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[Guides] Leveling for Beginners (updated 5/2016)

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This guide originally written by Alktellumaion 4/2010
A few updates were made by me Eleftheria 5/2016


First and foremost; The easiest and fastest way to level (regular skills) is to do the Beginner Quest line.
If you follow the guide it gives some helpful tips along the way AND corrects mistakes in the quest line so if you get confused or stopped by something along the way be sure to read the guide before asking for help.

2nd fast way to level;  a new character is given 4 - Ability Reward Gold.  You can exchange these at the Ability Book Exchange Master (Athens dock: 50, -48) @ bottom of ramp into city, for a book that will automatically take you to level 100 in a skill. Do not buy Eloquence, you will get a free book for Eloquence when you do the Knights Vigil II quest line.  You will have to "buy" the skill first at the Skill tutor (inside the city gate) before you can "learn" the book.
You can buy (for real money) more ability reward gold in the Item mall.
If you have access to the item mall I suggest you buy ability reward gold for all skills.  Then by the time you finish the beginner quest line and Knights vigil 1 & 2 you will be 120 (maxed) in a few skills.

Profession level is different.  That level now goes to 170. If you are in a huge hurry you can now buy special packs in the item mall that will level you to 140,150, 160 even 170 - however you have to contact customer service to have your character use the pack to auto level... but if you can afford it it might be worth it.  IF you start the beginner quest line at 160, you may only advance to 162 by the end of it, but believe me I have been stuck at 165 for a while... so anything helps.

Item mall:
search for: "Level 140 Gift Bag"  or "Profession Level 150 Pack" or "Profession Lv150-160 Pack" or "Profession Lv160-170 Pack" or "Ability reward Gold".

I have made a small guide for leveling the skills from 100 to 120.  Sharing the fastest ways I know how to level each skill;
Skill Level experience points, leveling old skills + getting Rep for nobility

The beginner quest line, Knight vigil 1, and Knights vigil 2 will not level your Labor skills.
For leveling these skills see:
Leveling old skills; general skill to 2040 + getting Rep for nobility

The below descriptions are for leveling the "old" way.... but may also be helpful if you are at lvl 100.

Leveling fast and without wasting time is hard in a MMORPG like this one. But unlike other games, where you just need to grind, grind, grind, VCO provides some easy ways to level up fast without spending hour after hour grinding your arse off. In this guide, or let's look at it more as a collection of tips, I'll try to explain and point out some easy ways to level the Basic Skills (Sea Battle, Eloquence and Voyage) as well as giving some tips where you could save money by not wasting a 2x Scroll or a BP.

Tip 1: Leveling Voyage
Leveling Voyage can be a pain in the arse, as it takes quite long to do and is really boring to watch.

The most common way to level it it by buying a lot of provision and sail to a storm-free area (Street of Gibraltar/Black Sea) and take down the sails. Easy and can be done AFK.

But there are also other ways:
Back in the good old days, some players went "storm hunting" to get EXP. They sailed into a Storm and just sailed until they stopped (or went to the fishes). You get more XP when you're sailing in a bigger storm. The downside of "storm hunting" is, that you'll need a lot of sailors or healing kits. So it isn't really the best way to level but it still is a way.
You can also get a fair amout of XP by doing the Guide tasks provided in the Voyagers Times (you'll need to be L25 for the Malorca/Crete, L50 for the Mada/Taj and L80 for the Mauso Guide Task). You can multiply the XP by using a 2x/3x/4x Scroll and Pellets (more on Scrolls and Pellets later)

Tip 2: Leveling Eloquence
Eloquence has been a nightmare to level. Doing endless Trend runs from Zhigu to where ever and back again. But times have changed. You get a free book to level eloquence from the Knights Vigil II Quest line PLUS The Silk Road Quest.

