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"My life in VCO"

Arrrr morning fellow pirates and landlubbers. We all have great memories gathered from previous years, some of us are here from beginning that was almost ten years ago ( oh boy we are old) , some of us are new - but we all have great memories  of playing the game - sieges, battlegrounds, grinding for levels or silver, goofing around with guild, friends and enemies. Its time to share them with others.

Since memories are personal, and each person has its own way to tell the story - it will be up to you how you tell the story. Make it in writing, use screenshots, make a comic, make a video, dig up old old screens from times that we all forgot - make new ones to show we are alive and kicking - its all up to you. IT IS YOUR STORY!

One entry per account.

1st place 12 Golden Faith Update Card or 1600 gen.manuals or 14 Amethyst Stone (Perfect)
2nd place 12 Golden Faith Update Card or 1600 gen. manuals or 14 Amethyst Stone (Perfect)
3rd place 12 Golden Faith Update Card or 1600 gen manuals or 14 Amethyst Stone (Perfect)
4th 6 Golden Faith Update Card or 800 gen. manuals or 7 Amethyst Stone (Perfect)
5th 6 Golden Faith Update Card or 800 gen manuals or 7 Amethyst Stone (Perfect)

so this month stone will be amethyst one that gives you towards +50 on weapon damage bonus.

Tried to put rewards for everyone. atleast the refining stones would benefit almost everyone. It will be up to you what will you choose. From now on we try to keep similar prizes and rotate the stones so you can gather for every skill and for those who want to save up Golden faith cards - same thing. Take part from more events and you can get them whole bunch.

This is event thread only. Discussion one will be made separately and you can live out your frustration or joy HERE

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

I join the game in 2006 and the Guild is already created and I find many old friends from a website for pirate games , and the one player " Marcus " who swears to me this game is different and NOT like " evercrack " .
 It is new and we have exploration and the map is black is you did not explore there.
 We have a use for items things we kill drop . so it makes SENSE to have guild HUNT BELLWEATHER ! to make cloth and get seeds and learn to plant . ALL skills mean something and it is VITAL we learn to chop wood and mine and plant and sew , BUT we have a LIMIT of the skills we can promote past 31 .. So almost everyone makes an alt or more . I have ALL of my alts from my first days in VCO still in game .
 Each has a ROLE and it only changed when they make me useless from being top with few players and having everything in game of any use  refined to max . Plus being RICH and handsome .
 Unfortunate for MANY this is a huge disaster and so many sweat blood to get BEST in game and find it now a JOKE on the player , as VCO doesn't have any way to recognise OLD valuable players and place them in a good situation in NEW version of the game that we now play . So for the most part , in both Asian form and in West the game almost DIES and we see RU , Brazil , Bounty all go out of business and SG makes new games as it fails badly and loses huge sums of cash . But IGG VCO will not DIE , a few very hard core stay and start over OR better yet had only just joined this game at its very highest popularity , before SG kills it . Others like me curse them and wish bad things on them but STAY with friends who do not care about " gear and refines " They are happy in a ship selling HEMP and buying beer . Or like me they race to TOP again and get superman 120 ! EVERYTHING -then another UPDATE and alll this money AGAIN SG decides " screw all these old players " and despite the fact the game has recovered they REALLY kill it off badly this time and I and many others just remove ourselves from item mall rat race and see the game a s a scam to take to our money this is how SG decides to ACT . And the players not being blind and stupid respond . and the game is shrinking ever since . It has a small resurgence when I and others say it is nice idea to make a server for only NEW players , but someone in IGG gets GREEDY and WRECKS this new server , And again we see a huge wave out of the game while a small group are allowed to become a terror and own this server , IGG makes a promise to respond and somehow screws it up even WORSE and this kills off any hope for those who wait to see , and they leave . So we float along leaking players faster than we gain for a while .
 Transfers help a little to keep game alive but the leak is getting bigger and worse IGG / Snail Games has nothing to offer . We are past our prime and old game , IGG is now a Public company and old staff is almost all replaced , VCO becomes an ORPHAN with no Admin aside from ME , and zero support aside from VIP and even that after some time is closed as we lose even VIP and VIP players .
 We all are still left and try to play and we are small and we know each other well and this keeps us Viable barely . You see IGG decides to focus away from PC titles and to cheaper , low overhead android and browser based titles . The PC side become a ? and Hmmm what do we do ? It has almost no staff or support , But in ASIA things happen and PVP titles become HUGE so SG has suddenly many new and old VCO players who used to nave these huge convoys of trade ships now come with Guns and swords and axes and start KILLING everything ! each other the tree's , pets and guards , if it can DIE they kill IT ! -so SG says hmmmm we have new title and it is doing OK but this OLD game we thought was dead , it is a ZOMBIE and it comes and eats our brains -Lucky for us we are Snail games and have NO BRAINS !! So we are ok ... SG snatches up old VCO franchises where it can so it keeps a FOOT in the door for future titles it can release in the USA and west , And it seems it discovers IGG didn't die and it finds al the messages asking for help it ignored ...and somehow a meeting of mindless and minds takes place . We can only speculate what happens .But this guy named FUNofKing drops in and we all wonder if it is a trap ... he claims he is GM ...we report him to IGG as a FAKE -very true story .  He is NOT a fake and somehow starts playing the game to find out WTH is going on and starts FIXING STUFF -:ermm: well ok about time , we figure he last maybe three months TOPS , but he stays and fixes things and we get help and players must HEAR something because slowly they drift back to us . I am so happy I go work and the people see I am happy so they break my back and almost kill me , and I am in very bad shape for a few years BUT I feed my poor pets and refine my noob toon , as Guilds kick me out , except for The Guild and BN , they keep me around for giggles ... I never say anything about being hurt bad ..but I recover enough to play and find I HATE GAMES that are LIKE A JOB !!  And this VCO now is worse than a job as you need 33 hours in a day to get one God pearl .. But if you are still here and reading this you know the games insane and I think we are all are like the game , because WE ARE STILL HERE ! , But maybe it is because EVERYONE tries to help you ! ( I am  thinking it is because you are much more fun to KILL when you have decent stuff than old crap ) . How can you leave ?
 The players are great and those that are left you know forever is like family . and you stay because it is what families do .
 So now I am on with alts on three PC's driving my wife nutty . And I also BUY crap because this game is all about getting crap to make your crap better crap all the time until you die .
 And this is my story . Also we have no idea what Bern is , Boy / Girl ? animal / vegetable / other ... so we just lock him in his room with his dolls .
 I tried to quit Mod job three or more times . I really did ..I get somehow these PM's or even phone call ..and maybe they have some mind control on me ..but I seem STUCK here . So I guess I go FIND some mag ore and some CRAP so I can make more crap better crap until I die ...


