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[Events] Top 10 things that would entice players to return to VCO

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Posted on 2015-06-19 01:03:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is a good way to list what you think will bring old players back to VCO.
No alt posting. 5 karma for each suggestion with 10 suggestions in total given.
Let's get creative, but also bear in mind that they need to be reasonable, too.
No formal end date on this event, it can run until I feel that the topic is done.

1. Bring broken attribute transfers back and put them in cities and at the tiger totem npc so that all players have a chance to obtain them so that they can move their stones and plusses from their old gear to the new gear and charms.

2. Let the players have 145 gear, a nice land charm, a nice sea charm and the seven seas suit and hats for tiger totems, like they do on BB0. Players in 145 gear can do a variety of instances and wouldn't just be stuck.

3. Put the feature to exchange mining mats for regular basic stones that can be used on non bound equipment back into the material exchange npc.

4. Bring back live support and actually answer the tickets that are sent in. Our game needs to be fixed and players that do multiple cheats need to be permanently banned.

5. Since returning players cannot do the storyline quest have an event for 140 or 150 experience packs, or make it where they can do storyline.

6. Have more than two daily tasks that offer benefits and guild vigor per day. Could make it where all four tasks are able to be done. And for goodness sake make auto fire work again in North Sea instance.

7. Offer elite(vim) hurricane island maps at an increased price at the tiger totem npc, that way not just the city owners would have them. Increase the drop rates so that people can obtain a good amount of silver and keep the game economy alive.

8. Have a variety of events offered for small, medium, and high level players to participate in. Not just item mall gambling events. Rework the item mall page by getting rid of the items that are not useful there anymore and then set realistic item mall prices.

9. Put in a realistic and fool proof censorship filter for public chat so that people can choose not to read a steady stream of garbage. Can leave guild chat and PM's without the censorship filter.

10. Unbind the mermaids, compressed provisions, windstorm stones and blaze stones and all the gear that is 120 level or below, so that our game economy can thrive again. Also can unbind the gear drops needed to make God, Fallen, and Inquisitor sets, so that those can be sold in booths to players that might not be able to do the instances to obtain them.

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Posted on 2015-06-19 02:40:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Reduce the polarity between IM users and non-IM users (example: Thor cannon should be able to get ingame without making 10 alts and do exploration stuff with them). So non-VIP3 players don't get killed in 1 hit in PVP and PVP-based events, which will make them come back to play vco..
2. Make it a GAME again, not a casino based on LUCK (example: Jack Compass, Refining with qualities with 51% success rate (WTF btw...), gear and ship recasting... I've known many players leaving for it: doing HI on DDC like crazy, then spend so many cash on reforge or qualities and got negative results with it. That's not a way to keep ppl in a game! even a monkey knows that.
3. Reduce the polarity between colony users and free players (some players have 1 or more colonies of their own and can take fully advantage of it ofcourse...not really fair): so either reduce the advantage or make some stuff easier to get ingame by a player who doesn't own a colony.
4. Keep as much PVP as possible. For many (mainly IM-users) players this is very important to keep
5. Keep up the updates not 1 each 1-2 year. And certainly dont give update B 2years before update A...
6. Level up the drop rate: not only in HI, but generally in every high level instance. Ppl won't mind to do instances over and over again that way. Now it just gets so boring..mostly for no result cuz drops suck.
7. Give us more free stuff: many players stay afk to get their 60h 'playtime' for the VV.I think you can think of other and more active ways to get us nice free stuff
8. Keep events where weaker players also have advantage of: for instance the cloud event
9. HI (vim) map should be able to get for everyone (or make the entire drop rate higher like i said in '6')
10. Make Land battle siege more interessting again More ppl like land battle than sea battle, but sieges is too much dominated by Sea battle forces!

Hopefully these are some suggestions you can do something with.. anyway my personal reason for leaving this game are 1 and 2. But i'm sure these won't ever change in the future so i guess many are doomed to look for another game f58

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Posted on 2015-06-19 02:45:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

1) Service provited by IGG, ( not much realistic when you have only one man to do all), cant be that a ticket is answerd in the best case scenario after maintenace only
2) More often some events that actually are funny and usefull (crete, clouds etc)
3) Increase the drop in HI and EC or a new way to make money(i would suggest here another instance but i think that is not something IGG can or is allowed to do) since people dont have to spend 3-4 hours everyday on the same things and to have time, energy and the will to do other stuff also
4) Rearrange the prices of IM (not to decrease all, just the ones that are for the new players like low level refs and so on)
5) Lag is one major issue, i am not IT and have only basic knowledge on that so i dont know what can be done for that or what is the problem
6) The drops that are needed for equipment (only for that) to be for all party member not just one. for example there is a 160 hat drop. not to be only 1 but 5 so that all in the team get. i know that atm is not that hard but if you take as an example in the previus patch the inq drops you understand that people was dissapointed with the drop rate and also there was conflicts of who will get first and so on. same is now with the hatred drops. cause with this way you will have i think more team play than solo
7) Make the BF harder so that people actually will need a team of 5 to do and not practicaly soloing it with 2-3 chars. That will increase the team play for sure which we miss a lot after the new patch
8) Control of the public chat from GM (again another unrealistic feature but important). i dont know about other servers but MMP's public chat is really disgusting almost dayly.
9) i think BG and GT is something good that will be released and since its on the way i just say good job

the rest are things player community should do and lets not wait everything from others. casue lets face it whatever IGG do if we as a players dont help each other and dont respect each other we cant do anything. we cant have new players to come, we cant have old players coming back, and we cant keep existing players if we dont think and act as a group.

