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[Guides] 2017 - Planting Guide

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You will not be able to reply to this thread as it is in the guides section.  If you have a question just post it in the Discussion area.

This first section (most of the first 3 posts) were originally written by Would5 and last updated by him July 2008.  Then after 2016 forum transfer most pictures were lost so it was re-written by Eleftheria March 28, 2017.


Post 1 (this post); Plant list and locations

Post 2 & 3;  Useful Information:
Basic info on planting; stunts, SP recovery items, XP, Plant bonus yield, planting areas, planting titles, hoe types, planting skills, stunt points, Planting quests, how best to gather wild plants and seeds

Post 4; Planting Card guide

Post 5, 6, 7, & 8  contain various manual planting methods (some with pictures or links to videos).


Plant List:
The following plants grow "wild" in the suburbs in the following locations:

"Crop Plants" (used for alchemy)

*Chart from Would5

Textile Seeds and Plants

IconLevelName of Seed
Name of Plant
level 1Linen seed
Level 3Jute Seed
Athens, Alexander, Tripoli, Thasos, Lemmons
Level 5Sisal Seed
Lemmons, Crete, Lisbon, Maderia, Faial
Level 7Cotton Seed
 Faial, Madagascar
Level 9Blueish Dogbane Seed
Madagascar, Mozambique Taiwan, Jejudo, Ulleung
Level 10Ramie Seed
Taiwan, Jejudo, Ulleung
Level 11Musa Seed
Hurricane Island
Level 12Poacynum Seed
Hurricane Island

Plants used at Material Exchange (Seville)

The following are used at Material Exchange NPC in Seville (you do not need sewing skill to use them) But,you must have a profession production point toward "Textile Knowledge" to plant them.
PictureLevelSeed Name
Plant Name
Location Found
Level 1Thin Soft Cotton Seed
Thin Soft Cotton
Salinas Suburb
(Deep Forest)
Level 1Thick Soft Cotton Seed
Thick Soft Cotton
Salinas Suburb
(Deep Forest)
Level 1Yucca Seed
Yucca Filamentosa
Salinas Suburb
(Deep Forest)


Medical Material Knowledge was never programmed into our game though we saw an unusable profession skill icon for a few years.  We now only have 2 Profession skills related to plants;  "Textile Knowledge" and "Alchemy".  3/28/2017
Plants found in Mayan Instance (but have no use)

plant iconseed info

These plants have no use at this time (February 2012) because the profession alchemy drawings or material exchange compound NPC ability/actions have not been introduced into our game yet.

- Ele

Plants for quest and not planting

Demon Weed is a plant you pick and collect seeds for a guild quest.
The seeds are not regular seeds they show in the article tab and not the Item tab like regular seeds.
They cannot be planted.

This plant only grows on Sardinia (Near the frogs and pond/swamp area)



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Useful Information:

You must increase your "botany study" stunt level at the skill tutor to be able to plant higher levels of plants.
You must put a profession skill point toward "Textile Knowledge" to be able to plant Thick Cotton, Thin Cotton or Yucca.
There are 12 stunt levels and 1 Profession skill for planting.

Phase 2, Phase 3, and Promoting Books are no longer used in this game.
WARNING; they still sell them in the item mall... DO NOT BUY THEM.

Though "Automatical skill practice scrolls" still work in this game... do not buy any.
Use your (new character) free reward gold (at Athens dock area "Ability Book Exchange Master" ) and auto learn a skill to 100 First.
If you have used all your free reward gold, buy a reward gold in the Item mall for 80 points (Its much cheaper than buying scrolls).
You will earn only a maximum of 31 stunt points when you reach 120 in planting skill**, so at least 1 of the 3 planting stunts will never be maxed, ( you would need 36 points to max all 3).
** 120 is the highest level you can attain in any skill.

You will earn only a Maximum of 5 Profession Skill Points when you reach 120 in Profession skill level. (Max profession skill is 160 as of 3/28/17, but you will not get any more than 5 points total).  So plan ahead as to what skills you want your character to have.  Most players have "Alts" (Alternate characters - extra player characters or "toons" ) that are dedicated to planting or mining or logging or fishing because of this limited amount of profession skill points earned per character.

