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[Guides] Colony Guide - Creation & Leveling

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You will not be able to comment on this guide it is in the Tutorials and guides section.
Please post any comments or information on
The Colony Guide Discussion Thread


This guide consists of 3 parts
underlined blue phrases are links to parts of the guide

1) Create/Obtain a colony and raise it to level 1 (this post)
2) Colony Tech-Tree for each type of colony (spending the 1 point you get w/every colony level)
3) Colony raising Index Tool (Excel) - the materials needed to get to the next colony level


- Obtaining a Colony -

First there must be an unoccupied colony (a colony with no name above it) on your server.
There is no way to siege a colony, so you can not win / occupy one in a war.
Most if not all colonies are occupied on all servers.

1)  You need to be a Lvl 5 Guild's leader with many silver on you.

- Find a Colony Minister apply for the quest (better in Hamburg)

*** I am not sure all of the steps of the quest are listed here.***

from a guide by Shunka,
Items also required to found a colony include:
1)  Ossessian Skull - dropped by skeleton swordsman (and maybe others) in Crete Labyrinth
2)  Dream Flask - Dropped by vikings
3)  Flawless Jade Staff - dropped in the Taj Mahal
4)  Pay 25,000,000 coin

- Get the task item "A Dream Flask" at Hamburg Suburb

- After submitting the item to Colony Minister, talk to Drich (the Leader of Hamburg) to finish next quest
Minister of the former colonial cities are as follows:
Oslo, Hamburg, Bordeaux, Lisbon, London, Amsterdam, Venice Seville, Seoul, Stockholm, Athens, Tripoli, Edo, Beijing, Tuoerdi City (Tourtue??)

- Talk to the Leader of your nation (in this case here, it's Aiolia from Athens)
*Here is a list of Nations and their Leaders: Empires, Cities, Leaders*

- Get your last quest item, Exchange a "Holy Spirit Stone" for a "trinket map", from Hell Messenger in Hurricane Island
(This step was not in the other guide)

- After submiting the item to the Leader of your nation, you will get a "Corerstone"

- Sail to an empty Colony City (with no name above the city) and right-click the Corerstone

-Choose one of the three styles of city
1.  Pastoral villages; Farmland yearning for fun and enjoy the natural scenery of the leisure audience
2.  Industrial towns; Life tension, work tasks, busy, industrial atmosphere thick of a war, the smoke enveloping the entire Harbour, real military port
3.  Pirates Walled City; Dream of living free discard all, voluptuous Zuoban, song and dance by doing is always FUN.

- Put a name on the city.

- Congratulations! Now you own a Colony!
IMPORTANT: You have to upgrade your colony to level 1, or it will disappear after 48 hours!

- Upgrading Your Colony to Lvl 1-

- Go in land and talk to the Construction Minister.

- Choose option "Employee" and then hire the "Interior Minister" for 50,000

- Go talk to the Interior Minister and choose a developing route

- You can check your Colony info by pressing Ctrl+A and clicking ont the icon

- This are your Colony talent points (sorry for some chinese characters here because of some uncompleted translation)

- Talk to Construction Minister and raise all the Indexes with materials

- Trade Index needs to be invested on the Trader

- Talk to Constructor Minister and choose "Raise City Level" to get the next quests

- The first one - Submit construction captal - is easy: you just need to pay

- The other one - Submit construction materials - is harder: you need to submit all these items

- After submiting both quests above, you just need to select "Levelup confirmation" to upgrade your Colony.

Congratulations, you have upgraded your Colony! f50
Now you just need to wait 30 minutes for it to be refreshed as a lvl 1 Colony.

*Fully re-edited the guide, and merged the 2 parts ~ dwolfy*

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Leader of Kriegsmarine
Magellan Server

In this guide, I have listed all the colonies' tech-trees and I tried to explain how the leveling of those works. So far, we are at level 3, we have gotten only ONE talent point for every level-up. So everything in this guide is based on the theory, that the colony will have the maximum of 10 talent points at level 10 and that people have to work together to be able to access all the goodies from the colonies.

Industry colony:

The first talent point can only be set at Invention Drawing:

Then, at level 2, there is the next point to be set, possibly at High-level Development:

After that, at level 3, there will be the first items available to set points on. You just need to set one point on

one of those:

All that means, that an industry colony can only get 5 of the possible 10 items there.

For example:
4 points on Invention Drawing
1 point on High-level Development
1 point on Badges
1 point on Medals
1 point on Rings
1 point on Helmets
1 point on Uniforms

For the rest of the stuff, you'll need a partner with a second industry colony.

Military colony:

The first talent point can be set at Flagship Development or at Military Development:

If one chose the Ship route, at level 2, the second point could be set at one of the ship types, here Yacht

Development (raider):

If the Military Development is up to 4 points, you can activate Cannon Development and after that Cannon Ball Expert:

Again, you cannot have all items available. You can distribute 10 points all in all on 17 possible


For example:
1 point on Flagship Development
1 point on Yacht Development (raider)
1 point on Gunboat Development
(leave out the merchant)
4 points on Military Development
1 point on Cannon Development
1 point on Expandables Development (gotta find out what that is)
1 point on Armor Development (shields)

Trade colony:

The first talent point can only be set at ?don't know the name? :

*Screen missing*

Then at level 2, the next point can be set at Professional Supply of Goods or Inflatable Profits:

If the Professional Supply of Goods is brought up to 3, then there will be the next part of this branch open for


If the colony went for the other branch, then, after Inflatable Profits on 3, the next tech will be open:

All in all, there are again 10 points available for distribution.
This time, you can set for one complete branch 8 points and you still have 2 points left to start the other branch

So only one tech will not be available.

For example:
1 poin on ??? (first tech)
5 points on Professional Supply of Goods
2 points on Reduced Tax
2 points on Inflatable Profits

Collection colony:

The collection colony is really simple.
You can place talent points on Ore Market, Timber Market, Dredging Market and Crops Market. All cannot go higher than 5.
Most choose to level one or 2 "markets".   You only get 10 points to spend. So you can only make 2 markets to the maximum producing level of level 5 goods.

There is basically no problem with the distribution of the talent points.
You can leave the specialized colony at level 5 or choose to level further and activate another tech.
Most likely this would be a waste of mats and gems.

In addition to this info, you'll probably need the overview for the stuff that you can buy at certain levels and with the certain talent points set. I am not going to post all of that here, because IGG has done so, already. So, here is the link to that:

Leader of Kriegsmarine
Magellan Server

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Here is the index and port leveling tool:

by KingAurelius



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