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[Guides] Tortuga - A Complete Guide

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This Guide is reasonable close to finished, but helpful non-the-less. I decided to do it as I have known many, many players who went to become tortuga pirates, and found the other tortuga guides to be... less than helpful.

Tortuga: A life of Piracy

There is a lot to know about being a pirate, and not much patience for reading long guides. Any questions you might have are probably answered throughout the guide—it moves in order with the steps that you must take, answering possible questions as they become relevent.

This guide works for both experienced players seeking piracy later in their progression, and new players itching to pillage and plunder. There will be differences in what they can and should do, although these differences will be explained. It is, however, important to make note of these differences, as they will seriously impact your potential profits as a pirate.

Step 1: The trip across the pond, the city, joining the pirates

Tortuga is the world’s primary pirate port. No other place is as suited for the life of a pirate, and the first step is getting there.

If you are sailing in a DHGB – 3000 provisions should be more than enough to get you there, if you’d feel more comfortable with 5000, fine, its extra weight, but you’ll be fine either way.

Here is a map of the Atlantic, with a more specific Caribbean view below that.

Once you’ve set forth on the dock (There is no offshore), Tortuga will be spread out in front of you.

There are many things you need to pay attention to in the city, and many others that serve as little other than distractions.

Below is the City. The various marks throughout the map will be explained as they become relevant. Right now—joining the Caribbean pirates is the priority.

The NPC that you must talk to in order to become a Caribbean pirate is located within the purple circle on the far left of the map. In case you have not yet realized, the dock (and docker) may be found next to the green arrow and the green circle on the far right of the map (this is where you’ll start off).

The Noble Title NPC is named Castellan Levassor, most easily recognizable by the golden hook in place of his left hand. Picture below:

Do the “application for noble title”, pay the coin, and get your first title.

Possible Questions Answered:

1.By switching nations, your amenity with your previous nations (such as Greece) will drop to 0. This does NOT mean that their ships will attack you, its not really that big of a deal.

2.Your noble title is very, very low right now. Although you have the reputation required for a higher level noble title, you must first build up the required amity to match your noble title. If you do not know what the required amity is, you may check it here:
a.Take Notice: If you are wearing a noble uniform and hat, and/or are using a noble weapon, you can not take these items off. You must keep them on your person—you can’t switch to a labor uniform, you can’t equip a hammer, you have to keep them equip, which also means watching the durability of your clothes (if it hits 0, they come off). Why? Because your noble title doesn’t meet the requirements to use those items—you are able to use them now only so long as you don’t take them off. That is raising your noble title to your required level is of such importance—to remove this standing fear. (If your falchion comes off, good luck boarding).

b.Take Notice: The same thing holds true with jewelry. If you are wearing non-pirate jewelry, and you take a piece off—you can not put it back on unless you switch back. I recommend you attempt to trade for pirate jewelry—keep in mind, non-pirate jewelry is worth more than pirate jewelry, so ask for some coin with the trade.

3. It is possible to go through the entire pirate process, fulfill all the necessary quests, and to then switch back to being a non-pirate. It doesn’t re-set anything except amity (depending on how you do it), I myself switched back and forth from pirate to non-pirate several times before I finally decided to go non-stop pirate.

4. It is not possible to buy your amity up as it is with the non-pirate nations. The only way to raise your amity is by sinking ships and finishing quests. To get your amity from 0-50, you can sink any white-sailed trading ship. To get your amity from 50-100, you must sink patrol ships, glory frigates, etc. (I’ve heard that darkdiamond ships can take you from 50-60, but I’ve never paid close enough attention to notice.)

5.If you are going to have a serious problem fighting the patrol ships, you may want to wait before doing the quests (that are going to be described soon). Quests will give you amity with the Caribbean pirates ignoring completely the 0-50 & 50-100 specifications above, which means that the quests can either help you get to the 50 amity cap, OR can be used to push you over 50. So, if fighting the patrol ships will prove a problem, go board white sails (described next) until your amity is at 50, THEN complete the quests.