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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Sadly I lost all screenshots I had thousands of them so ill just tell a story of my life in vco. I started around February 2007. if I remember correctly. Saw my dad playing it and it seemed real fun so I said why not, after 1-2 weeks of playing I brought few friends to play also. We played together for few years until most of them quit and only 2 of us still playing. We had such experience back then that new players can't have now. I remember fighting goat , fight of my life when I almost killed her but at end she won the fight and I died by goat. Or when it took 5 us 30min to take anubis down to 1% hp and then he kills us all. Even working in tavern to get some money so you can go to High Sea. That was really fun time, started in CrazyCrew guild which fall a part a bit after some time. After that my friend and me created our own guild but we were all noobs there so after few weeks we decided to go some stronger guild. So we went to Glory, where we stick for a bit longer until Sun leader quit but stayed guild leader so we all had to leave guild. While we were in Glory few players tried to make CrazyCrew alive again so we went back there, and I can say it was one of best time in game. I remember first siege taking Nagasaki vs guards, they were too strong for us so we had to wait for allies to come and help us, it was so hilarious.So many times we hunt enemy on all around, mostly in mallorca. Vuk/Grizem and me did that every day until he went one step higher and went killing really every enemy he can and collecting notoriety. He got like real 1 year prison time in vco. At some point we were even strongest guild on server. It was also really fun with our old enemies RN, UC, Libertad, Illithiry. We had so many fights on saturdays in Lisbon and fun moments when we had kickers( ah those good old kickers :D) for Lisbon and when we saw some too strong players like darkduke, Ander, Jami we just kick them.   After that I changed guilds more often, every time some guild fall a part or too few people left, death for guilds follow me wherever I go. I was in Revolution, Feniks, OOPS, Horde and maybe some more can't remember.  And one of best moments when we killed first peter on Magellan, it took us around 2-3h because it was hard and we also failed few times. I was in golden dragon set back then only weapon black I think. Later when proffesion patch came, I wasn't here I was without pc for like 6-7 months and when I came back it was big change for me had so much to learn about proffesions. I got really lucky because I made some maps when came back and I got 2 parthenon marble stones in 1 day from 100kk investment. It was big boost for me to catch up with others. Then I continued slowly. Not so many things happened in proffesion patch until I got really mad and quit because my 140 armor failed 7x on 25%. And back then no one had better stuff than 145 gear. Like 2 years later I came back and started playing on friend's account who was in lvl120 set and tank. So i changed to hitter and started getting gear up. When i got to 130/140 I quit again because I realized that for 150 gear it would take me years of doing mausoleum to get all MO I need. But again after some time I came back, and since that time I took some breaks but didn't quit yet. Old vco was much better and more fun for me and for most players as I know. But lately its getting better, more events, work on bugs, even some old players coming back after so many years. Seeing old players and talking with them really brings out memories. This is short story of my life in vco, can't really remember all things in details too many things happened in almost 10 years. I'll post screenshot of us after killing first peter if I manage to get it from old server. But for now this is all I found from old screenshots. 

