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[Events] Top 10 things that would entice players to return to VCO

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Posted on 2015-06-21 03:48:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  Reduce the points amount needed for IM stuffs
2.  Increase the number of items we could get in game, not only from IM
3.  Increase drop rates
4.  Offer Elite Vim maps for everyone from NPCs
5.  Get us back the function to pain our sails :)
6.  Get back the Live Support
7.  Put more events for non IM users
8.  More frequently updates/patches
9.  Reduce the money needed to compound Blood Rose stones
10. Reduce the amount of vigor for guild's daily upkeep

Posted on 2015-06-21 09:06:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

We are talking about enticing players BACK to the game.  Most of the ideas I've read are ways to keep them here.

Often we see someone ask for a server that is based before the professional update.  Lets think about that.  The reason for updates is because people get bored.  If they made that server people would get maxed on gear and quit the game.  What if, instead of making that old server, we had a week long event where every mob in the game was 1000x the strength he is now?   So new players couldn't kill goats naked and barehanded?   There would be a reason for bears and wolves again.    Okay, maybe not 1000x across the whole server, I don't think anyone would be able to do BF.   But every mob stronger and the lower level mobs much much stronger.  The loot would also need to increase.

I think an event like that would bring back old players, at least for the week.  Maybe once they see how fun the game can be, they would stay.  We would also have a lot of fun.  Can you imagine dying in battlefields again?  Fighting over bears?  Having to have an AB to do Bimini?

My ideas to entice/keep returning players
1.  Increase strength of lower level mobs and their loot
2.  Bring back Bad Attribute Transfers
3.  Decrease the cost of compounding items at the material exchanger
4.  Increase the drop rate of needed treasures from treasure maps
5.  Remove items from IM that are no longer needed
6.  Lower cost of Moonstone Fragments from TCP guy in Barcelona
7.  Add Blood Rose fragments to TCP guy in Barcelona (at a reasonable price)
8.  More ingame events
9.  Increase the drop rate of 148 drops in Battle Forest
10.  though probably not possible... change the PVP rules so that you can only pvp someone within a certain range of your Land battle/ Sea battle points.  ABs would be counted as the same points as the highest person in their team.  This would allow newer players to play without high level players always killing them.  I believe we lose a lot of newer players because of this issue.

Posted on 2015-06-21 09:32:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. IGG dont be hungry for our money just make your work honestly
2. reduce problems with lags kicks connection
3. make more quest and events
4. give back Live support and be more player helpfully (player is your god so you must do everything what he "need")
5. give more way to get silver
6. repair auto shoot and drop rate in nort sea insta
7. dont give us DDC for 2 hour make double drop for all week for everything what we do in game
8. update reward center wheel of fortune lucky egg crazy egg etc
9. make more updates and fix keep game heal
10. dont forget you need all players in game free users and im users equal we need booth

Mov Columbus
Posted on 2015-06-21 14:24:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Mostly increase variety (without requiring new content):

1) Add CO to other instances
2) Increase silver value of other common instance drops
3) Longer drop events, not 2 hour cards (eg. dragon event)
4) More events where rare equipment is added to tiger totem NPC in exchange for certain drops (eg. giant horn event)
5) Add other rewards to daily quest (eg. money or refines)
6) Update treasure map making (eg. remove obselete level 4 drops, add level 4 maps when making level 5 and guarantee the treasure is the right level)


7) Stop daily vigor decrease for the more casual players or bring back fleets as a cheaper alternative to small guilds without huge fees
8) Give attribute transfers or refining packs to returning players (eg. perfect drills)
(DO NOT give blank profession sets again, it annoys current players and still does not provide enough strength to do instances)

9) Bring back at least some level of support, people wont buy IM when the risk of loss is too high

10) A really massive event for the 9th anniversary (doesnt matter if it's late, it can even be 10th anniversary as long as it's good).
Take several of the ideas in this thread and several of people's favourite events and do something with them, make it last a couple of weeks.
Treat this like a reunion for everyone. Encourage all players to contact everyone they know from the game to come back for this event, give returning player rewards at the same time, make it special, make it the biggest event ever and they might just get hooked again.

A lot of the ideas in this thread may sound like ideas to keep people here, not bring old ones back, but this is still important.
Most old players would only come back if they hear it first hand from an active player how the game has got better again, not some random game email that could be full of false promises.
A lot of players are still lurking in the shadows, just have no interest in playing regularly, you need to get all player types back in, not just the long forgotten ones.