Step 2: Melon Cutting, boarding White Sails, necessities, and the first two major quests
        Before getting into the money-making process, and the quests necessary to increase your money making potential, we have to talk about how you make money through pirating. Click on the “Command Button” at the bottom right of the screen (the little scroll). Among the 3 available tabs at the top, click “at sea”—on the far right, or near the far right, should be the “disposal of stolen goods” button. Place that button on your tool-bar, that is your money making machine.

        How you use it is simple—but not forgiving in terms of mistakes. In the event that you should board a ship and kill its captain, a window will pop up showing what is dropped. All will drop a small amount of coin in addition to that ships cargo. Click on the “disposal of stolen goods” button on your tool bar, an act that changes your cursor to a little grabbing hand, and then click on the goods in that window. Do NOT click on the goods so that they are loaded onto your ship, and do NOT close the window. As soon as you’ve clicked on the goods (after clicking on the disposal button), the goods will disappear and will be turned into coin.

The reason that you must complete the quests detailed soon is simple: Right now you have “melon cutting 1” (The first level of “disposal of stolen goods”), in order to get “melon cutting 2”, you have to complete those quests. Each new level of melon cutting doubles the amount of coin that you are paid for disposing a particular good. (For instance, melon cutting 1 pays you 10K off of a drop. If you had melon cutting 2, that would be 20k. There are 4 levels of melon cutting, so level 4 melon cutting pays 8 times the coin that melon cutting 1 does. This is the incentive to increase your melon cutting level, and the reason to complete those quests.

Possible Questions Answered:
1. You cannot learn melon-cutting 3 without first learning melon cutting 2. You must learn them in order.

Now--boarding. The shipping lanes directly outside Tortuga are those of the Spanish and the Portugese. Whether or not you plan on attacking these shipping lanes, or those of the British and Dutch, the tortuga quests require the sinking of Spanish ships, so you may as well start now. First, your supplies.

Time is money. End of story. If you can help it, leave the ammo at home--shooting down their crew is a waste of time. Bring as many provisions as you can, dont buy first aid kits from the tortuga shipyard boss, and don't forget to recruit the full capacity of your ship.

For a lower level player--your best friend in this picture may be found within the RED squares. The top left square is the medicine woman, who has a more diverse (and expensive) variety of pots, whereas the lower right square is only the low-level pots, the only pots you should be buying anyway.

This is your local "items seller", and he is a speedy source of HP & SP Pots.

You are going to be throwing a lot of grapples, and depending on the level of your weapons, uniforms and grappling--your going to be using a ton of SP. So, SP pots are a neccesity, I reccomend at least 50-100, unless you dont need stunts and your grappling is sufficiently high in level.

Now, to boarding.

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Each ship name contains two pieces of information: 1. the nationality of said ship, 2. the type of ship.

The types are as follows:

1. Pearl Armed Merchant Ship
2. Ruby Armed Merchant Ship
3. Sapphire Armed Merchant Ship
4. Gold Armed Merchant Ship
5. Diamond Armed Merchant Ship
6. Darkdiamond Armed Merchant Ship

Here is the approximate level requirements to board each ship. Jewlery should match relativly closely with your level.

1. Pearl - Level 4 weapon (not gun), level 4 barehand uniform.
2. Ruby - Level 5/6 weapon, level 5 barehand uniform.
3. Sapphire - level 6/7 weapon, level 5/6 barehand uniform.
4. Gold - level 7 weapon, level 6 barehand uniform
5. Diamond - level 8 weapon, level 7 barehand uniform
6. darkdiamond - level 9/10 weapon, level 9/10 barehand uniform

All of the above can be influenced darastically by the type of jewlery you have on, the number of sailors you have, and the types of bonuses on your equipment. If you have 400 sailors--you can board higher level ships than if you have 110 sailors.

The higher the ship level, the more goods they drop, and the better the "rare" stuff that is dropped. More goods = more money, and better "rare" stuff also = more money.

