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[Guides] Guide To The Mayan Instance

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Required Prof. Level: 120
Rewards; (From ? ) 3-15 Golden Treasure Box (gives Rare Gold or chance of IG) (+bosses drop), Prof. XP: 0
costs: 35m

Dropped Items: (have changed... need info)

-Ordinary Drill Stones (green ones, you can exchange 10 same type and 10m for 1 Superior Drill Stone same type at Seville Material Exchanger).

Mayan instance is the hardest instance of all and players do it to get many Rare Golds and the 115 and 120 Drawings. Normally there are 3 NPCs in the instance which give you 3 quests that give you 3, 5 and 7 Rares. But they aren't always available. Sometimes there are even none ! But there are 3 bosses that still can drop Rares. You should have at least 700 Accuracy and even 800 for the last boss Mayan King + a Freezing Helmet for all. When they have ca. 50% HP left you need to activate it or they can kill you instantly with their special skill. You need much experience anyway to find out the right tactic. An AB in team is also recommended here or even necessary.


This is a guide to the Mayan instance located in Salinas suburbs.
To enter you need a Crystal Stone, which you can get by completing the 120 profession quest from voyager’s times of which you can buy for 35 millions of silver.

Note: If you don’t have a freezing helmet, this instance is almost impossible, not to say impossible.

1st floor:
The main mobs are: Puma, Poisonous Spider, Wild Puma, Ghost Puma and Mammoth
Small bosses are: Spider King, Mayan Pontifex

The Puma’s follow you for a little while, but then leave you alone. The spiders on the other hand will keep following you, so don’t take too many and kill them. Try to avoid Wild Puma’s and Mammoths if it’s possible. (they also follow and are stronger)

Run towards the first village on the map.
1. Here you find the first NPC: he gives you a daily quest for the first floor which is rewarded with 3 Rare Gold.
2. The second NPC is near the mammoths: he gives you a daily quest for the second floor which is rewarded with 5 Rare Gold.
3. The third NPC  (Mayan Villager) is on top of the hill: he gives you a daily quest for the third floor which is rewarded with 7 Rare Gold.

Note: One or more of these NPC’s can’t be in your map, so don’t worry when you have only 1 NPC or none.

When you go down the hill you will bump into many Ghost Puma’s, try to avoid some, but kill them if it is necessary. At the end on the left you have ruins in which the first boss is located.
In front of the ruins are bushes where you can stack your buffs. Make sure you wear your Freezing Helmet and buff your Freezing Helmet skill when this boss it at 15% HP.
After you killed this boss you can run to the next floor, in the top left corner of the map.

Small Floor Quest:
On this floor there is a small quest that spawns a small boss that can drop drawings and other stuff.
To make them spawn, you have to replace the obstacles that are located where you killed the boss. To make sure you don’t break the obstacles, let someone take off his weapon, charm, and all his jewels, and let him kick the Obstacle in the right direction (the fire in the village). After a while there will spawn mobs to prevent you from reaching your destination. Kill them all (Poisonous Spider, Mammoth, Female Lion, Puma). They will spawn 4 times (can be more or less I suppose) and then push the obstacle to its final destination. A pop-up will let you know that the miniboss has spawned. Run back down the hill and go to the left and you will see the Mayan Pontifex.

legend of these pics is at the end of this guide.

•        Mammoths use Coma buff, so Freezing Helmet skill is recommended to kill them.
•        Watch out with letting pets out, they easily lure Ghost Puma’s. It’s useful to set them at defensive stance at the entrance of each floor.

2nd floor:
In this floor there is a boss located on top of the central temple, accompanied by 4 minibosses, each one on top of the other 4 temples.
The main mobs are: Mayan Killer, Female Mayan Mage, Male Mayan Mage, Mayan Temple Mage, Mayan Temple Warrior
Small bosses are: …, Mayan Judge, Mayan Elder, Sun Guard Leader

On top of the first temple you find the first miniboss. Lure him to the entrance and take him down.
Then run behind the first temple towards the second one. In front of the temple there are many mobs and kill them in this order: Mayan Killer  Female Mayan Mage  Male Mayan Mage  Mayan Temple Mage  then the rest of the mobs

After having cleared all the mobs, heal up if necessary at the stairs of the central temple, then stack your buffs and attack the boss (Mayan Clan Leader) at the top of the temple. Use Freezing Helmet skill from the beginning. When this skill runs out, run back towards the entrance to the first floor and all go out. Then go back to second floor, heal up and kill the boss. Then the entrance to the 3th floor will spawn.

