild bank) and its a safe and secure place for guild meetings.

14. Do guilds have their own "Warehouse"?
Simply, no. I don't think it will be a future release either.

15. I believe there are guild quests. What are their purpose?
To improve the stats and skill levels of the guild. This means you can take over cities and level up. you get contribution points, which you can spend on upgrades once you have the materials. 10k is the max points you can have, every guild quest adds to the score of the guild and raises them up in the rankings. You can use your contribution points in the guild Consortia. you can upgrade refined material (like timber), figureheads and there are options for upgrading weapons and armour, but I haven't been able to use that function yet.

16. Besides being aligned with a group of people, is there currently any other benefits of being in a guild?
Yes, you may use the guild consortia to upgrade raw materials and figureheads. supposedly armor and weapons too. You also get a benefit on cannon range and angle, perhaps in land battle as well. Unconfirmed at this point.

17. EXACT amount of points needed to get higher guild levels, please.
Guild Lvls
Lvl 1 = 0 (+ 0) ( +20 members max 50)
Lvl 2 = 500 (+500) ( +40 members max 75)
Lvl 3 = 1,500 (+1,000)( +60 members max 100)
Lvl 4 = 4,000 (+2,500)( +80 members max 125)
Lvl 5 = 9,000 (+5,000)( +100 members max 150)
[hide=5000] keeping for if ever needed......and if theres any higher lvls they could be
Lvl 6 = 19,000 (+10,000) ( +120 members max 175)
Lvl 7 = 44,000 (+25,000) ( +140 members max 200)
Lvl 8 = 99,000 (+50,000) ( +160 members max 225)
Lvl 9 = 199,000 (+100,000) ( +180 members max 250)
Lvl 10 = 449,000 (+250,000)( +200 members max 275)[/hide]

18. Where do i go to upgrade the guild?
When you hit the needed amount of business points it upgrades automatically.

19. How do I get the guild's logo on my ships sails?
They appear automatically

20. Is there a way to change the guilds logo without remaking the entire guild?
At present, no you cannot change logos for guild in game.

21. Do i need to have 500pts each for commercial and industry to have 500 business points
No, Commercial points=business points.

22. Where do i go to upgrade the guild?
It will upgrade automatically when you have reached the required business and member levels.

23. Is your guild bound to the city where you created it ? Or will it exist in every city once created ?
No, formally your headquarter is located there, but you may access your guild HQ from any city with a guild master.

24. We are a group of friends trying to create a French guild somewhere, but there is no guild master in Bordeaux. Is there a way to work around the problem ?
No. but do note #23 above.

25. Can I exchange items inside the guildhall?
No. Yo may not even drop them, nor destroy them in the guildhall.

26. Does anyone know if other cities are able to be taken over by lvl 5 guilds?
Yes. Any City can be "owned".

27. What is the guild treasury good for?
It covers operating costs.The guild will be disbanded if it ever goes bankrupt.
You may also invest in military with it.

28. Do we need to buy the extra member spot to upgrade are guild ?
No. However you do need to have all the original slots filled to upgrade.

29. How do I contact my allies Guild master?
Apparently there is no in game function for this (item for suggestions thread), however there is a "guild information" thread in the guild forum, where you can find the in game aliases of the leaders and Vice leaders.

30. What does the Military upgrades mean?
Military Barbettes: the amount of barbettes your port (in a siege battle) has
Barbette durability: explains itself eh?
Cannon skill: the barbettes cannon skill level
Attack Fleet: when you're the attacker in a siege battle, those npc ships join your side
Warship skill: the level of the Attack fleet ships
DF member: the amount of soldiers that defende your port when you are getting attacked
DF soldier training: DF member level
Lansquenet Member: the amount of soldiers that attack when you are attacking
Lansquenet Training: the Lansquenet Member level.

Industry is used for guild offense and guild defense. The MAX level that you can upgrade your guild's military equipment is based on your guild level. You get two more skill levels per guild level.

For instance, if you were upgrading your barbettes and you are a level 3 guild, you'll be able to upgrade your barbette durability to level 6. Then when you reach level 4 guild you can upgrade them to skill level 8. When you're guild level 5 you're able to upgrade all of the military skills to max.

Upgrading your military equipment for the guild costs industry points as well as guild funds. Only Directors and above can access the military manager to do this.