If you create an "alt"  do not make it on the same account as your main character or any other character for that matter.  The game only allows one account logged in at a time.  But your computer can run multiple accounts at the same time.  So you can have; 1 character planting, 1 logging, 1 mining, 1 fishing, and 1 or 2+ doing your main quests or leveling all at the same time.  The only limiter is your computer "power" (RAM, Memory and internet connectivity). 
By using multiple accounts, you will be able to trade items between your characters and not need a "middleman" to hold your items while you log off one character and log on to another character.

Eloquence Hats can be worn for extra load carrying capacity.
Labour (Labor) Suits can be worn for SP recovery.
Spinach meals give your character extra load capacity permanently.

If you try to continuously plant, you will need to either be wearing a Master Labor Suit or be using Recovery Potions.

Once you've reached lv32 in planting, buy yourself, or make yourself Intensified labor suit (100% SP regeneration.), this will allow you to plant longer.

Once you've reached lv62 in planting, buy yourself, or make yourself Expert labor suit (200% SP regeneration.), this will allow you to plant almost one whole round of 150 seeds (depends on your max SP level) without using SP Potions.

Once you've reached lv92 in planting, buy yourself, or make yourself Master labor suit (300% SP regeneration.), this will allow you to plant whole round without using potions, and it will make your load very high.

You can only plant in city suburbs; some cities do not have a suburb; some cities have a suburb without a planting area.  A planting area is shown as: “Agriculture Area”, yellow icon, on a suburb map and/or has a Scarecrow stuck in a ground ( see below for list of planting areas).

Plants are ready for harvest after 20 minutes (manual planting) or 4 minutes (using planting card); other players can pick up your plants after 38 minutes (manual planting).

If you click a plant it will tell you how many minutes are left before the plant is "Ripe" (ie. able to be picked).
However, this number can be off.  
If it tells you the plant has 1 minute left; The plant may be ripe in as little as one second or as much as 59 seconds. (Every time amount is this way.. so 5 min may be 4:01 up to 4:59  etc.. )
Oddly the time given is Real Life time not game time.  I seriously timed it with a count up timer... a 13 minute wait was 12 min and some seconds.

If you are planting in a PVP zone and have a Barehand skill above 31, this puts you in danger of being killed and robbed of crops; to Help prevent this, guards can be hired from Master Alliance NPC (in a form of a whistle); when summoned, they will attack a player who's name is red (name changes to red when a player attacks a blue named player)
** In general, players now (since about 2016) are too strong and can kill your guard.  So just plant in a Non PVP zone

How to plant:

Beginner and small amounts:
Equip a hoe
At least one seed must be in your inventory
Your character must be positioned in a planting area
Right-click on a seed to plant it
Plant will appear somewhere around the character, location depends on which way the character is positioned (see last 4 posts below for manual planting pictures and diagrams)

Long term planting
You can put seeds into one of the quick activation slots and plant using one of the F-keys.

If you plant for long periods of time, manual replanting techniques will be useful (see posts 5,6,7,8)
Use a planting card (see post 4) and plant while AFK (Away From Keyboard) or on another character.

Planting XP:

Experience gained when planting, depends on level of plant seed being planted, general skill level and may depend on planting level.
You do not get experience when harvesting.

On a very low level character, the experience earned per plant is Huge.
I did a test on a character with general skill 421, profession level 121, and planting skill level 1, planting seeds/plants of level 1 linen;

I planted 1 linen seed and went to level 2.
I was getting 3200 or more experience per plant my first 4 plants.
my 5th plant gave 5920 exp. and put me at planting level 5. Each plant gave 5920 from then on..
After 10 plants I was at level 7,
After 14? plants I was at planting 8
After 20 plants I was at lvl 9
After 18 plants I was at lvl 10
after 29 plants I was at lvl 11

On a character with general skill level 1522, Profession level 140, and planting level 120;
Lvl 1: 59
Lvl 2: 139
Lvl 3: 206
Lvl 4: 381
Lvl 5: 647
Lvl 6: 950
Lvl 7: 1238
Lvl 8: 1579
Lvl 9: 1909
Lvl 10: 2207
Lvl 11: 2770
Lvl 12: 3156
Lvl 1 Thick Cotton, Thin Cotton, or Yucca: 99

Planting Bonuses:

As you level in planting the amount of plants harvested from a single plant is increased.
This effect is seen better when using lower leveled plants.
You should harvest 1-3 plants instead of 0-2 (at least for lower level plants) by the time you level to 120 in planting.