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Since i'm not good at writing.. tried to put whole story in short comic.. 
Anyways will try to write it up..
Whole VCO experience started in early 2007. It didn't go as well as it should due to my english knowledge. I didn't know how to leave Alexandria so spent 4 months slaying animals in suburbs. Once i figured out how to leave the city, it got more interesting. Met a lot of nice people such as Willend, ledhed, KingAurelius and many others who helped me improve and understand the game.
Eventually i've met kittyondrugs who made the whole game and my real life more fun.
Long story short, by getting stronger and stronger i've noticed i'm not just another meatball in PvP and make some difference, and since i'm competitive person, it started being a challenge for me.
Eventually i grew strong and till now am one of the strongest land players.

Besides whole in-game competition and growing up, VCO been fun experience - i've met a lot of cool people who eventually became my IRL friends as well. Also have to mention my English knowledge, which was literally at 0 once i started the game and now i can talk some sense in English as well, which is more than useful.

I'm done.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Back in summer of 2008 my cousin Rebel_GR decided to ruin my life so he introduced me to VCO. Poor guy was trying to explain to me how to play and what to do and trust me its hard (I ask too many questions) . Was trying to enter Hellas but the leader didn’t accept me cause I was too noob J. So I tried one of the big guild of the time CRNA GUJIA (sorry if I killed the spelling) That didn’t work also and I was about to quit and then my cousin said hell no I will destroy your life for sure and convince the leader of Hellas to take me.
There I meat people that are real life friends until now, Henry_14, Lara18, MooneyforBeers, and of course later when he was back in game Max_Jones. Still remember the competion with Henry going once per day in Cape tavern to pvp each other and all the fun we had teasing each other
Slowly I startd to participate in Sieges with TGE alliance against the BBS alliance. Dam that was hard, After some time that I took more part in the “politics” reallised the Herb aka Dahlia that was the other half of the leadership of the TGE only thing he cared was for himself(i think the major reason that BBS was rulling in Colombus since TGE didnt help each other only themselfs and their teams) so after 3 months of busting the balls of Max and Henry I finaly convince them to change sides. That was the best thing I did in the game. We went to BBS and we took in our guild 3 persons that changed our future in VCO. Starynight aka Captain_Neo, Mama and Sakuman. Finaly we had people that they where actually willing to help us without wanting something from us. Also people from other guilds like Pepe and Redmark and much more. Then one day I met the person that did change my real life. There was a pvp in Zighu and there was a RAGE guy (don’t remember the name but thanks) that was attacking me and killing me all the time. So Kutsikas passed and saw the scene so for unknow reason till now (yes I do mean that) she brought her AB and start helping me and that was the start of a beutifull relationship. Later we left alone in the Server from all the allies (eather quit or transferred out) so we took the big decision to change servers. We went to MMP and there we met a lot of great people like Sebastien33, Lupus, Bmarko,  and joined to a fantastic alliance. More or less after that was great Sieges, strong and new friendships,  a lot of fun and  managing to meet a lot of them in real life.
Much more things where worth mentioning but I tried to make it as short as possible and point out the major things that change the history of my gameplay and actually the history of my life. 

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

First day!
Started in 2007,only day the autumn.It was very hard when start. I did not know than to knock goats. When one day I met a friend who taught me to make maps then, for three years I did maps further. I met many friends time 9 yers. I have arrived let's meet in really live. I think not found such a game.I liked first , but for some years,he began to be boring.
I want to be very many events in game. GM does not give interest.I hope to fix this problem.
They were more players a few years ago.
Forza Milan!

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Arrrrrr!!! Let's get drink some rum and tell my story.

It started few years ago when a kid discovered that he can become a pirate, sail to unknown places and live the pirate dream!

I still remember the first day of game when I had those dirty clothes at level1 haha with that little knife that we had to a kill a Poet ( poor poet getting killed )

I got in love with the game exactly from beginning, played it everytime I was getting home from school. A friend of mine joined and we were killing wolfes and doing trades all day long, we wanted to become pirates and bring fear!.... oh man good times.

Played the game for around 2 years and enjoyed every minute I spent, made myself a pirate and never felt so happy, the hours I spent leveling my skills, the struggle to get materials for level8 Battle Ships.. those were good times and man the people in Dragon Armors.. we were like gods using those hehe

After 2 years and half I had to leave the game because of real life problems.. but the story didn't stopped!

After a long absence was searching for a new mmorpg to play and I remembered of Voyage Century Online and started to search again about it, found the game and started play it again.