31. How do i start a Guild?
see above

32. How do I quit a guild?
Go to your interactions menu (the hand shaking icon). then at the top, click the guild tab. Then click the Affairs tab. At the bottom should be a command saying I think... "Exit Guild" but it has been a while since I looked at that command.

33. How do i accept departments?
A director has to apply one using the department application tab. then it pops up on your screen

34. Is there anything more to Departments besides them being a closed discussion club within the guild?

34.Guild Contribution points.
Can those still be gained even after the guild has maxed everything?
Or will late joiners have to beg/trade for point transfers from others?

You still can gain point after an guild have maxed out everything. So no need to beg
You can keep doing business points after you've reached max level. This is a good idea because, if you are attacked and have a guild war, you may lose. If you lose you will lose business value points and if you don't have enough to maintain your current guild level, you drop to the lower level. Having excess business points would prevent you from having such loss.

Contribution points can be gained at any status of the guild, they just cap at 10k.

35. Owning a Town? Can one guild own more than one?
Yeah.Of course..U guild can own all of the towns if you can.

Partially answered questions

A.How is the operations fee calculated?
What is being included? It daily on 1:00GMT being take from the guild account.

B.What is "Department" used for, can it be accessed ?

Department is used by the Directors of the guild. Each director has the option to create their own department by filling out the deparment application and submitting it to the guild leader for approval. Once approved, they can add people to it. There is a department channel dedicated for the use of directors and the members who are in that department. Other members in the guild, including the leader and viceleader, can't read those department bulletins or the department channel speech.

The purpose of deparments is obviously for organization. It's up to the guilds themselves to determine what those departments are going to be.

C.How is guild salary calculated?
Unknown, however Guild level, and contribution points raises it. whether officer level does is still not known at this point.

D.How business/Industry value affects your guild (apart from leveling up)
I mean salary, cannon bonus etc.
Business value only effects guild level and guild points in regards with your guild ranking in the guild list.

What things does business value affect besides guild level?

Unconfirmed: Development of city when/if you own one unclear. hoping for more info from guilds that _do_ own cities.

E.Of what use exactly are the different military upgrades you can build?

F.How to cancel an alliance with another guild? can't seem to find the function.
Still unknown to me, however, I have heard 2 rumors:1, that you may cancel hostility for 10 Million, 2 that you may change alliance into hostility, but not directly to neutral. There is no feature to cancel hostility or an alliance with another guild, i.e. there is no feature to allow you to go neutral. You can ally with a hostile guild provided they aren't hostile with any allies or visa versa. This makes guild deplomacy very sticky and complicated.

There are options in the guild tab for your guild status. At the top it says either Neutral or Battle. You can change your status back to Neutral but you have to pay some insane fee. I have no idea what the feature does though and I've never actually heard of another guild successfully using it.

I.How do I transfer leadership of Guild?
Unfortunately, the leader must quit the guild to transfer the position to the vice leader. The position is automatically transfered, so no need to worry about being disbanded.

I.Cities yelds control over other ports, can we please see a list of what territory each "Capital" port controls?

Thanks to  Qualiso for the code.

Unsorted info:

When you level up a guild it allows more members and gives a nice boost to guild ranking points

You don't gain anything from winning a guild war aside from making the hostile guild lose something.

1 - Where is that war take place?
To join war u must talk with guild manager and press join war,
if u lose u will lose guild fund, business and industry points.

2 - Cant we go to war on a time that most of our members are online instead when they are all asleep.

3 - What is the duration of a war
War ending when one side fully died

4 - I know we will loose all kinds of guild points and money, but are there
more things we should take in to account.

5 - We have guild money and guild/ indu points etc , what should I make with it.. like attack boats or something?
Better to spend industry points into barbettes and cannons

6-What if we dont join the war.
What will happen then?
they will destroy your fortress and leave you with less guild points :/ after that they go to hostile.
You lose no matter what.Loss mean - around 1200 guild points,so you should reallu level up your military and bring some shipps in the warmsince your other members cant join.

7-Can you have like -1000 guild points after a war?

they cant keep declaring wars it cost 2mill per war and you only win 500k guild funs for winning.

do wars start at same time everyday ???
or do they start 24 hours after you declare war????

I think they start at same time 12 : 00 gmt but yeah not sure it s every day thou .