You will always get 1 seed back from each plant.

I think general skill may be involved as well, though the formulas are unknown..
However, when I planted lvl 12 plants on my lvl 140, 1522 general skill, level 120 planting skill, character he "collected" zero plants a couple of times.
But this also may be due to experience/ actual time planting, IDK.

Planting Tools; The Hoe

All 3 lower levels look the same, Only level 101 "Quality Hoe" looks different;
Icon you see when buying hoe at Blacksmiths;
Level 1, 31, 61;
Level 101; (**caution** when buying; it looks exactly like a quality pick axe for mining)

Hoe Types:

(seed levels that can be planted with each hoe type)

Normal Crop (seed level 1-4*)

Normal and Highlevel crops (level 1-8)

All Normal, High level and Quality crops lvl 1-10

All Crops 1-12 including Thick & Thin Cotton and Yucca.

Available in Seville, Beijing City

Planting Locations  (center of planting areas will be indicated by a scarecrow):
*** Safe means; the immediate planting area near the scarecrow or auto track ending point, is very unlikely to have wild animals/monsters.  It is possible someone running by may drag a monster into the area with them or that a "tamable" animal will spawn and wander in.... Theses conditions will depend on the area.  So go by the general rule that the lower the level of monsters near by, the less likely to be attacked. (The inner Mediterranean areas are the safest)
Most people plant in Alexander or Beirut for this reason and because the ground is brown in those suburbs and makes it easier to see the plants.

PVP can be turned on at any time by the guild that owns the city/ city's suburb that you are in.
PVP is turned on randomly in cities that are Pirate owned.

Athens Suburb (Safe)
Istanbul Suburb (Safe)
Beirut Suburb (Safe)
Alexander Suburb (Safe)
Cyprus Island (Not Safe - Vicious wolf)
Venice Suburb (Safe) (Auto track to scarecrow it is not marked on map)
Genoa Suburb (Safe) (Auto track to scarecrow it is not marked on map)
Tripoli Suburb (Safe) (Auto track to scarecrow it is not marked on map)
Barcelona Suburb (Not Safe - Outlaws)
Algiers Suburb (Safe) (Auto track to scarecrow it is not marked on map)
Seville Suburb (Safe)
Lisbon Suburb (Safe)
London Suburb (Safe)
Hamburg Suburb (Safe)
Oslo Suburb (Safe)(Agricultural district is indicated on overhead map but there is no scarecrow)
(enter from dock area to not be attacked)
Stockholm Suburb (Safe)(Agricultural district is indicated on overhead map but there is no scarecrow)
Reykjavik Suburb (Not Safe - Pirates, boars)
Las Palmas (Safe)
Cape Town (Safe) (Has Agricultural Area on map and auto track but no scarecrow)

Mogadishu Suburb (Safe)
Bombay Suburb (Not Safe) (Has Agricultural Area on map and auto track but no scarecrow)
Semarang Suburb (Not Safe - Ryukyu Pirates, Dragon Lizard)
Beijing/ Zhigu Suburb (Safe)

Planting Stunts (Skills):

From Skill Tutor

This skill is useful when manually planting large amounts.  It is not used when using a planting card.  So think ahead to the type of planting you will be doing.

You will want to take this up through level 12 on your planting character.

Other skills have this same or similar stunt but the more load a character can carry the better.
Note that when using a planting card the plants go to your ship first.

From Profession Skills interface (Ctrl + S)  >> Production Tab

Needed if you want to plant Thick cotton, Thin cotton or Yucca.

Stunt Points:

You "buy" stunts and stunt levels at the Skill Tutor.

Certain stunt levels are available for purchase only after certain levels of planting skill are obtained.

