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[Guides] Wedding System

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You can apply for a Wedding Hall reservation at the gate of the church in London. The requirements to have a wedding are two wedding rings, a bouquet of flowers, and the wedding hall.
Marriage Process
Follow these steps to make your wedding go smoothly.
1. You should send out your wedding invitations to your friends. Prepare the roses, rings, and your costume (which can be purchased from the NPC at the gate of the church in London).
2. You should reserve the Wedding Hall. When successful, the wedding reservation will be announced on all servers, and a countdown will start.
3. Meet with the NPC in London Church, and buy some flower baskets to decorate the Wedding Hall with.
4. Guests should come prepared with their costumes and gift money before attending the wedding. Both costumes and gift money can be purchased from the NPC in London Church.
5. Speak with the emcee, and the bride will walk down the aisle. The priest will announce that the two are a couple!
6. After the marriage is announced, a wedding ring icon will appear after the couples' names. These icons vary according to how the wedding was set up.

If either one of the couple changes their name, or leaves the server in some way, the marriage rewards will become unavailable.

1. In order to get married, one player should carry 2 rings and a bouquet of roses, then ask the priest for the permission.
2. In order to get divorced, one player need to rent a wedding venue where the couple should both show up.

If an issue should occur that might force a name change between characters, such as two servers merging, the customer service department will make sure a fair solution is found to the problem.

NPC Coordinators

The Church Administrator:

You are allowed to lease the wedding hall from the Church Administrator. You can do it for a period of 30, 60, or 90 minutes. When you speak with him, he will also give you access to various wedding items to purchase.

This is a list of those items:




Invitations and Red Packets.

Private Invitation

Can be sent to anyone

Friend Invitation

Can be sent to friends. (group sending)

Guild Invitation

Can be sent to guild members(group sending)


Red Packet Material

Red Packet Design

Red Packet Design

Flowers and Rings

Rose Seed

Used to grow roses




An arrangement of flowers that is an absolute wedding necessity.

Golden Ring

A ring made of gold.

Diamond Ring

A ring with a big diamond fixed into it.

The Heart of Ocean

A priceless ring, and the most valuable you can purchase for your significant other.

Guests' Stuff

Old Memory

Can be used to watch the wedding ceremony

Guest Clothes

Designed for Guests

Dress and Tux

Wedding Clothes

6 Different Kinds of Wedding Clothes


6 Different Kinds of Dresses

The Emcee:
The Emcee is responsible for starting the wedding ceremony, and will block uninvited guests from attending the wedding.

The Wedding Witness:
The Wedding Witness is responsible for witnessing the marriage to make it official.

Wedding Prizes
Jupiter's Blessing:  +2 Damage Bonus,+2 Damage Reduction,+2 Critical Strike,+2 Critical Strike Resist for in-game couples
Knotted Tie:+2000 on the max HP for teamed couples

The Choir:
The choir will change the background music in the church. You can pick from one of the following selections:

Wedding March (Mendelssohn)
Wedding March (Soft)
Wedding March (Solemn)
Wedding March (Light)
Wedding March (Wagner)

1. To get married, one player must carry 2 rings and 1 bouquet of roses, and then rent a wedding hall before asking permission from the priest.
2. After he/she pays for the rented venue, you can take the one you love down the aisle. But please watch for the time. A countdown of the using time of the wedding hall will be available.
3. In order to get divorced, one player need to rent a wedding venue where the couple should both show up.
4. In the Marriage System, marriage is limited to a male character and a female charater. Homosexual marriage is not available.

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After how many years have I been playing this game now???.... 2.....3??? Whatever... Now the marriage system actually gives bonuses.... So much for the lonely and strong bachelor roughing it... Now I have to do it just because I get a HP bonus... Oh well BERNADITO GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PROPOSE DAMMITf43 !!! Close your mouth... Only one kneef32 /f76 /f86 .... Oh wait 2 guys can't get married.... Oh well bern choppy choppy ****y ****y f37 f37

Now that that is taken care of I want that Ocean Ring...

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Have fun all cya in game


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There are few reason why people like me is still single lol... They cost way to much to get the wedding running (before) now is much more and only do in dream if i need one. Won't spend my hard working money for this crap anyway, paying a billion to get a extra bonus HP and so for keep me live a bit longer in war or fight.. not worth it. f66

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There have been many discussions after this was posted... here is a quick summary of helpful info by players:

1) Either the Bride or the Groom can reserve the wedding hall, but who ever reserves the hall must also carry the 2 rings.

2) If the Bride wants to carry the bouquet in the wedding ceremony; Have the bride reserve the hall and carry the 2 rings
if the groom reserves the hall he will be carrying the bouquet!!!

3) The Mod/GM weddings are no longer available

4) bride and Groom characters must be opposite sex.

5) No, there is no way to get a "sex change" for your character.

6) If you have an underscore in your character name you will not be able to reserve the hall or carry the rings.

7) DO NOT use a camera.  It puts your view at the back of the church and you can not participate.

8) Be on time to the wedding.  Once the ceremony starts the wedding angel disappears and no one can enter.

9) Person who reserved the hall: talk to the person at the door that is what activates the ceremony. You will walk nice a slow down the isle to the Minister.  

10) Person with rings must have them both EQUIPPED, person receiving ring must have a ring slot open.

11)   Make sure you propose or nothing is going to happen!  Pay attention!!! Other person must reply "yes I do"

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f96 f96 f96  many kiss~

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I wish they would put the rose seeds back in for sale at the wedding angel... :13smi