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This was what killed our events . First we had many request to hold it . Then when we did no one contributed until I asked players I know to help out . Then staff failed to perform as promised , on almost everything . So the event was a total disaster and failure and it took much effort and work to get permisions and line up rewards etc. That never were honored .
 This event also exposed a severe lack of ability to communicate with IGG staff , something vital to hold events . So we have had none . The other event , " hall of fame " was the final nail . many promises were made and none were honored . 
 It makes zero sense to do a job when you have zero faith in the ability of the " winners " to get what is promised or can't even locate a staff member to discuss rules for event and rewards .
 The mod staff fought hard to the end to provide for the players but we had zero cooperation and this made it impossible to continue .
 Now to answer the questions on my availability on forum.
 I have had my back broken in a work incident , this resulted in my disability and working life was ended . As I recovered from that I suffered a Stroke and avoided dying . This however is a mixed blessing as I am limited in what I can do . I was told by my doctors I would not be able to type and use the PC . PERIOD , so I should stop complaing and adjust to it . I decided they are morons and I do what I canwhen I can to prove them wrong and back up my claim , that they are morons. But the fact remains I have some challenges to deal with . Such is life and I intend to live mine and enjoy it in spite of doctors and assorted idiots that claim to know " things " . "They wasted lots of money on school " is about the only Comment fit for posting here.
 I still do my job here but admit I had issues while in a coma , posting on the forum. I see others do it , so I am certain I would have done better if I had tried harder .

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lets bring it back for street cred

Posted on 2018-05-13 12:58:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Feel free to post videos of game play or make tutorials and upload to YouTube.

(we say You Tube because other host sites links/postings often disappear after a while or do weird stuff like only play part of the videos.)

We have a section of the forum called "Media"  share your videos there.


As for the hall of fame we did that because it was something IGG already had in place but was not used.!.html

Fok supported it at first... but then we just don't know what happened.

I think a lot of the nominees were people who have left the game... I can't find the old list right now I have to leave the house... maybe I can search later... probably buried in the mod section somewhere...
and last thing we need is people who are actually here, one- upping of each other even more than they do we dont have enough in other threads... (see the team bug thread?..sigh)

- Ele

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It was already a food fight when I moved it . Also had spin off threads and featured lots of alts.