The Silk Quest is a daily quest which can be accepted in Quanzhou. You'll have to pay 100'000 Silver Coins to [insert Name] who'll give you 20 nice Silk in return. The quest is easy to do, just sail to Lisbon and submit the quest at [insert second name]. You'll get 8'000'000 base XP, which can be multiplied by using Scrolls and Pellets. You'll also get 1'000'000 silver coins and some Profession XP.

**shortbread event info removed.. NPC removed from game**

Tip 3: Leveling Sea Battle
If you aren't a Royal Military Officer, leveling Sea Battle can be really annoying. You can boost your daily income of Sea Battle XP by accepting the Supress Pirates Quest (also known as St Andrews Quest) at Quanzhou. Talk to Muchu Chen and he'll give you the Quest. Then you'll need to sink 15 Broken Halbred's Ships in St Andrews Den (located near Aden, L10 Ships). The Reward is 2 Rare Gold and 10'000'000 base Sea Battle XP which can be multiplied. The minimum Level of Sea Battle to do this Quest is 61, best to reach by doing the Ability Quests. If you don't know what ability quests are, use the forum search.

Tip 4: Effective Use of Blessed Pellets and 2x/3x/4x Scrolls
BlessedPellets and 2x/3x/4x Scrolls have a limited time. So you shouldn't waste them by clicking them just when you need them. If you want to get the maximum XP out of your Pellet and Scrolls, think before using them. Some tips how to use your BP/Scrolls without regretting it later:

Stack up Nice Silks.
If you have a ship with at least 2600 Load you can stack up the Silk Quest 3x (800x3 Load + some Provision). This way you'll need to sail 2/3x per week from Quanzhou to Lisbon and use 2/3 Scrolls instead of 7. If you're planning to use a Pellet (Small/Normal) to level, use it on a weekend and not during the week, the base muliplicator on weekends is 1.3, while you just get the normal XP from monday to friday.
**Not sure this is possible anymore quest is offered/refreshed at midnight and there is no longer extra extra exp on weekends. (5/7/18)

Make a route
Don't just do the silk quest and then, after running through Madagascar, do the St Andrews Quest. Plan. If you know you're going to do the silk quest and St. Andrews, why not accept St. Andrews, sink the Ships, go back to Quanzhou, start a Scroll, submit the quest and get 2x for it? You'll still have 60 Minutes left on your Scroll, which should be enough time to sail from Quanzhou to Lisbon and get 2x from the silk too.

My Route Recommendations:
Crete => Mallorca => Madagascar => Taj => Mauso => St. Andrews (Start 2x Scroll) => Silk Quest [=> Shortbread in Seville] Log Off in Lisbon
Or (when you're stacking up):
Crete => Mallorca => Madagascar => Taj => Mauso => St. Andrews (Don't start 2x Scroll) => Silk Quest => Log Off in Quanzhou

Use all the time you have on your scroll/bp
I know it sounds a bit silly but I know lots of people who don't do that. They just start a scroll or a pellet for a quest and then go AFK-Vending. That way you'll waste time you'd better spend somewhere you can get XP. So don't start a BP when you know that you'll have to log out in 1 hour, eventhough the BP lasts for 6. Better start it in the morning and spend the day afk, slaying monsters and then use the BP in the evening for the quests. Think before wasting precious 2x/3x/4x XP ;)

Wait for Events
** We do not have extra experience EVENTS anymore; Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we get double experience AND an NPC that offers a double drop card (lasts 2 hours) for 1 million coin. (1 card every server reset) - Ele 5/2016)

If you have Pellets, don't use them just because you can. Wait for a 3x/2x Event and get the maximum out of it. You can stack up Pellets (use a Small, Normal and Giant at the same time) but you can't stack up Scrolls (no 2x/4x Scroll at the same time). If you don't have any Scrolls or Pellets, you can always get one 2x Scroll (1 Use) for 500'000 (or 1'000 Guild Contribution) in your Guild Hall.

If you have anything to add, feel free to post :)


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