When I returned the game was changed to 120 degree, a lot new stuffs added to the game, proffessions, soon after that level10 ships for free, people using level11-12 ships.. I was amazed again and started to play it again.

I continued with short breaks from game until I met the best guild I ever was in, the most awesome people.

o__o guild!!!

In this guild I had the best moments of game, the best family I ever had. Played with them for a long time ( killy :P ) and again had to take a break from game because... reall life...

Now I returned to the game I love and won't take a break anymore. Devoted to the game I love.

Why I returned?

Well most people asked me in game, this game is like.. DOPE :D, you can't compare VCO with other games.

Even if other games offer best graphics and etc... they don't have what VCO have.. the struggle to make urself better, the way each player must work to get themself the best.. it's unique.

I never seen a MMO that offer PVP/PVE on land and sea at the same time and both are damn awesome.

The game improved since I left and I hope it will improve more.

#VCO is Love, VCO is Life :)

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

I start play long time ago, when world map was black and u need to discovery it by urself, i remember a trip i made athens to cape town took me almost 2h, went out of provs somewhere in midle of sea, and all map was black didnt know wat was rigth direction, it was very boring  but at same time made me feel like a sailor in XVI century.
After few time playing i join a small guild with very helpfull ppl, they teach me the basic stuff in game the skills we need to raise the importance of having alts for some boring things (picking mats, selling stuff).
After so many years i still remember first time i was killed by a player ( still have is name in my enemy list) it was a infamous and well known player at that time in magellan server ( was before server merge) named Vurk ( i dnow if name is well writted), i lost some map pieces, i was pissed map pieces worth 100k each at that time.
The time pass and my guild was disband when some players quit, i spend sometime in small guilds until i join a bigger one, with some strong players, with there help i lvled faster and i reach lvl 10 weapon and clothes the top of gear at that time. One day i logged and my guild changed alot many players until today i i dont  know the reason of that. with weaker guild i left too, spend sometime  without guild until i meet one player who invite me to is guild, a guild with some very strong players  ( they can made made mausoleum instance). Until today im im still in the same guild im one few active players.
Never be a PVP player because  im weak and i dont wanna waste time in prision , i dont have cash for pardons. In all this years i only attacked one player in purpose i attack other by mystake (lag, tornado) faults. Few time ago i attacked one player  in  bimini  copy entrance, i was laginging and i use tornado and i hit him by mystake, i didnt even notice i went pink. i enter instance made daily and  when i was  going to seabed cave the other player saw me and kill me, i lost very importants  items for me. I was  surprise  to be attacked and i talk with him asking why the hell he attack me, he told me i was the one u attack him first. I saw my character i was pink, i explain him it was lag fault and he give me  my stuff back,i think if he didnt made that i wasnt playing game atm  thank you P.... GH.
I still play the game  still weak but i still have fun and that is wat it matters.
That is all.

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Sorry, you are not authorized to view the following details.

Started this game long time ago in 2010 ...oh man so long ago.I discovered it in a  magazine on a  CD that came whit it .To be honest at the beginning  i was a little bit  :eh  what is this ,but to be honest  i never knew in what i will get myself into it .    I began in  Athens in Magellan,killing goats and all those  "stuffs"......Spent days  after days to try to understand  the  mechanics of  the game ,economy  and pvp .But time ,time in vco is  irrelevant and  1 week passed,2weeks passed and all of the sudden  i woke myself participating into  sieges  and  pvp .   Pvp was the  best  and still is ...sometimes .We had  level 10 battleships ,Tortuga reiders  ,grinding  day after day  just to  have something to brag  on siege day .I rolled whit RN guild for a time ,then  Illithiry .    Illithiry was  the best ,especially SosWidowmaker.He had the time to teach me  everything from basics till  don"t go  red otherwise you will drop like a  Christmas tree.Sieges ,wars  all was good  till one point some  swedish guys came into play ..oh we all know  them(or at least who is still here from that  time line ) :Sigman and Diggi.They gather  up the server  made a  guild called Fenix and  kicked our asses ,I remember  DrDan just making  fun  of Pheobe in the last siege of Oslo calling him names because  he enter  in land gear in offshore (the period from  black dragon gear till  120 gear  is  much bigger the anyone could imagine so this is just a taste from what i remember ,maybe when i will write a book i will mention all of it ).After  we lost the  last city  they all left  ,got bored  ,the game got  "complicated".....I stayed and  over  this long period of time  I got to know  twice  as many peoples that came and go  from this  game like :RonIrons,Vexo,Swish,Delzor,OxyLantern ........ peoples  that  made the game fun ,interesting  and  gave it a purpose .
     Now days i play mostly on  ZengHe ,rolling the best  class   ever :TreasureHunter ,still  trolling peoples and having fun ,,,
Peace !