To kill the other bosses, it is easy to start from the top of the central temple and stack buffs and run down to the temple to kill the miniboss and go back to the central temple to wait for the buffs again.

•        Try using your Freezing Helmet skill at every boss to avoid unpleasant area buffs or skills from the bosses.
•        You can clear the whole floor for 115 ordinary gear but it is rather difficult in comparison with the reward.

3th floor
The main mobs are: Mayan Robber, Sun Guard
Small bosses are: Mayan Killer
This floor is very hard so make sure you are well prepared. Try not to lure too many Mayan Robbers or Sun Guards at once, cause usually the hits are high. (120 Damage Reduction and still getting hit 500)

The Mayan Killer is a sort of miniboss, he can drop Rare Gold. You can choose to clear either the right side or the left side towards the Mayan King, both are equal, but there is a quest for which you need to clear both.

At the Mayan King, regroup and heal up. Then Stack your buffs and make sure you don’t forget your Freezing Helmet skill, or you will not live very long. When your Freezing Helmet skill runs out, everyone runs back to the entrance to the second floor and goes out. Then get back to the safe spot, stack your buffs again and finish off the Mayan King. If you finished the Small Floor Quest, you get a door towards Salinas, if not, you just run back towards first floor to submit your quests and collect your Rare Gold.

Small Floor Quest:
In every corner there is 1 prisoner, and your mission is to avoid that the Mayan Killer kills them.
To avoid that (unless u have team of 5 great land fighters), the best you can do is sending in the strongest AB you have and let him run through the floor. This way all the mobs will follow him so the rest can take down the Mayan Killers.
When the Mayan Killers are dead, 4 chests appear in the same room as where you can find the 4 prisoners. You have to open them in the right order, given by a number you can find on every chest.
These chests supply you with Rare Gold and Superior Blueprints up to profession 120.

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This is from VCO News

Voyage Century: Mayan Instance Strategy  

Mar 17, 2009

          The Mayan Instance is probably the most difficult one of the 6 newly released instances, but the rewards are tempting. However, so far, few players have dared to brave the mysterious land of the Mayans. In order to get more players in there and obtain this valuable loot, Voyage Century is going to talk about the best strategies to use along the way.
First, you need to go to the Rain Forest Relic of Salinas and find the Mayan male villager, and then hand him 35 million silver coins. This buys you the entry ticket to the Mayan Instance. The ticket is actually a flashing stone. With the stone, you will be able to enter the 1st floor of the Mayan instance.  

Deep Forest-First Floor  
You can accept 3 quests from the 3 Mayan villagers. The 1st quest is to kill the Mage Image on the 1st floor. The 2nd quest is to kill the Mayan Clan Leader on the 2nd floor. The last one is to kill the Mayan King on the 3rd floor. The Mage Image is not the only the boss on the 1st floor, but it is the key to the 2nd floor. The gate to the 2nd floor will be activated after Mage Image is killed. You are advised to use the Trampling skill and group skills when fighting the boss, and some of your teammates should be equipped with Freezing Helmets. Use the helmet to recover when your HP decreases by half. In addition, your team must have an armed businessman.   

Lost World-Second Floor
There are 4 bosses on this floor. They are the Mayan Judge, Mayan Elder, Mayan Mage Leader, and Mayan Clan Leader. The Mayan Elder is similar to the Mayan Mage Leader, because they both have toxic attacks and coma skills. The big boss, the Mayan Clan Leader, has a high attack and a good chance of landing a critical strike. Also, he has various troublesome skills such as Cripple, Shock, and group skills similar to the Mage Images’. Freezing helmets are highly recommended.  

Grave City-The Last Floor
As the last floor of the Mayan instance, Grave city has the most terrifying monsters, such as the fearsome Mayan Robber, Mayan Killer, and the Sun Guard. They all feature high attack power and a high chance of landing a critical strike. The final boss, the Mayan King, is a master of almost all the most troublesome skills, so be well prepared before challenging him. However, the blueprints for top gear that the Mayan King carries make the challenge worth every terrifying minute.

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Very good guide!f97  I'm centainly gonna use that from now on!

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Good guide!f26  Nice of you to go through all of the effort to make one for playersf49

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Cant wait to be strong enough to go there...Great job.

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Couldn't have made this guide & the instance without my best friend Raenar ;)
dunno if I can transfer him karma, otherwise feel free to give him some too :)
I'll make a 125 instance guide asap too, not enough screenshots yet :)

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