How to start a war?
The guild diplomacy section is lacking. We are a level 1 guild who wish to declare on a other guild of the same size.
we are set to hostility according to the Guild diplomacy but when we want to open to war we get:
The clan is neutral and cant declare a war..
we try setting hostilities on:
'Your clan is not at war, hostility cant be declared on other clans."
Anyone know what has to happen?

Hmm let me see...Go to your guilds military section and click the Enter Battle option.This might work

That did the trick, a part of the text was gone..

How long does a war take place? Till i end it or does it go on for only a small amount of time?

Thanks in advance.

Theres a preparation time that lasts 24 hours I think.Then all those who want to fight shall appear.War ends after the battle.Hostility is what remains.

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Introduction to Siege War
by IGGedwin
March 18, 2007

After years of management in Voyage Century, guilds all over the world grew stronger and stronger. Some guilds even exceeded the king's power so that the king became a puppet and didn't have the ability to protect his country. How to solve this problem?
The king decided to entrust some big guilds in Voyage Century to control and protect his city. On the surface, the king transfer some part of right to the big guilds, in fact, the real intention is to weaken the strength of guilds. He will hold Siege War once a week and choose the strongest guild from all over the world to control the city. To the big guild in Voyage Century, this is a great opportunity for them. They can control the city and obtain important military materials from the country. So, no matter what the real intention is, Siege War is crucial to the development of guilds.  
The kings of other countries also realize the cabal and follow. Thus, an age of cabal, opportunity and chaos befalls.   
1.       Apply for Siege War Permission

1.1 Requirement:
1) Applicant: the leader of the level 5 guild.
2) The guild hasn't run for a Siege War in other ports.
3) The guild that dominates the port can't participate in the Election in this city.
4) The relationship between the attacker and defender should be in opposition.

1.2 Procedure:
1) Click the NPC civil minister, you will see an option: Run for a Territory Contest.
2) Click the option and an Territory Management Interface will appear in the NPC dialogue menu. You can see the ranking of the contest and click Run button.
3) Only the Guild Fund can be used for Election. The lower limit of the investment is 10000, and the upper limit of the Fund for Election is 2000 million.
4) Success in the Election: When the Election Term finishes, the first guild on the Fund Ranking will obtain the opportunity to take part in the Siege War. The victorious Guild leader can redeem the Command Flag of the Battle Depot ship.
5) Fail in the Election: When the Election Term finishes, the failed guild leader can withdraw the investment, and the civil minister will give back all his silver coins.

2.       Introduction of each phase in the Siege War
2.1 The Siege War can be carried on in following cities: Athens, Barcelona, London, Oslo, Madeira, Cape Town, Aden, Malacca, Zhigu, Seoul and Nagasaki.
2.2 Election Period: it is the time that all players make investment to the Siege War qualification; one Election Period is from the ending of last battle to the beginning of this time.

2.3 Preparing Period: During the time, the Leader of the attacker can get the commanding flag of the Battle Depot ship, choose and ascertain the position of the Battle Depot ship on the public sea to replenish. If the attacker did not place it in the correct position within the Preparing Period, they failed in this battle. After correct placement, the rest preparing time will be counted directly into the reconnoitering Period.

2.4 Reconnoitering Period: During this period of time, all the players can see the position of the battle depot ship on the sea. The battle depot ship is in a camouflaged state. The attacker can enter it directly for replenishing while other players can only see the camouflaged, which is similar to the background of the public sea. Different camouflaged commanding flag will have different camouflaged model. Other players cannot click it and enter.  
2.5 Battling Period: The attacker will win by entering the offing port to attack the defenders' main emplacement or attacking the defenders' command flag on the land, while the defenders will win by resisting for 3 hours or attacking the battle depot ship straightly. During this period, all the participants cannot leave the guild and new members cannot join the guild when it is in battle, either. The participant guild cannot change the relationship with other guilds.

2.6 System notice: During the preparing period, it will remind all the members the start time of the battle. If the leader of the attacker hasn't finished setting the battle depot ship, the system will remind the leader the deadline of setting (the starting time of the reconnoitering).

