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[Guides] How to use auto-heal.

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Guidelines for how to use the auto-heal function in Voyage Century.

To heal yourself:

1) Open the "AFK System" menu and choose the "recovery" tab (click alt+X or click the anchor at the top left of the screen to open the menu)

Set the values:

Set the values for when the auto-heal will activate;

Pull-down menu either  Ratio or set value;
Ratio; is at what percentage of bar color is still showing ie 90% means you have lost 10% of your HP.
Value is a set value you want to start healing at.

Medicine selection
Pull-down and select the potion type you want to use.
they can be hard to read but they are listed lowest level on top > Highest level or no-weight on bottom

Time Interval
Each level of potion takes a different amount of time to use (drink?).
so set the time accordingly...
it is something like 10 seconds, 15 seconds and 20 seconds for low, med, high lvl potions
but it may have changed with updates so do a test to figure out exactly how long a potion lasts.

Ship and Sailor Auto - heal

It's exactly the same for the ship. Only the ranges are bigger and the low-level kits rather crappy. So for example if my durability is 13,650, but I've set the auto-heal to activate at 13,600.
*Warning: If you arrive at dock with injured sailors and the auto-heal on, any healing kits you buy will be used. So, heal them at the docker before buying anything.

Make sure that you have chosen potion that is on your character and that the "activate auto heal ability" box is checked - then click "yes"
** If you use other characters with different settings, you will need to re-set this every time you log on.
*** You will need to turn it on every time you log on.

Auto heal will stay on until you log off or turn it off manually

To heal others: this is not automatic

Use the icons from the command interface menu: Ctrl+ A >> On land Tab
there are different icons for the level of potions.
The icon for the potion you have on your character will be clear, the one you do not have will be red colored or will not show if you do not have the skill (go to skill tutor for skill)

Armed Businessman characters have extra healing skills so has additional healing icons.

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When I have it set up for sp regen I have noticed everytime I have signed off when I come back on I have to recheck the activate auto heal again. Do you find you have to do this too?


Posted on 2008-11-15 14:46:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

yes whenever you log off you have to redo auto heal or it wont