One important note to take away from this is--just because you can board it, doesn't mean you should board it. If you are able to board and kill a diamond ship, but doing so kills off 1/2 your crew--don't do it. Although you'll make more money off of that 1 drop, you'll make more money faster just boarding 2 gold ships in place of the diamond with the extra time saved by avoiding a trip to the docker. Meanwhile, if you can kill gold ships without any difficulty, boarding a Pearl ship will prove to be a complete waste of your time. It's best to pick 2 levels of ships that you are willing and able to board--and stick to those 2 levels. (Darkdiamond, being so rare, should be considered level #3 if you can kill them, although I know some that only board diamonds and darkdiamonds).

So--you attack your target ship, grapple it, kill the captain and dispose of the goods. After waiting 10 seconds, you drop back into the battlefield scene, hit the "back" button, go back out onto the high seas--and do it all over again. This is how money is made as a pirate, and it adds up very quickly.

The Quests

The first two quests that you must complete in order to gain melon cutting 2 require you to get your hands on 7 "trade vouchers" (in total). Trade Vouchers, an item that is, ironically enough, not tradeable between players, are only dropped from white-sail Captains. So, you have to go out and start boarding, play around with selling off the goods, and seek out the 7 trade vouchers required.

I have completed these tortuga pirate quests three times in total. Through these three tests--and through a 4th from another player I helped coach, it seems as though trade vouchers fall more frequently if you have not accepted the quests yet, however, this may have just been a coincidence. So--I would reccomend boarding first, getting the 7 neccesary trade vouchers, and then accepting and submitting the quests (This is acceptable, you don't have to accept it before you get them).

The Map for reference:

The first of these two quests you get from the Arms Dealer. He within the Yellow Circile depicted above, and requires only 2 trade vouchers to submit your quest. He will reqward you with a pirate sabre, and item that is ultimatly useless.

Above is a picture depicting the quest option for the Arms Peddler.

The second quest is accepted from the NPC within the Blue Circle.

This quest, depicted above, requires 5 trade vouchers to complete.

When you have the required trade vouchers--go through and submit the quests. The trade vouchers may be seen below, as this charachter is submitting the quests.

Step 3: The third quest, Melon Cutting 2 & 3

The third quest you get from the Charachter near the noble title provider. (The white circle on the map below.)

After your have completed those two earlier quests, this NPC will now offer you an additional 2 quests. One of these quests gives you Melon Cutting 2, the other, Extortion 2.

The top quest is the Melon Cutting 2 Quest
Melon Cutting 2 Quest: Sink 15 Spanish Ruby Armed Ships & 15 Spanish Sapphore Armed Ships

Melon Cutting 2 doubles the amount of coin you gain from stolen goods.

The bottom quest is the Extortion 2 Quest
Extortion 2 Quest: Board and kill the captain of 25 Spanish Gold Armed Ships

Extortion 2 increases the amount of coin demanded in the event that you should extort a player on the high seas.

Remember, you can't learn Melon Cutting 3 or Extortion 3 until you learn the 2nd level of those skills (they are independent, not related at all).

Both of those manuals (level 3) are dropped by Darkdiamond Armed Merchant Ships. If they are too difficult for you to handle--buy one, they are farley common. If you are paying less than 4 million, believe me--you wont be disapointed. (4 million is a high price for one of these manuals, at least on the Cook Server. Extortion Manuals go as low as 750K, whereas Melon Cutting 3 usually hangs out between 2.5-3 million)

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Reply #2 claimed in case it is needed for the guide

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Thanks....Book marked...
for all the questions I get when i'm in Tortue and i can't remember where to send people and what they have to do.
Now I'll be able to just look all the information up or give them the link.

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bump for player (requested to see it, no way to send a link)

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as you are a piratee you can use extortion on ANY player thats not a pirates ands they pay you or battle you!

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yes and you become notorious so you better have a good ship to survive patrols

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one question, the pirate sabre and dress u get from one of the quest, is it needed later on?

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no u dont need them. if u have lower equipement use them if not then sell it

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ok good cuz i heard some1 saying it's needed later on