2nd Column  "Stunt Point" is when the points are actually granted.
3rd Column "skills unlocked" is when you are able to purchase the next level of a stunt IF you have a stunt point available to spend and the coin to purchase it (costs in next chart).

Stunt Purchasing costs:

the 2 above charts from DSOFA.

Amount of plants Harvested per hour  (using planting card)

The plant level greatly affects the amount of plants harvested per hour!

If you use a planting card with a level 120 planting character when you plant lvl 12 plants you will get back about 1 plant per seed.

I have tested this with lvl 12 seeds (textile and normal crop)...
because it takes 4 min for the first 32 plants to ripen you get just under 480 plants per hour
(I got 478/hr in a 6 hr period... 480/hr in a 14 hour period....I could not measure EXACTLY to the hour so there may be slight variance due to being a few seconds off)

However using a level 1 seeds of Thin Soft Cotton the same level 12 character harvested an average of 954 plants per hour - That's a return of 1.98 plants per seed!!

If I ever decide to plant other levels I will see if I can make a chart with seed level vs. return per hour.
but it looks like a maxed character gets about 2 plants per seed from level 1 and 1 plant per seed from level 12.

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Best way to tell what kind of plant is growing;
hold the "alt" key.
The plant name will show above the plant:

Plant w/ out alt key : (note how hard it is to see w/ green plant on green background)

Plant holding alt key; (even if you cant see the plant, you can know its there)

Best way to gather plants and seeds:

Use the overhead map.  Plants will appear as blue dots on the overhead map.  You will have to mouse over each blue dot to see what kind of plant it is.  Use one of the hot keys with the "pick up" action key.

This way you can maneuver while on the big map and just click the "hot key" to pick up the plant/seeds.

Here at the lower left, I am mousing over one of the blue dots  While watching (5 plants i have planted):

Planting Titles:

Certain Titles (That can be seen above a characters head) can be bought at the Skill Tutor after certain levels of Planting are obtained.
Buying Titles gives you reputation (For old style noble titles)

Planting Title Names; (Available at levels 1, 31, 61, 91, 120 ????)

Professional Farmer
Planting Specialist
Planting Master
Planting Great Master

Planting Quests:

This guide contains the plant/seed quest requirements for Warrior, Adventurer and Merchant Guild.

Voyagers Times also has planting Quests.

***Please use the "List of Guides" or Forum search to find the quest line guides mentioned above.


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This information originally from a guide by haresgodofwar:

Planting Card:

Guide Auto Planting Card
here is the guide: HOW to use the auto-planting card.

It's very easy but still some people don't understand it. That's why I'm making this guide.

there are 2 ways to get the auto-planting card:

    Item Mall ( 112 points) or In Game Trading ( The card begins to loose time as soon as it is first claimed from the warehouse... in fact it looses time if it is left in the 2nd pull down area of the warehouse.   So you need to arrange a trade in chat with another player, you will not see it in a booth )

1. You need at least 33 seeds of kind, they need to be in your backpack
2. You need a planting-tool equipped
3. You need the auto-planting card also in your backpack
4. I would suggest to take SP-potions and use the auto-heal option, wear an intensified labor, Labor Expert or Master Labor suit for sp regeneration.
5. 1 free slot in your ship
6. 1 free slot in your warehouse
7. You also need a place to plant

1. Move to a suburb by example ( Alexander )
2. As you enter you will see there people standing with 32 plants around them
3. they are also auto-planting. So for people who just started you know you can plant there also!
4. now you run to a spot where you can plant them all 32

5. so got a auto-planting card so equip it.
6. then click on the seeds ( only ONE stack ) you want to plant
( It's impossible to plant more than one kind of seeds! at the same time )
7. Now you will start auto-planting
You will plant 32 seeds/plants and harvest them every 4 minutes... but you need 33 seeds in case of screw up when harvesting and planting cycle restarts... having more seeds is always better because if you go offline... often your plants& seeds are gone when you re-log. - Ele

nothing so easy a this part!