Posted on 2015-06-19 04:35:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

1: Update IM prices. (example a ranger charm for 1500 IM in hot sale is not really normal because ingame it goes for 500m. so if you use 250 IM for gold boxes for 500m (which is already a bad IM rate) you can get it too).
2: Make more instances with same lvl mobs with same drop rate. For example if there was a second HI with different layout same drops, then players would have more diversity.
3: update more keep on par with the chinese version. they are to far ahead already but update more often.
4: Don't make events where only the strongest top 10 players benefit. this makes the gap between normal players to big. if everyone has the same chance of winning its better.
5: The players now save their vim maps for double drop card in weekend. Make the normal drop during the week better in HI. players will start playing more in the week too.
6: All items available ingame (gold faith card only comes from IM and is bound) the price and drop can be extreme but atleast make it available.
7: Unbind some items, MO and SOP maybe.
8: blood roses are to rare. include them in free lunch 50 fragments each week for example.
9: lower the cost for upkeeping guild. if you really wanna get money out of the game then instead of getting money from guild maybe make the items in colony a bit more expensive.
10: Holy medicine, not much needed anymore but for when you need it its to expensive. lowest price to buy from people who get it from IM is 2m. Make it available ingame or lower price in IM.

Posted on 2015-06-19 11:02:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Top 10 things that would entice players to return to VCO

1, free 150 gear for new player. so they can start easy
2, make new server so new starter will not got killed by old PLAYER
3, make more ingame event so player will not only afk 24/7 in sev
4, give more way for get free IM stuff. like perm belief
5,delete colony so all player r equal to play
6,put GM stall on again so player can get Item with money not only IM points
7,close HI instance and make surb mobs drop more silver........we r tired to farm HI...alrdy more than 5 years
8,make sea play more fun..a hit mode is no fun ...we need fight on sea for long time so low lvl and new sea player will have fun on sea
9,make siege one time everyday  possible and who keeps city for 3 dyas will get reward. keep motivation up
10, make pvp and non pvp u can play your style u like
11, put back LS back..............even its not possible but ,,,,,,,,  reason all know it no need to explain ( free suggestion)

Posted on 2015-06-19 11:34:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

A lobotomy and live service and affordable items mall with Content support from Snail games .

Posted on 2015-06-19 12:41:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

1: Better/Faster Customer Service
2: Better drop rate
3: Easier ways to make silver
4: Less reliance on using 30 accounts
5: More in game events
6: Faster content rollout
7: A dramatically more aggressive stance on cheaters or disrespectful players
8: Bind / unbinding system revamp
9: Make the content harder so it requires actual team play.
10: Overhaul the servers running the game to remove lag issues

Posted on 2015-06-20 05:24:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Beer and bacon with pie .

 A damned lobotomy .

Posted on 2015-06-20 06:54:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Increase XP rate on weekends even more so new players can catch up easier.
2. Make a better started packs in IM, maybe even Inquisitor set, 150 sea gear. That's a good start.
3. Start making Free lunches with Blood Rose fragments in rewards, also a big help to make 155 gear instead of doing months of dailies.
4. Removing colonies and compensating those who owned them. Equality indeed.
5. Increase HI drops by 2x at least.
6. More in-game events, even tho it's hard to ask that with current staff.
7. Improving instances strength so people start doing them with teams not solo with alts.
8. Make server transfers available every month at least.
9. Faster patches/game fixes.
10. Fix arena rules PvP scenes (10sec rule in sanctum, Tornado Slash hurting your teammates)

Posted on 2015-06-20 08:12:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Increse Drop from HI  .
2. Change drop from Dante Chest  (  Delete Maps, Old Jewelers Up items.)
3. Maybe giv back price  500k  each for Windsotrm Stone  ( U was able to get this price when u was selling it to NPC)
4. Giv back Auto Fire in North Sea Instance
5. Amethyst ,Blood, Purple Magic ,  Holy SPirit Stones  should cost 100-200k each if u would to sell it to NPC  ,
6. Fasters Server's Transfers
7.  Increse strange of  BF  instance  to  make  ppl go witch team not witch alts like they ar doing it now  all time . Finding team  is  like  win in lotto .
8. Better starting  packages  for new players  ( Package should Include- Coins,Shadow Reaper/Hell Wolf/Ice Fairy or Flaming Ursus Whistle  1 of those pets , 11 lvl raiders  or  Tortuga  one , Skills  up to 91  or x5 Ablity Gold  , and Weapon for  1 lvl profesion  150 att+  acc k hp   some  purple  stats  and  its should be  set wep   maybe  148 ? or  God's ?  )
9. Make  easier events for all not  just for high  level player or top 10  players ,   make quiz or  maybe   Photo of the best places in  ur  region wher u live ?  Nice reward fro 1 -7 Places  and for  all who participle   Blood Rose Fragments ?
10.  Free Lunch should  include  more then just TPC  maybe  every  month  one time should  be special reward  for random person ?  Or FB Event  ? Witch one Special gift  or two ? 150 Wep ? Nice ship or Mithril Armor ?