1) When the rest time is over 2 hours, one notice per hour; when the rest time is half an hour to 2 hours, one notice per half an hour; when the rest time is 10 minutes to half an hour, one notice per 5 minutes; when the rest time is 1 minute to 10 minutes, one notice per minute; when the rest time is within 1 minute, one notice per second.
2) Siege War ends, entering the preparing period.
3) X hours X minutes left before the Siege War
4) X hours X minutes left for setting the Battle Depot Ship.
5) Siege War starts
6) X hours X minutes left for Siege War
7) Siege War ends
8) Winner: XXX
2.7   Default parameter
1). At present, the Siege War can be carried on in only one cities: Athens.  (January 2007)
2). Start time: 0:00 EST, Tuesday, Jan.30th          *** all start times have changed -  Ele
3). Election Period: from 0:00 EST, Tuesday, Jan.30th to 0:00 EST of Friday, Feb.2nd.
4). Preparing Period: from 00:01 to 18:00 of Saturday, Feb.3rd .
5). Reconnoitering Period: form 18:01 to 19:00 of Saturday, Feb.3rd .
6). Battling Period: from 19:01 to 21:00 of Saturday, Feb.3rd .

3. Federation Rules and Procedure
3.1 During the preparing and reconnoitering period, the leader of participant guild can invite players in other guilds to join the battle.

3.2 Only non-hostile members can be invited to the battle, but the players could not be invited if they have been invited.

3.3 The upper limit of the invited member is 100.

3.4 You can look over the all name lists of the confederative players by clicking the checking button, than the name will be showed in the chatting column.

3.5 Non-guild players who gain the right of joining the battle are equal to the guild members in the Siege War.

4 Fighting Rules

4.1. Battlefield rules

1) Offing battle rule
a. Using city offing scene
b. Before the battle, functions are the same as before that all the players can freely come in and out of the ports, but main emplacements cannot be grappled.
c. When the battle begins, participant players can see each other when entering the battlefield and freely PK.
d. When the battle begins, non-battling-players cannot see each other. They can watch the battle but cannot be seen by the participants or attack the participants.
e. When the battle begins, the emplacement will fire the attacking party automatically, but cannot attack any other non-battling-players (including red name players).
f. When the battle begins, the attacking party cannot come into the ports or leave the ports at any moment. They should sail out to the safe region and leave the offing.
g. When the battle begins, the defenders cannot sail out of the port or leave the port at any moment. They should click the port button to leave the offing.
h. When the battle begins, non-battling-players can come into the port or leave the offing freely.
i. When the battle ends, if the attacker win, the offing members will turn to the offing scene automatically. If fails, all of them will turn to the High Sea.
j. When the battle ends, all the functions will return to normal. Emplacements will be renewed and its Durability will entirely recover.

2) Land battle rule:
a. Only the battling players can enter into this bank scene.
b. The defenders can enter the scene directly from the docker and present to the gate of top defendant artillery in the emplacement.
c. If the attacking party wants to leave this scene, they should click the lifeboat in the beach and return to the offing.
d. The defendant players can also click the lifeboat to leave and return to the offing. They can click the top gate to leave as well and return to the port.
e. In the normal non-battling time, the guild members occupied the ports can freely come in and out to view the scenery but cannot PK.
3) Depot ship battlefield rule:
a. Only battling players can enter into the depot ship.
b. The attacking players can enter the depot ship at any time to replenish and they can revive themselves in it when they die,
c. Defenders should detect the depot ship on the High Sea before entering it. The detecting rate and depot ship level depends on the detecting tools.
d. In the depot ship, the provision NPC will be placed on the poop. The commanding flag of attacker will be set in the fore. The defenders who enter it will all present to the center of the ship.
e. The attackers can click the NPC as well as the cord on one side of the center to leave the ship.
f. The defendant players can click the cord on one side of the center to leave the ship.

4.2 Battle depot ship setting

1) The way to build a Depot ship: Depot ship will be used on the High seas. If the leader has got the permission of attacking the city, they could make the depot ship on the High Seas and meanwhile seizure the tools used for the depot ship.
2) Camouflaged setting: different camouflaged tools of the depot ship will create different camouflaged depot ship on the High Seas (derelict, islet, reef, iceberg, and floater). In this time, the camouflaged object has no name and looks the same with the background object. Players can only use their memory to detect whether it is depot ship or not.
3) During the reconnoiter time of the depot ship, all the members of the attacking party can enter it but others cannot. They can only get the system notice, but anybody can see the camouflaged model.
4) During the battling time, any players can enter the depot ship. The defenders can switch into it directly to destroy the commanding flag, while others can only get the system notice and anybody can see the camouflaged model.