1. just un-equip your auto-planting card
2. ( there is a 2nd way to stop planting - click the seeds )
2. in 4 minutes all you plants around you will be auto-picked up.
3. and you can move again ( now you also know it's impossible to move when planting )

The plants will be first stored in your ship
When the ship is full (ie. maximum load), the plants then go to your warehouse (if you have a warehouse open in the city you are planting in).
If your ship and warehouse are full (maximum load).. they go on your character.
If all 3 places are at maximum load the plants will stay on the ground and will be able to be picked up by other players 38 minutes after planting.

hope you guys can use this guide good!... if anybody got some more information please tell so i can put it in the guide!


This is how your plants look when you use a planting card;
(picture lost)

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Manual Planting

All "fast" manual planting is some variation of the "arrow" method.
whether the "arrow" consists of 3 or 5 plants or faces 2 different directions to make a square.
because of the grid plants must be set in (ie planted in) to grow ... the methods for speed are limited.

Personally, I can manually plant faster than with a card.  But because I am human, I can not keep at it for hours.   I recommend using a planting card when collecting plants for personal use or later vending of cloth etc..
However, If you can get a few guild mates together, one person can plant MANUALLY and multiple guild members can pick the plants and turn them in for guild tasks.

I have kept all the old manual planting guides here, even though most all pictures were lost.
If you read the text, and experiment a little you can figure out how to plant manually.

and some pictures are still here to give you a basic idea of what the actual planting will look like.

I do NOT recommend trying manual planting in Athens or Istanbul, the green ground and green plants are hard to see. Go to Alexander or Beirut where you have a brown ground and the green plants stand out.

Because plants take 20 minutes to ripen and be ready for harvesting (38 min to be harvested by others), you will need a LOT of seeds. 
Bring about 300 seeds (if harvesting yourself).  600-800 or more, if others are harvesting... because they will have to return your seeds to you as well.

- Ele

This portion on the 5 plant arrow method  originally written by PARADAJZEK
w/ some edits by me (Ele).

How to plant 100 seeds in 4 minutes: (5 plant "arrow" guide)

**this guide is written for Alexandria suburbs... other suburbs will have different directions you need to face to be able to plat this method. - Ele

Ok lets go. This guide is for newb players and for "pro" players. I want to say my English is broken and i want to teach you how to plant 100 seeds in 4 minutes, or how you can be better planter. You need tons of SP potions, i need for 300 seeds only 10 SP potions and i got top class   This tutorial is with words, pics and with videos...If you have some questions then ask me...

First step:

You have to go to Alexandria, because there is long zone for planting. Chose spot near gates.

Step two:

Turn your character to South and plant 3 seeds. When you done then go to spot where is second seed and you have to stand to South-East and plant only 2 seeds. You have now arrow.
Making this arrow takes a bit of long as you make a triangle shape w 5 plants somewhere in a bunch of plants you can start your row.  - Ele

Step three:

Then go to middle of arrow and start plant from left to right and repeat step three and two until you dont have anymore seeds or your SP is zero. Last seed in arrow is long 6 seconds...

BUG: I was seen bug in game. If you seed 100+ plants then you cannot pick up 1-5 plants. You can resolve this problem with skill Harvesting.

Pics from bug:


**Warning**  Turn the sound off or at least down when viewing this video!  There is no narrative but there is the sound of killing bears in the background that is rather loud.  He must have had another screen going when he made the video.  - Ele

How looks 204 plants sowed in 12 minutes: Here is a finished row of plants - takes up whole screen - smaller screen

First steps:
   2    4
1          5
How to plant 100 seeds in 4 minutes: This is how you start the row of plants...make an arrow..

then run to the back of the arrow then click to top most plant in the arrow (plant 3).... you will center your character that way.
or try just clicking the top most plant from where you are (as he does in the video)
* I don't always get centered if I click with out going back a bit  - Ele

then plant; click the left most plant (plant 1) and f1key (plant seed hot key) then click plant 2 and f1 then plant 3 and f1 then plant 4 and f1 then plant 5 and f1.  Click top most plant (plant 3) to advance forward and repeat. takes up whole screen - smaller screen 

here he continues planting...clicking plant 3 to advance and using the click the plant and f key to plant. - regular size screen

How to resolve Bug: - regular size screen


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This post by LONELYRONIN  explaining the 5 plant method a bit further in depth
Though I have yet to figure out the "replanting part or the 4 row.... now sure how he got his 4 row method to look like that.

