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[Guides] Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Their Definitions

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Dear members,   

I have so many people ask me about acronyms in game like: what is afk, or gz mean, so today I will make this topic to list all the short word we use in chat. It will not be cover everything but if you know please share as reply here.



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This list originally by Ashley... But I have added abbreviations from lists by captainmatiss, sesammasses, shunka, Juzto & SlyCynic
- Ele

Acronyms Database:

24/7 - 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

AB - Armed Businessman

ACC - Accuracy

ADV - Adventure

admin - administrator

AFK - Away From Keyboard

AKA - Also Know As

ALT - Alternate Character, Other characters created in game by the same person usually to help the progression and leveling of a main character or to assist in the making of game coin.

Alex - Alexander/ Alexandria

Alch - Alchemy (skill)

ATM - At The Moment / At This Moment

ATT - Attack

AWA - As Well As

AGRO - Aggressive Mob

ALEX - Alexandria

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

arrgh - arrgh (what a pirate says)

B - Billion

B4 - Before

Barc - Barcelona

BB - Bye Bye

B/C - Because

BF - Battlefield

BF - Boy Friend

BH - Barehand

BS - Battle Ship

BBL - Be Back Later

BBS - Brotherhood of Black Sails Alliance

BFN - Bye For Now

BOT - Robot or character programmed to do repetitive tasks over and over

BOSS - strongest monster in one scene

BRB - Be Right Back

BRT - Be Right There

BTS - Be There Soon

BTW = By The Way

BARCE - Barcelona

BURBS - Suburbs

CC - Carbon Copy/ City Chat

CP - Caribbean Pirate

CU - See You

CTD - Crash To Desktop

CT - Cape Town

CI - Cold Iron

CII - Cold Iron Ingot

CO - Cannon Operator (jewelery)

CAPE - Cape Town

CYA - See You Later

CRIT - Critical

DC - Disconnected / Desktop Crash

DD - Damage Dealer

DEF - Defence

DHGB - Dragon Head Gun Boat

DM - Damage Bonus

DR - Damage Reduction

DIR - Director

DMG - Damage

DISCO - Discoveries

DISS / DISSING - Disrespect

E-BOOK - Electronic Book (in game guide)

EG - Emperor's Guardian

EG - Exemplora Gratia (Latin For "For Example")

ETC - Et Cetera, (Latin For "and other things")

ELO - Eloquence (skill in VCO)

ETA - Estimated Time Of Arrival

EVERY1 - Every one

EXP - Experience

EW - Eagle Wood

EWC - Eagle Wood Complex

FH - Figurehead

FLW - Follow

FP - Falchion Playing (skill in VCO)

FALCH - Falchion

FS - Flagship

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

FFS - For Sake

FTW - For The Win

FYI - For You Information

FALCH - Falchion

FLAMER - Person who starts or encourages bad mouthing (Dissing) of others

GA - Game Assistant

GF - Girl Friend

GG - Good Game

GJ - Good Job

GFU - Good For You

GL - Good Luck

GM - Game Master

GZ - Congratulation

GRATZ - Congratulation

GR8 - Great

GTG - Get To Go, Got to go

G2G - Got to go

GODWIN'S LAW - Dictates that the longer a thread, the more likely someone will post a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler

HI - Hurricane Island

HE - High Explosive (Cannon Ammunition)

HP - Health Point

HS - High Seas

HL - High Level

HF - Have Fun

haxor or H4x0r (1337) - Hacker

IC - I see

i.e. - id est (Latin for "that is")

IM - Item Mall

IDC - I Don't Care

IGG -  Internet Gaming Gate

IGN -  In Game Name

IDK - I Don't Know

IMO - In My Opinion

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

JK - Just Kidding

K or KK Okay

K - Thousand

KK - Million

KS - Kill Steal

KKK - Billion

KOS - Kill Of Sight

KOHG - Kiss of Holy Gun (skill)

LAG - Lag; Slang term for slow Internet speeds or high Internet latency; Lag is sometimes due to a server problem, but more frequently due to the connection between client and server. A slow or intermittent connection may often be referred to as laggy

LAMER - A know-nothing, one who is lame.

led/Led/LH=Ledhed/ledhed - Head Forum Moderator

LEET - Often spelled as l33t or 1337. It originally meant elite

LF - Looking For

LS - Live Support

L8R - Later

LOI - Lack Of Interest

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off

LMFAO - Laughing My Ass Off

lvl - level

lvling - leveling

M - Million

M8 - Mate

MA - Merchant Alliance

ME - Military Equipment (skill in VCO)

MS - Merchant Ship

Merch - Merchant Ship

MOZ - Mozambique

MOD - Moderator

MOBS - Groups of monsters

MATS - Materials

MOGA - Mogadishu

MYOB - Mind Your Own Business

MERCH - Merchant

MMORPG - Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (also MMO)

MMO- Massive Multi-player Online Game

N/A - Not Available

NC - No Comment

NP - No Problem

NAN - No Answer Needed

NEU - Neutral

NPC - None Playable Character

NTY - No Thank You

NAGA - Nagasaki

NEWB - Newbie (a new player who is honest try's his best to understand something alone before asking.)