4.3 Commanding flag setting:

1) The commanding flag is similar to a man of straw with high Durability. Common attack will make damage to it without fighting back.
2) The emplacement commanding flag can only be attacked by the attackers, while the depot ship commanding flag can only be attacked by the defendant party.
3) Using special weapon will make enhancive damage to the commanding flag but cannot make great destroy to other players while get great destroy from them.

4.4 Renascence Setting

1) The defenders and their federation will revive in the port no matter where and when they die.
2) The attackers and their federation will revive in the Depot ship no matter where and when they die.
3) When die, the battling players will revive after a period of time as a punishment.

4.5 Battle procedure:

1) The attacking party
a. Entering the city offing and attack the defendant party;
b. Using long-distance fire fighting to destroy the defendant main emplacement. Entirely fighting to pull down the emplacement will win in the battle
c. Grappling the main emplacement to enter the beach and destroy the commanding flag on the top of the emplacement will win in the battle.
e. Who being killed by the defendant player can revival in the ship and get replenishment from the NPC.
d. When time expires, if the attacking party do not destroy the emplacement or the commanding flag, they will fail in the battle.
2) The defendant party
a. Entering the city offing to attack the attacking party;
b. Defend the emplacement to the last and attack the attacking party. If the emplacement is destroyed, they will fail in the battle.
c. Defend the commanding flag to the last and attack the attacking party. If the emplacement is destroyed, they will fail in the battle.
d. Entering into the High Seas to find the battle depot ship of attacking party.
e. Finding out the depot ship of attacking party and enter the ship.
f. Come up against the recovery power of the attacking party and destroy their commanding flag to get the win.
g. Who being killed by the attacking players can revive inside the city and get replenishment in the port.
h. When time expires, if the emplacement or commanding flag of defendant party was not destroyed, they will win in the battle.

4.6 Victory or defeat

1) The defendant party wins, the attacking party fails
a. The defendant party finds out the depot ship of the attacking party and destroys their commanding flag.
b. Before counting down time of the battle, the attacking party hasn’t destroyed the emplacement or the commanding flag.
c. During the battle preparing time, the commanding flag was not put in correct position.
2) The attacking party wins, the defendant party fails
a. The attacking players destroy the main emplacement of the defendant party in the offing;
b. The attacking players destroy the commanding flag;

5. Reward:

5.1The guild that occupies the port will have the right to place a statue of the leader in the city.

1) The statue has to be placed on a pedestal on the walking area. There should be no other objects within a radius of 5 meters, such as doors or NPC.
2) Click the statue to view the leader's message and the time when the guild occupied the city.

5.2 All the members of the regnant guild will obtain a special symbol.

1) There will be a special icon and visional effect on the head of the character.
2) If all the ports were seized by other guilds, the guild's special title will be deleted automatically.

5.3 The name of the regnant guild will be displayed on the city's information.
The door of the city will display (symbol of the guild) regnant guild: XXXXX

5.4 The development of the Mercantile Value of the city.

1) Increase the Mercantile Value
2) Mercantile Value influences the amount and variety of the special items that the guild can buy in the city.
3) Ways to increase the Mercantile value:
i. Invest silver coins to increase the Mercantile value. Investment is open to any player.
ii. The members of the regnant guild accomplish the Civicism Task.
4) Invest the city in the civil minister.
5) Similar with Guild Task, the Civicism Task will be accepted and submitted in the civil minister.

5.5. All the members of the regnant guild will take the privilege in the city.

1) Guild members can buy special items from the NPC, which has a limit in times for use.
a. The players who are not in the regnant guild can view the item but cannot buy it.
b. According to one's status in the guild, there is a limit in the variety of special items that he can buy.
c. According to the Mercantile Value, there is a limit in the amount and variety of the special items that the guild members can buy.
d. The players in the regnant guild have the right to expel other players and change the PK rules of the city.
5.6 The guild that occupies the ports takes the tax income of the city.
1) 1% of the silver coins that each player spends on purchasing the articles from the city will belong to the regnant guild.
2) All the tax income will become the regnant guild fund automatically, and individual cannot use it.
3) The tax income that regnant can obtain will be calculated once an hour and all the members will see the guild information.


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