- Ele
Manual Planting Made Easy; Guide
THE 5 Row Planting Method

[ NE <---> SW ]

Important: Initial planting moves SW. Re-planting moves NE.

*** Initial Planting Stage:

1. Start 5 plants in this order (o being the plant):

------------------o [-SW->]

2.Position yourself(x) behind plant like so and remember to face SW.
Easiest Way to find this sweetspot is by standing several steps behind the center plant and left-clicking it:

---------(x)------o [-SW->]

3. Now it gets really easy. All you do now is left-click existing plant then plant next seed.
Being on position x allows character to rotate on the spot and plants a step ahead of existing plant.
Notice the diagram (I plant in this 1-5 sequence to avoid mistakes):


4. At this point right-click movement is not needed. DO NOT right click to move. If you do your character
will run away from the proper spot. When done with first set just left-click on the last row 1 plant(i.e. 1b)
to move ahead. Character will move forward then just repeat step 3. Row 1(or whatever you want to call your center row)
is a key point since this row will determine your movement forward.


Your 5 row plantation should resemble something like this:

[ NE <---> SW ]

Notes: plant protection is not infinite. your plants are only safe somewhere between
10-15mins after harvest time. It is advisable to start
a new 5 row after 40 to 50 seeds are planted.
Put seeds in Fkey slots to make planting progress faster.
Initial planting happens only once, only at the start. Everything after follows the Replanting Method.

*** The Re-Planting Method:

Re-planting goes in the opposite direction(NE).

Step1: Position character (X) facing NE. Notice that you start at the bottom of the 5 row where you ended.
Observe diagram:


As compared to initial planting where plants appear in front of you,
with replanting the plants appear beneath(1r) and behind(2r,3r,4r) you like so
and this is why replanting works only in the NE direction.

Step2: Now left-click existing plant to harvest then plant next seed and to rotate character:


Step3: At this point you left-click(c) the row 1 plants to move forward. Spaces marked as (__) in diagram will be
left empty as this is where replanting plants will be planted:


Notes: Plants will shift one step SW after every replanting.
It is best to leave at least 2 seeds in your Fkey to make replanting more manageable.
Replanting always goes in the NE direction. It does not work in other directions.
Planting will always depend on where your character is facing. Be accurate with direction to avoid mistakes.

Important Note: 5 Rows is the maximum number of rows I have found so far. Your rows can be as...

1 Row:


2 Rows:


3 Rows:


and 4 Rows:


I hope this guide will help you with manual planting. Happy farming!
*** f28 f23 f23 f23 f23 f23

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Here is the 3 plant arrow method which is basically the 5 plant arrow method but it has more pictures and my be easier to do for first timers trying to plant.
- Ele
Guide originally by sasaransusana

How to plant (fast and easy) Guide

The new grid in planting areas caused a lot of problem to farmers since it's hard to keep the straight line.Here are steps for a faster and easier planting (the best is to use Auto Planting Card):

On first step you need to plant 3 plants in triangle (plants need to be closest possible) and place your self away from them to be on same vertical line as top plant:

On step 2 you need to click on the top plant:

On step 3 you will automatically move in below position:

On step 4 you need to plant a seed (any seed):

On step 5 (not a real step) a new plant will appear (new top plant):

On step 6 you need to click on the right side plant:

On step 7 you need to plant a seed (any seed):

On step 8 (not a real step) a new plant will appear (on the right side):

On step 9 you need to click on the left side plant:

On step 10 you need to plant a seed (any seed):

On step 11 (not a real step) a new plant will appear (on the left side):

On step 12 you need to click on the new top plant:

From now on you repeat 4 to 12 steps as many time you want or till the seeds run out.
Final notes:This system is working only in one direction. In Alexandria you can see the right direction in the picture below; in other cities you will need to find the correct direction (it is easy if you plant few plant close together and check in what direction the system is working).

You don't need to wait for your character to finish the planting for a seed to click the next plant you can do it while he is planting.

Have fun and take care.

