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[Guides] Estra Space; Bank Safe Deposit box, Warehouse, Flax Bag info

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Posted on 2011-04-03 22:59:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Bank Safe Deposit Box (storage) 2014 Update
Can be accessed through any banker in any city!

It takes 100 Special Offer Vouchers (SOV) to "turn on the bank deposit box"  / activate bank safe function (Feb. 2014)

It takes 20 SOV to upgrade either the load by 200 or number of spaces by 6 (Feb. 2014)

Please note that these prices are taken from Athens City Bank Clerk. Other cities might have different (more expensive) prices.

Maximum spaces is 180  (30 rows x 6 spaces per row)
Maximum load 50,000

Bank Spaces Calculation
When you open the bank safe you get 6 spaces... so to max out spaces (to 180) would be 29 upgrades + 1 opening charge = (29 x 20 SOV) + 100 SOV =  680 SOV
currently SOV are for sale 1 IM credit each or 300 for 120 IM credits.... so in theory if you buy 3 x 120 IM credits = 360 IM credits ($ 19.80 US)  you can open all your bank spaces!!

Load Calculation
The load starts at 200.... so to max out the load (to 50,000) would be 249 upgrades = 249 (20 SOV) = 4,980 SOV = so you would need to buy 17 packs of 300 SOV = 17 x 120 IM credits = 2,040 IM credits ($112.20 US)

You may have problems using/ getting the 7th, 8th , 9th Row of slots to show.

The first 36 slots (6 rows) will open easily.  After that you will have to scroll to see items.
To open each new row of slots after 36, you must FILL ALL OF THE 36 slots then when you drag the 37th item to the full spaces, a new row will open (if you paid already).
IF dragging the item does not work hold Ctrl and click the mouse on the item you want to put in the bank!!

Do the same for the next row ... fill all 42 slots (ie the 7th row) and for the 43rd item a new row (the 8th row) will open/show.
And the next row.... etc etc..

Maximum Space and load price calculation
The total you can spend = 2,400 IM Points
with IM Prices at 5.5 cents per point... that's $132.00 US  you could spend.

*note - I have gotten nowhere near needing 50,000 load.  Unless you have a planting card an keep about 5- 10 days worth of plants in there you probably wont need 50k load!

*** Note  with the February 2014 Update, I do not see 10 coin being taken out of my bag for depositing items anymore!!


Warehouse (storage):

When you open a warehouse you will automatically have 18 slots open.
You can open more slots by using Special Offer Vouchers.
Click the top most left unopened slot and a pop up window opens.... continue along the row;
the first row opened costs 100 Special Offer vouchers per slot opened
the 2nd row costs 200 Special Offer vouchers per slot
and the 3rd costs 300 Special Offer vouchers per slot.

***CAUTION... do some math***
(6 x 100)  + (6 x 200) + (6 x 300) = 3,600 SOV to open 18 warehouse slots that can only be accessed in that city...

compared with the Bank @ 60 SOV for 18 slots  that you can access from any city

18 warehouse slots for 3,600 SOV... yet you can have 18 bank slots for 60  SOV !!!

You can buy more load from the warehouse NPC (investment option). It costs 500 in game coin for each unit of load.
Starting warehouse load 500
max warehouse load 150,000.
Which means you COULD add as much as 149,500 units of load for a cost of 74,750,000
but again you really dont need more than 10,000 unless you are making/storing LARGE piles of materials like plants, logs or ore.  (My fishing alt uses 12,000)

- Ele

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