NOOB / n00b - Noobie (a new player who is lazy, skillless, always ask for free stuffs like money and items.) An inexperienced user of a system or game, or an annoying person. Usually a derogatory term for someone inexperienced at a game.

NOTO - Notoriety

NVM / NVMD - Nevermind

OK - Zero Kill (used during war time, report of 0 kill)

OK - Okay

Okies - Okay

OMG - Oh My God

OMW - On My Way

OIC - Oh I See

O RLY - Oh Really

OFN - Old News


P2P - Peer to peer, or pay to play

P2 / P3 - Phase 2 / Phase 3

PH2 / PH3 - Phase 2 / Phase 3

PK - Player Killer

PM - Player Made

PM - Private Message. Private Chat

PLZ - Please

PPL - People

PROVS - Provisions

PVE - Player Versus Environment (no killing players)

PVP - Player Versus Player

POTS - Potions

POWN - Owned; slang for loosing a battle or loosing face

PWNED - Intentional misspelling of owned

PW - Persistent World -game world continues to advance even if player is offline(gaming, characteristic for MMORPG-s)

QA - Questions & Answers

QT - Quick Time

R - are

Reyk - Reykjavik

RG - Rare Gold

RL - Real Life

RH - Royal Highness

RR - Restroom

REP - Reputation

RMO - Royal Military Officer

ROG - Rage Of God (skill in VCO)

ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROTFLMAOWPIMP - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off while Peeing In My Pants

ROTG - Rolling On The Ground

SB - Sea Battle (skill in VCO)

Sev - Seville

Sew - Sewing (skill in VCO)

SD - Sword Dance (skill in VCO)

SMILEY - Another name for Emoticons

SG - Snail Games

SP - Stamina / Energy Point

SP - Sword Playing (skill in VCO)

SP? - Spelling? (used when not sure if spelling is correct)

SS - Screen Shot

SOME1 - Some one

SOS - Help

SOS - Soul Of Sabre (skill in VCO)

SRY - Sorry

SRRY - Sorry

SUP - What's Up

STR8 - Straight

STBY - Stand by

STFU - Shut the Up

SUBS - Suburbs

TC - Take Care

TY - Thank You

TT - Tracer Thrower (grapple)

TH - Treasure Hunter

TBH - To Be Honest/ The Black Hand (guild Alliance)

TGE - The Great Empire Alliance

THX - Thanks

TOS - Terms of Service; Agreement you ok when you join/subscribe to a web site or game

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

TTYL - Talk To You Later

TYVM - Thank You Very Much

TY - Thank You

TYT - Take Your Time

TS - Total Skill

TS - Team Speak (Voice chat)

TSL - Total Skill Level

U - You

U2 - You Too

VC - Voyage Century

VCO - Voyage Century Online

VIP - Very Important Person

Vice - Vice Leader of Guild

VT / Vent - Venttrillo (Voice chat)

VOY - Voyage (skill in VCO)

W/ - With

W8 - Wait

WB - Welcome Back

W/ - With

W/O - Without

W/E - What Ever

WC /  W/C - Wrong Chat

WH - Ware House

wOOT / w00t - Exclamation of Happiness, saying Hurray!

WOOT - We Own the Other Team

WRT - With Respect Too/ Compared to/ Regarding..

WTB - Want To Buy

WTG - Way To Go

WTH - What The Heck or What the

WTF - What The

WTS - Want To Sell

WTT - Want To Trade

WUG - What You Got?

WUBU2 - What (have) you been up to?

WUU2 - What (are) you up to?

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get

XX - Kiss (short for kiss use by girl at the end of letter)

XO/EO - Executive Officer

YW - You Welcome

Zzz - Sleeping

ZOMG/ZOMFG - An intentional misspelling of OMG/OMFG

This list will update, when I get more info

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Specific to Columbus Server:

BBS=Brotherhood of the Black Sails
covs=reffers to Covenants guild which no longer exists
IA=Iron armada
NWO=New World Order
SD=reffers to guild SeaDefenders which no longer exists
TGE=The Great Empire
TLS=The Last Straw
WH=White Horses


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well it would be nice if you make them in alfabetic order Ashley3 ^^"
AKA - also know as
BBL - be back later

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they are alphabetic, but it order by 1 word, 2 words, 3 words, 4 words and so on.

AKA, BBL, add to list

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you forgot about   "DC" / Disconnected  =P
happens to everyone :)

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Seems you are missing:
TY - Thank You
YW - You're Welcome
IMO - In My Opinion
CTD - Crash To Desktop

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all update

Posted on 2009-11-20 15:09:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

IMHO - In my humble opinion
LMAO.... I thought it was Laughing My Ass Off

maybe add shortened words too like:
Mats - Materials

this has been done a few times before.... let me see if I can find links.


hmmm an I even put a link to the old guide on that (above) link


May I suggest you combine them all together!!

have fun

- Ele

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omgwtfbbq - Oh my god what the f**k barberque lol