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[Guides] Welkin, Blood Night, Attractive Jewelry, Uniform, Weapon

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Posted on 2011-03-11 18:05:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welkin Badge from VCO Cosplay Contest -

Old Welking Ring stats from a Valentines IM contest: Gifts for that special someone -

New Welking Ring stats from Event: Welkin Ring Up for Grabs:


Old Welkin Ring Stats                NEW Welkin Ring Stats

Blood night ring from Lucky Guy Competition:

Blood knight gear that various GM's wore in the past (sorry old threads were deleted)

As seen worn by GM Ivens (Female character) - Helmet, Loricae, Falchion, Necklace, Badge
Gm Tiffy (female character - Columbus) also seen wearing the same items with the same stats.

Blood Knight Helmet (female)
Blood Knight Loricae (Female)
Blood Knight's Warblade Battle-axe
Bloodknights Warblade Battle-axe
(newer layout)
Blood knight Necklace
Blood knight Chest Badge
Blood Knight Ring

Helm skill gives 300def, 35 dodge and 1,5k hp
Armor skill gives 300def, 35dodge and 2k hp



Attractive Finger Ring from "Cool Gear for Christmas" -


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