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The following is originally from the last part of Woruld5's guide... it is taken form the full guide which is the next post.
Though I recommend the 5 plant arrow method for speed.
I think this was the first method devised that worked when they changed the planting grid system.


Eight - Way Replant (aka "an Orgy of Planting" )

Planting Basics:

The location of a plant will change depending how the character is standing.

  • image below shows where the plant will appear for each direction
  • the direction can be found by looking at the in game compass
  • to make planting easier i recommend planting from above (use the guide farther below to change in game settings)
  • planting north or east is the easiest since plants appear right beside the character

Replanting Basics:

When the seed is clicked, character enters a planting animation which lasts for about 6 seconds. It can be aborted by clicking on the plant that is close to the character. As this is done, character will turn towards the clicked plant but will be unmovable for the full duration of the animation, however, plants around can still be harvested and seeds planted. The key is to position the character in the middle of the planting group and move from plant to plant (click, collect, plant). Below are diagrams that show one way to get the full benefit from this method.

How to Setup the Field for Replanting:

View from the map:

View from above:

Setup the field in this way and replant by standing in the middle of the square. (check "Replanting Start" section below - to know from which plants to start the replanting cycle)

Since squares shift after replanting (South-West by one line), i leave a free line between each square; this adds alot more flexibility since you can start replanting from any corner of the field. Using this grid also helps to see and manage the plants and, therefore, makes it a great way to learn this replanting technique.

If short on space, free lines can be removed but, in this situation, you must always start replanting from South-West corner because, if not, the squares will overlap.

Replanting Start:

To replant eight plants without interuptions, you have to start replanting from the plants shown. This will insure that there is always a free slot for a new plant.

  • the starting plants are different depending if you plant Clockwise or CounterClockwise
  • images below shows the starting plants for two ways of replanting
  • after each replant, the field will shift towards South-West by one line (so, before replanting a square, make sure that there is a free line on South and West side)

Changing View:

PLEASE NOTE:  I tried changing my view recently (December 2016).. the game code is no longer the same.  I attempted to change my files and all it did was mess up my game files.. making me have to re-download the game!

the following is kept for history posterity reasons only.

  • Open ...\voyage\resource\ini\vidicon.ini (in notepad)

[code]max distance – scrolling away from ship/character
max angle - moving camera downwards
min angle - moving camera upwards

little - character in city/port
big – character in suburb
huge - ship in offshore
test - ship in high seas[/code]
  • To plant from above you only need to change [big] max distance = 30, min angle = 100 (everything else is optional)

MaxDistance = 30
MaxAngle = 1200
MinAngle = 100

MaxDistance = 30
MaxAngle = 1200
MinAngle = 100

MaxDistance = 500
MaxAngle = 900
MinAngle = 100

MaxDistance = 50
MaxAngle = 800
MinAngle = 100[/code]
Changing Resolution:
  • Open ...\voyage\Core.ini (in notepad)
  • Sign “;” prevents that resolution from starting
  • Change to (or whichever one you have):

[code];screen_x = 1024
;screen_y = 768
screen_x = 1680
screen_y = 1050[/code]

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Here is the original guide by robespiere3


"Plant-thing" Guide

So here s the wanted planting guide.
Its easy so u dont have to whine anymore about how this new planting system  sucks.
Lets start:

this is basic square( yea 8 plants)

This pic shows how to plant a sqare. Each color tels u which direction u face and where the plant grows. Obvious.

Here is I think easiest way to plant as many seeds as u can in as little place as possible. Just do the 2 lines and then fill the middle with the ones u need to form square after square.

Here s the basic pattern.

Re-planting. U always stand in the middle of square. And the colors again same as bfore.
IMPORTANT: Always start with upper middle and go clockwise, cause u need to free-up the space for some plants.
Then its really easy;  just pick up, F1( here I usually got my seeds), pick up, F1,....Once u get the grip it goes TURBO, or as my friend ROBIDOVC says : VR6 TURBO PLANTING.

And thats it. Use auto-loot and auto-recovery and u gonna rock.

And here little smthg for u all:

Sincerely urs Rosalie, Walk the Plank, Columbus server

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