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Posted on 2015-06-22 01:26:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

1) Advertise in different sites ( I am pretty sure that having a banner in some sites isnt that costly )
2) Lower ALOT Newbie Character Pack in IM ( from 6k to 2k )
3) Rearrange Prices in IM , many things are way cheaper in game than it is in IM ( Many things in IM are totaly uselless these days , many things arent worth buying for IM )
4) More Events in weekly base ,  with nice rewards ( even silver is a nice a reward ) - ( Doing HI/EC everyday is not that funny anymore )
5) New Content as fast as possible ( This will might bring back old players too )
6) Make silver farming a bit less painfull ( It is normal to farm alot in order to achieve end game equip but its abnormal to farm that much even for mid game equip )
7) Better Company - Playerbase communication in all levels ( IN ALL LEVELS ! Players that have a problem shouldnt be waiting 2-3-4 weeks just for a reply )
8) Support and Reward your loyal player base ( If a new player see that you support and reward your loyal player base you have more chances to have him stick around )
9) Give new accounts a boost up , not something special but something that will help em alot ( Some will protest for this , But i believe if you give free 148 items isnt something TOO MUCH to be considered as )
10) All the above :D :D

Posted on 2015-06-22 12:01:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Might be long but i tried to explain the why of each sugestion  f75   You will find out that most of what i ask are updates of what we already have.
If any player wanna ad a comment or critic with favor option is very welcome.

Make storyline give u 1 set of good gear like fallen stats but timed so no1 farms thousands of alts (40k minutes/4 weeks like older belief from lisbon npc) in stage 1 including lvl 150 profession in the middle of the rewards... We already get lvl 11 raider ship, so make the timed overlords also 40k minutes and maybe a free lvl 13 FH considering u will earn ur lvl 13 ship with vigor.  how about some 148/150/fallen or even inqui upgrade mats from guild vigor aswell??  I mean to make the floral ingots and the watered gauze is kinda too much work for a newbie isnt it?
With this boost at the end of storyline u should have full 148/150 permanent gear instead of the 140 we get now.  Perhaps make 6 ability coins instead of just 4...  its really boring to lvl up some skills like shipbuilding but very needed for combat repair skill.

Bring back some old events with updated rewards, i think many ppl ejoyed clouds event and rewards were ok... nothing fancy either... i would add some BR frags and make it last 5-6hrs at least.

Update rewards from some daily/weekly game features like Andice ship (St andrews Den Battlefield near Aden), Hunt Event bosses (still drops far watching jewels).... Imagine if hunt event could spawn bosses every 30 mins in random area and they drop items like timed hydras, improved land charms, some of the 100 points jack compass items, etc.  // I'll add here to update some drops from actual instance mausoleum in zhigu, how about guardian beast to drop BR frags instead of OMO, at least 10 frags x 3 times u could enter as daily basis is a huge boost for all... dont like mausoleum??  there is plenty of instances to update like 125, 130, 140, 145 & temple!!!

Definitelly unbind MO and OMO...  want us to help players to lvl up but u dont let us give them stuf like this??   also remove binding from SOH, SOP, MS frags and all the drops to make gear like 150, fallen, inqui, etc... i would even say everything including hatred drops.. they are very rare and ppl who is in already full hatred get more but cant share/sell... fix it and recover players and economy.
Other things to unbind??  windstorm and blaze stones, vulcan, aeolus, arethusa stones.   OH and plz make those refines with insane drop rate to sell to npc for some silvers also... i mean those like blood/amethyst stones or sea spirit/with ores.. at least 100-500k each would fix a lot the economy for both land and sea players.

Maps is a great way to make money.. but also risky... the gap can be fixed considering that we get so many lvl 3 maps and the treasures just dont sell or sell way to cheap cuz no1 needs much reputation anymore... i say increasse their npc selling price like 50% extra or make the Merchant Alliance quest not daily but open, that way ppl can make (lets say viking harp as example) into proofs and get at least 24kk from it (60 proofs = 3 times the quest wich gives 8kk + MA flags)... same with other 20 different treasures that sells for 12kk to a nother player every 2 weeks?!?!?!
Once we are here..  update the rewards from the MA exchanger??   no1 needs to gather 2k of those flags for a +40 dodge item when you can get it in 4 days making malta for 400 high lvl medals... seriously update that thing please.
And i dont forget lvl 4 treasures...  what is the use to get The blues, Mayan stone, The Voyage Century (this should sell to npc for like 1 bil omg!!), Aztec gold coin, Glave, Gold pipe, etc... there is like 30 lvl 4 treasures that all u can do is turning them into exact apparatus and that thing into 1,500 treasures of heave so u can get 7.5kk by selling them to npc...  if we could get at least 30-50kk from each one of them would fix a a lot the economy so ppl can make maps 1-2 days a week if they are bored of so much HI.

Another update needed on the Rare Golds... those things drops in so many places and they are entirely useles... seriously I dont even think there is an npc to exchange them anymore....  why dont put a new updtaed npc where u can get some ordinary refines, delicate basic stones, and things like the same u get from trade point cards in barcelona

I will agree with Sonntag in this..... Delete Colonies to make players equal... I will add to the suggestion to put those rewards in the cities, and that way sieges will be just soooo much more fun and worth to bid...  Compensate actual owners ofc but I Bet you 100k IM this will bring A LOT of old players back....  I mean, bidding 3-6 bils just for the pvp fun cuz i seriously doubt u get profit from the rewards as they are now.   If not to put the rewards on regular cities, then put them in MA cities (like Lisbon or Amsterdam) that way we can have sieges saturdays and sundays also!!!!

