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[Guides] running multiple clients in Windows 7 (x64) part 2 virtual XP machine

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Posted on 2010-09-10 10:17:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey there,

I posted a similar thread couple of weeks ago. Now after some extensive testing with more clients I figured getting VCO to run smoothly on Windows 7 would be wasted effort.
So here´s a 100% working solution, it involves a virtual Windows XP client and you need to have a Windows XP CD-Rom or a working .iso (any XP version will do).
Here we go:

First, download and install VMware Player (link below).  It is a free download, but requires registration.

You may see some prompts about installing drivers; simply approve them.  I didn’t see them on my latest test, but have in the past.  When you are finished installing VMware Player, you will have to restart your computer.

Create your own XP Mode

Once your computer is rebooted, start up VMware Player and insert your Windows XP CD in your CD drive.  In this example I used a copy of Windows XP Professional, but it would work the same with any edition of XP.
In VMware Player, click the link at the top that says “Create a New Virtual Machine.”

VMware automatically detects your Windows XP CD, and says it will install it with Easy install.  This will let you install XP with only 5 clicks!  Click Next to continue.

Now enter your XP product key, and name and password of your choice.  I named it XP Mode to make it obvious what this virtual machine is for!

Here VMware will automatically enter your operating system’s name and the default location to save the files.  Simply press next to accept the defaults, or change them if you wish.

You can choose how large you want your virtual hard drive to be; the default is 40Gb, but you can choose a different size if you wish.  Please note that the entire 40Gb will not be taken up on your hard drive.  My clean install only took up 1.4Gb on the computer.

That’s all the settings.  You can review and make changes here, or simply press Finish to start installing XP.

From here on, VMware will take over.  You do not need to click anything else until XP is fully installed!  It will automatically run the installer, format the virtual hard drive,

Now that you have a virtual Windows XP in your windows 7/Vista:

Install VCO client as you are used to on the newly created Virtual C:

Running 4 clients smoothly now.f28

Hope this will help all Vista and 7 users out, let me know if it works for you!

Kind Regards,

Mera (Da Gama & James Cook)

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Posted on 2010-09-10 10:27:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sounds useful, but it would be nice to express the difference anyhow. I, for example, have about 20 FPS with one client - yeah, my notebook is not the fastest I've seen. I had contact with virtual machines, but only with qemu, on linux, on a netbook and it didn't really work, but I belive that with what I'd got and what I was trying to do, it wasn't even supposed to work. Anyway this does sound like some stuff to do before trying, also I'm don't really have a lot of free disk space, I'd love to have VCO going smoother and faster, if not the single client than at least the multiple (got 2 clients right now, 3-4 FPS) but any info about how much it really is worth trying would also be useful.

But thanks for anything to try anyway, I'll probably try it anyway soon^^ Tuesday probably:P Will post some results if none posted till then

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Posted on 2010-09-10 10:47:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by Meloon at 2010-9-10 11:27
Sounds useful, but it would be nice to express the difference anyhow. I, for example, have about 20 FPS with one client - yeah, my notebook is not the fastest I've seen. I had contact with virtual mac ...

Thank you for your interest. The difference is huge, I didn't even bother to check fps. I would call it a slideshow from 3rd client if you feel me.f01

FYI: I assigned only 1 out of 4 cores to this virtual XP, and 1024 MB RAM, I adjusted The Windows XP Page file to 1500-2500MB just now since i got a notice about being short on pagefile memory.

Posted on 2010-11-07 06:33:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

This method works for Windows 7 , I went from beeing able to run 1 client to 3 clients

Posted on 2010-11-10 03:26:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

i say lol !!!

why ? :40smi

because for a long time I am using windows 7 / 64 bit
64 bit b because the VCO needs a lot of RAM

If you can not turn on more than one client checks off UAC

use the emulator to run more than one game is like shooting birds with cannons :29smil

works without any problems.
If you want to run amore number of clients game, turn off User Account Control (UAC)
(when you start asking questions (other windows are gray), which causes black screen)
i love 64 bit (more  memory   )

Disable and Turnoff UAC in Windows 7 from Control Panel

1. Access User Control Panel from Start Menu -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Account

2. Click on
User Account Control settings link.

3. Move the Slider to Never Notify

4. Click OK to make the change effective

5. Reboot. ... y-on-windows-vista/

if yu need open windows task manager dont used alt+ctr+del (black screen in client vco)   used  left_ctrl+left_shift+Esc

Posted on 2010-11-10 04:18:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

People in this thread find way probably to use  low ram for more clients opened in emulated win xp. You can have 8 gb on ur 64bit win7 or vista and dont care about resources, also dont care about ram which OS use for it self. If you read first post, there author wrote about netbooks and weak laptops.

Posted on 2010-11-10 05:49:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

emulation always take more resources (u need run  game and system X number clients VCO) that used more RAM and more CPU

Posted on 2010-11-10 06:07:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

i will try with vmware when i download it finally :S but other question why just dont start to use XP instead of Seven to load more copies

Posted on 2010-11-10 06:23:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

that greet ask :42smi
that i say lol
i can get efect faster vco if u  assigned only 1 out of 4 cores per one Vco clients (option task manager left_ctrl+left_shift+Esc

more info ... essor-cpu-affinity/

Vco not support efficient multi-core processors
by the tasks are divided into individual cores which has the opposite effect and decrease in performance

Posted on 2010-12-08 15:58:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all, and thx for this guide.
I was able to run as much clients as i wanted on Win XP with single Core and 2 GB RAM.
Now that i changed to Dual Core with 2x 2,6 GhZ and 4 GB RAM and Win 7 i have diashows with only one Client in a battlefield !!
Running two clients is possible, but unbearable for playing. I used to have 2 or three clients because of mining passes and planting cards, but that ended now, since i find any working solution.

-To turn off UAC brings no effect

-Assigning clients to separate cpu-cores doesnt work satisfying, one client runs nice then, but with 2 its unplayable again.

-emulate another windows, even if it works is also no option for me. sry i want to play games and not compete with the whole elite in silicon valley.

- compatibility modes also have no effect on vco performance

Is there still no patch insight to run vco efficient on multicore desktop pcs?

here my System again:
Windows 7 64 bit
Core 2 duo @ 2x 2,6 ghz
4 GB Corsair RAM
Nvidia GF 8800
and XIFI Titanium Sound :D

if anyone have a sugggestion how i can make vco run again good on my system i would be thankful.

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