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[Guides] I attacked a white-sailed ship now what?

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Posted on 2007-07-03 02:22:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is for new players who made that very common mistake, attacking a white-sailed ship. I figured i would post this with all the information i could think of, since it has been asked very often.

First of all, you probably noticed the patrol ships at this point, they are very fast, and very strong, it's hard to avoid fight with them, although there is a few ways.

Avoiding fight

Going out at night greatly reduces your chances of crossing a patrolling ship's path. You can find the game clock on the lower right corner of your screen, below the question mark button.

Spawn times for patrol ships are 4:00 to 22:00, so you don't want to be sailing at these times. You might want to wait a bit after 22:00 to get out of town, since they stop spawning, but they don't reach destination instantly.

Patrols even spawn sometimes during the night, if you see one coming for you, you can:

  • Fight the nearest smuggling ship.
  • Enter the nearest port or island.
  • Enter the nearest battlefield.

That said, let's see your options:


Battlefields is one way to regain your amity back, get into a battlefield and kill pirates until your amity is 0 or more, but wait, not any battlefield will do.

  • Crete if you attacked: Greece (Athens), Ottoman Empire (Beirut, Istanbul, Alexandria).
  • Corsica if you attacked: Tunisia (tripoli, Algiers), Merchant guild (Genoa, Venice).
  • Gibraltar if you attacked: Spain (Barcelona, Seville, Las Palmas), Portugal (Lisbon, Madeira.), France (Bordeaux).
  • North Sea If you attacked: England (London), Dutch (Amsterdam), Roman Empire (Hamburg), Norway (Oslo), Swedeln (Stockholm).

You will probably never see any other country sailing in the mediteranean, so i will not list more.

In battlefields, you basically just kill for as long as it takes to regain amity, Restock on pirate islands if you run out of canon balls or need repairs (Corsica and Crete have a shipyard boss on the beach).

Get to the battlefields, and restock by avoiding fight as much as possible (see above). It might take some time to get there, so get prepared, you don't want to go back and forth so much to restock.

Going to jail!

Sounds boring doesn't it? Yet another way to get things back to normal. Just get to the country that is hunting you. Go in town (if you enter offshore instead of the port, you will get sunk by the barbettes, and will respawn in town), run to a guard and choose "Jailed". Once in jail you can find out how long you will be there for by cliking the prison door, it will tell you on normal chat, in real life minutes, your prison term. Offline time doesn't count.


Investing in the city you attacked is another way to get rid of that negative amity.

First, get to the city you attacked (Barbettes might sink you in the offshore, you will respawn at the docks.).

Then go inside town, guards will come to you along the way, hit "Bribe" (You might want to wait a second or two before bribing, cliking right away might cause the dialog to close and the guard will attack you then put you in jail, it's caused by lag.).

Once you are in town, open your map (CTRL+M) and find the official, he is the one you need to pay. Don't forget to bribe all the guards that come to you, you will need to do that once by scene usually, sometimes more.

Every time you pay the official it will increase your amity by 5 points, The ammount you need to pay will increase by 100 silver every payment.

***Have fun and enjoy the game.***

*Changed spawn times, thanks MasterChief14.*

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Posted on 2007-07-09 08:06:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

great info hilter :)

when i saw the topic name ... saw your name ... i was like wtf ... he doesnt know???
seems like ure providing very usefull information. Noticed it a few times when i was in jail, newbies getting jailed and not knowing why, not knowing what they done wrong.

Posted on 2007-07-09 10:16:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

When I was once a pirate I came from Tortuga to Europe, patrol ships were not around 22:00-4:00, tested it and never ran into 1 patrol ship. 18:00 I still see them patrol around, not sure if it applies to all areas though, since I went from Dakar to Seville between the times I listed. Nice guide overall.  f26

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oops wrong post... lol

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Posted on 2007-09-04 09:17:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

thanx you for the informations. I have put myself in bad with dutch and got owned by a merchant ship... what a shame for a warrior...hehehe

Tried in various way to avoid dutch ship but its kinda hard. So i will go to the battlefields

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thank you is helpful for f02

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Thank you so much :P

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ANd what If I walked behind the bars in the jail, and cant get out?

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your notoriety is lower than 29 over 29 u will staz there /f86