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Why do you think we will get a whole version in an update ? Once they localized it , the changes are significantly different than Asian or Chinese servers .

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If patch dosnt come in a month + if we dont get 2x strife + dragon max every weekend think there will be no players to play that patch :) sincerely IM users

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just to make those who still play here Jealous, this is Halloween on BBO

for 1h punpkins spawned in genua docks

i started with 0 and after 1h i got

25.000 Garnet Fragments
20.000 Ophiolith Fragments
290 Luminous Pearl
1100 Star Essence
100 Fallen Shards
4700 Mod Stones
260 palenque medals
36 palenque trophies
57.900 General Manuals
5 Red Ship Equipment
2x lvl4 Regorge Bags
2 Smelting Stones
2 +50 perfect weapon refines

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Now that is nice event, Fok wake up isnt already time we have more max event what about mods from portobello and batel forest bbo get evry thay 3500 mods from those instance and still none there did max general equips. On all servers in VCO together there is no 20 people in 170 gear and soon we should get patch 170 + gear. 1 gold medal cost 800 honor and 10 m silver is jooke BBO have for 5 honor . If you dont do anything about this game think soon you will have 70% less players so all is on you to do something or do nothing:(

Posted on 2020-10-31 07:02:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree, this is too crazy. If nothing changes people will get hard stuck at 168 and then you'll have bunch of ppl in 168 and 20 ppl in 178-180 gear. The gap will be too far for them to even compete in events(which we dont have). I truly hope FoK you change gold medals honor to 40-50 each, and adjust drop rate of portobello instance and battle forest instance. AND GIVE US 2x STRIFE + DRAGON MAX EVERY WEEKEND !!!!! WE NEED EVENTS TO HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2020-10-31 07:06:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree. FoK if you ever change the honor on golds (I hope you do or u will lose a lot of players), change it to something meaningful like 10-20 honor each.

It's crazy how we have 4x more expensive IM, less events and less rewards when the events do happen.

Posted on 2020-10-31 08:43:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

FOK ??????????        it s time to decide

already over half player went to bbo .. 

how u think about it?

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Posted on 2020-10-31 15:57:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

3 Days of Event so Far

200 Fallen Star Shards
5k Star Essence
5k+ gulch gold fragments
15.000 mod stones
1.200 luminous pearls
35.000 Serpent Stone Fragments
40.000 Garnet Fragments
500+ palenque medals
60+ palenque trophys
8 red ship equipments
7 lvl4 reforge bags
8 smelting stones
4 +50 weapon refines perfect
110.000 General Manuals
1 Gold Faith Upgrade Card

and the event runs for 5 more days