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[Guides] Adventurer (Adventure) Alliance Tasks Guide

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Posted on 2008-05-19 14:12:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Updated Madagascar Quest


UPDATED the Alchemy drawing possibilities...SOME WERE MISSING!!!

I HAVE NOW COMPLETED ALL THE AA QUESTS (at least once) except for:
Madagascar, Santa Maria and Semarang.


I have now completed all but the last 2 (city) quests in Seoul and the last one in Nagasaki
I still have the pirate island quests to do (I'm working on my fighting skills).
Next update will be after I finish level 9 Discoveries!

I have just finished level 8 discoveries (missed just a few points... could not get them to sparkle ug!)
will be doing/ rewriting/ checking the level 8 quests here soon.


It seems I forgot to make note that I have re done all the adventure quests up through Seville.
I have edited the guide to the order the quests appeared to my character.
Some quests may not trip/start for you when they did for depends on your manuverability level.


I have edited the quests for Genoa, Venice, Tripoli, and am working on Algiers.  All are level 2 or 2.5 discoveries.
Added 5 new quests to Genoa, no new quests are showing for Venice, for Tripoli; one new one (2 moved to Genoa),  2 new ones for Algiers.  I will double check make sure I get all of them, after I do level 3 discoveries.


I have access to an alt now so am re-doing the Mediterranean sea quests.
It seems MANY new quests have been added.
Updated the 4 starter cities: Alexandria, Beirut, Athens, and Istanbul.

Also updated the possibilities for low level poison recipe to correct cities and names.


Added the descriptions of the quests for the 5 highest cities... all from the old VCO guide... so they may not be 100% correct.

Added manuverability levels needed to trip quests and some of the medditeranean city's quests...
all from the old VCO/ IGG guide... so they may not be 100% correct!

will do higher cities man levels later!!!


Changed minimum manuverability numbers for each level of telescope.


Added Names of items and coordinates from Discovery Guide to first 6 cities info.
Added some ship recommendations.


Added list of possible reward Alchemy drawings


Added list of maneuverability points needed to trip the quests

Guide posted 5/19/2008

I apologize, the guide is not finished. But, I am starting a new job in the next few days, and I won't have internet access at work.  My online hours are going to be cut drastically, so I have posted what I have.

- Ele

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Posted on 2008-05-28 04:11:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Im just wondering if u know anything about lvl10 AA quests?

Posted on 2008-05-28 07:47:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

I believe I said at the bottom of the guide....
where level 8,9,10 will be

Note * Seoul and Nagasaki quests do not "trip" yet.  I'll be back when I get a level 8 ship!
also I had noted that
"My Maneuverability is 73 so not all quests will start, but I will post the ones I can get.
(but that one was under Quanzhu)

the quests should trip at (if the old information is still correct)
Quanzhou : 71, 73, 75
Beijing : 72, 74, 77
Zhigu : 73, 75, 79
Edo : 73, 75, 79
Seoul : 81, 84, 87
Nagasaki : 81 - 82, 88

that indicates that technically there are no level 10 AA quests.

Though I don't know if there is an AA Master on Hurricane Island... probably won't ever go there myself... not for about a year anyway!

For the discovery coordinates level 10 see the discovery points discussion page 45:

Use the map at Smirnoff's navigator in conjunction with the list on page 45.

otherwise...sorry can't help you yet!

- Ele

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Posted on 2008-05-28 08:22:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well i was mearly asking if u or anyone else would like to share info on lvl 10 quests, ive heard rumours on the whereabouts but til i can confirm im gonna hold that info to myself. Ive got maneuverability 97 so far and havent seen anyone with lvl 10 quests and ive been looking around all over the place. When/if i get more info i'll let u know. But i mostly post in our guilds own forum as a protest against the lack of support/information from IGG.


Posted on 2008-05-28 09:17:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

oooo level 10 quests??

yes, please post here if you hear anything about them....
unfortunately as I said... I'm not there yet. f40

But Hopefully I'll get there soon!

oh, and I agree about IGG lack of support, but my view is why "punish" the players by not sharing your information... not sharing does nothing to hurt IGG.

besides.. helping others... gives you a warm fuzzy!  f49

Posted on 2008-05-28 14:08:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't think there is an AA guy on Santa Maria; at least not that I can find. There's an AA on the adjacent island of Faial, but he knows nothing of  the of the Lisbon Quest.

Posted on 2008-05-28 20:57:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just to be sure... are you talking about:

Lisbon Icarus NPC (from discovery guide)
Roar of Sea God
Maneuverability 69 and Finish Semarang Conquering the Giant quest to trip this quest.
Npc's to talk to: Icarus is at Lisbon dock, near Dagama NPC, Santa Maria AA Master  
Kill and authenticate Minotaur L6 boss located on 3rd floor of the Double Axe Labyrinth (Crete) -- need to have item; Brave Heart to enter
Brave Heart is a quest reward from a Scenario quest called "The legend of Crete Island : The proof of hero"
Rewards include 5 million Manuev EXP

OOPS yes I forgot to change the location on that one... Santa Maria's AA Master is on Faial Island from what I understand.  ( I suppose I'll have to search that island thoroughly and see if there are 1 or 2 AA masters on that island - the giant's quest has you go to Santa Maria's AA Master as well.)

Are you sure you met the requirements of maneuverability over 69 and having completed the Semarang quest of "Conquering the Giant"

I'll be honest, I have not completed the Giants quest yet... those pesky giant lords still give me too much grief...

hmmmmm looking at the manuverability requirement for the giants quest (68) and the Lisbon quest (69).... I wonder if 69 is low?    ... I'm guessing here.... anybody KNOW???

If someone else has tripped the Lisbon quest, PLEASE Post!

- Ele

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Posted on 2008-05-28 21:45:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, that is the quest I'm refering to.
I finished the "Giant" quest long ago. For the record, I have a lv 10 raider ship, Voyage = 119, Manuverability = 99. I just completed all the level 10 discoveries. They're a real bitch; even using the Golden Compass.

Getting back to the Lisbon Quest; the only AA is on Fifal, and he doesn't seem to know anything about the Quest. When I saw Icurus(sp?) in Lisbon the clue I came away with was: "Go to other cities and there you may find something new."

Not much help there.

Posted on 2008-05-28 22:16:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Is that the npc reply? or what is in the log book when you accept the quest?

ummm how many cities are there??   ug

Posted on 2008-05-29 04:01:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

>>Is that the npc reply? or what is in the log book when you accept the quest?

>>ummm how many cities are there??   ug

Those are the exact words that Icurus spoke to me.