Update IM prices and make all refines to drop ingame... is just sad that free players cant make +50 stats on weapon... I mean is ok to keep some items IM exclusive like hellraiser, cannon control device and the other, dragon charm, rabbit charm, +35 belief items, etc etc... those yes makes a GAP between IM and non IM players but the refines should be open to every1... I mean even the +12 DB essence is too rare!!
This will help also PVE players not just for pvp

Another update in the IM section... what about credits??  ppl has tons of them and they are useless... how about update the credit superwheel rewards???  or even the rewards directly... like exchange 2-3k credits for a rabbit charm... or an hollowness overlord??  or dunno even for some upgrade faith cards or gold credits, too many stuff to put in that section you could even make a whole thread of suggestions there... or copy from both of the jack compass and make 100/1k credits version.

Definitely add more BR frags to free lunch or even better, make them drop some more places ingame...  I would suggest from Portobello bosses (both land and sea) or BF, maybe even ghost ship to drop them instead of 60 OMO, and from every 2-3 spawns in the pirate??  or maybe 100 frags in the Rockman?? thats some extra pvp u can bet...
Or could be added to previous named events such like Hunt event or Andice Ship from St Andrews den.

I'll make an couple more sugestion cuz i think i rlly need to add this... increase limit entrance for instances... crete/mallorca, madagascar, taj and such... why only 3??   low lvl players need MO, basic refines and free basic stones... make it 5 times and u give them a huge boost for sure... higher lvl players??  make it Porto city, malta, north sea, EC x5 // Porto bay x2 & BFx2, fix economy & if make daily rewards from NPC bloodrose frags instead of MS frags and u bet u get old players back aswell.
And how about more ways to get the different charms exists ingame??   I mean.. i see A LOT of people who always asks how to dye ur sails cuz they wanna look different but they CANT!!! ... fix that and also put NPC to get charms with stats like dragon rider, gentleman, gandu, greek, etc etc... those were nice adds when came out!!!

I seen a lot of other good and simple ideas like lowering the guild fees, or the cost of making 50 BR/MS Frags into 1 stone... but lets see if we are listened before, i consider this basic changes NEED to be made just to UPDATE THE GAME, and not exactly as i told them perhaps, make ur own adjustments to keep balance cuz some of them would duplicate the benefits if fix together, but if IGG adjust what we already have in the game will be good again or even better!!!!


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<3 all my fans...  keep it up trying harder boys
Posted on 2015-06-23 08:36:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Be sure to e-mail this thread to IGG .

Posted on 2015-06-23 14:45:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

1-   add vim maps to tiger totems is a good idea

2- Make mo ore available to exchange  mo ores for silver  1000 silver per ore same for MS ores, that way your wh get cleared out

3- ticket service , need to be faster and more efficient.

4-make HI, Mayan  inis drop more silver at least 500k silver per mobs, 1-2mill Per bosses that  way you don't spend your time to get 1-3 CO.

5- fix the Bind-Unbind system and updated there some items that no need to be bound anymore.

6- Add more event during the weekend and fix the bug for the clouds.

7- Banned  Player should be broadcast in all server  and the reason why this player got banned and period of time he got punished. That way you teach the community that exploiting cheating will be punish according to how huge is the issue.

8-Remove some items  from IM that don't need anymore.

9- Fix the IM in game  there a lot items not need to be there and a lot price stuff need to be fixed.

10- reduce the cost of feed for guilds  with colony  at least 50%

11- Add some more quest for make more vigor up, like old Malta daily  EC ect...

12- Add the lvl3 quest BF to give daily vigor.

13 Add more items  on the IM sale is ridiculous  that you have to wait whole months to get just passes or each 2 week, it should be every week passes on sales since they are weekly ones.

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Posted on 2015-06-25 13:31:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Live support for everybody
2. More ways to earn money
3. Lower IM prices
4. More events
5. Unbind SOP, MO, Blood Stones etc.
6. Full patch so we can do instances that goes with it
7. Oportunity to get charms in-game not only IM
8. Make auto-planting card pausable
9. Change DDC to weekend dbl drop
10. Balance PVP

Posted on 2015-06-26 13:11:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Better events , something more interesting
2. Like it was before double drop weekend not double drop cards
3. Fix some bugs
4. Less lag on servers
5. That we really get what we should in patch, even **** have golden tower and we don't have yet
6. Better support to players, sending ticket and waiting few days when have big problem is really bad support for players
7. Make most items tradeable/dropable, people can go red now and not be afraid to drop any good item can't even drop for example refined gun
8. More balanced pvp
9. Better HI drop atleast like it was before
10. Some new good way to make money on land except HI