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[Guides] Screen resolution / Full, Windowed mode, setting resolution

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Posted on 2009-04-03 12:01:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Screen Resolution; Full Screen, Windowed mode, Setting the Resolution/ Screen Size

I have seen tons of people asking about this every day, both in game and on the forums. So instead of answering it a million times, I thought I'd be nice to have a guide about that.

Changing your resolution / Changing between Windowed and Full Screen mode:

First find what your screen resolution SHOULD be.

In windows 7 right click when on your desktop and choose screen resolution...
or find it under control panel > all control panel items> display> change display settings (changes to "screen resolution" when you click)      
.........just look and write it down.

First try the game display settings options:

1)  If it is a netbook ( small screen laptops) set resolution to the size "on a net book it is good at 800*600 or what ever (click screen resolution


2)  set the game resolution!
Click Display settings when the game starts up.   then select the resolution you want

* This screen did not work for me after the Feb, 12, 2014 update.... I do not know if it is just my system because of my screen size or because of the new programming  - Ele


If the above did not work try:

1 )Go to the directory where you installed Voyage Century on and open a folder called "voyage". (The defalt directory is C:\Program Files\Voyage Century Online)

2) Open the file Core.ini with notepad.
In Windows 7 the "ini" does not show as part of the program name...use the one that says "configuration settings"

IF you can not find the file;
your VCO game file may be under "program files" or "program files(x86)"( The Feb 12, 2014 new version automatically installed to "program files" )

The path:   C:\Program Files\Voyage Century Online\voyage  (on my computer)  shows funny the way windows displays it ... see below it shows as Computer> local disk (c)   ...
Shown selected/ highlighted is the correct "core" file.

**** As of the February 12, 2014 update, the core.ini file has changed.  This is how the file looks now:

*Note: your values may be different than these*

3) Find the lines in blue bellow (they are "circled" in red in the picture)
Those are the lines you will be editing to change your resolution / running mode.
Now, lets see what effect each of those lines have:


Here you input a value of 0 or 1

- If the value is 1: your game will run in Full Screen, no matter which resolution you choose.
- If the value is 0: your game will run in Windowed mode if the resolution is lower than your desktop one, and on Full Screen if the resolution is equal or higher than your desktop one.


There you should input the resolution you want, where x is the highest resolution value and y the lower one. Example: for a resolution of 1024x768, you should input 1024 for x and 768 for y.
You can choose any resolution, but some may look weird on your screen. It's up to you to test and see which one you like most.

Monitor Size / Recommended Resolution: (use these when you create a character to avoid problems with the character creation interface)
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 720
1280 x 768
1280 x 800
1280 x 960
1280 x 1024

Approximate sizes:
15 inch monitor = 800x600
17 inch monitor = 1024x768
19 inch monitor = 1200x1024
21 inch monitor = 1600x1200
*note my resolution of 1920 x 1080 seems to work fine, except when on high sea I can only see about 3 ship lengths ahead of me if I am sailing due north or south.

Remember that if you choose a resolution lower than the one of your desktop, the value you input on the "full_screen=" line will make your game run in Windowed mode (0) or Full Screen mode (1) but if you choose a resolution equal or higher than the one of your desktop, your game will run in Full Screen mode.

Saving the core.ini file:
*information provided by SANGUERAYNE*

Some people have problems saving the changes on the core.ini file. From what I could find out, that seems to be a permission issue, related to Windows Vista and Win7. In order to be able to save changes on that file you should do the following:

1)Right-click the Core.ini file

2)Select ''Properties"

3)Go to the "Security" tab

4)Edit the permissions to "Allow" for all boxes

Done. Now you should be able to save the changes you make on the core.ini file.

Do not forget to change it back once you have saved.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recomended that you make a copy of the original file before making any changes. This way, if you mess something up and can't remember how the file was before you started editing you won't have problems.

Guide created by dwolfy

This is a program file modification.
IGG does not endorse or encourage or technically allow file modifications.
This one post will be allowed to stand in order to allow game play for those who encounter this problem.

ANY replies or posts citing this thread as a reason for some other link to stand will be immediately removed.  2nd violation will be given negative notoriety.  3rd Violation will be given enough negative notoriety that the offender can no longer post.

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If the dialogue boxes / pop up screens are opening outside your viewable window
try this:

5 line top: remove tamode="192" and restart game client.

from this thread

- Ele

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thank you for the help I'm tired of looking at a small screen.

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moving to guides section
sorry this one disappeared when they deleted the technical section.