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[Off-Topic] Playing Chinese VC Ruined VCO for me check why.

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Finally meet again, thank you for everything you've been doing.
But now is not the happy time, General Zheng must say to you the next Give him all the fight? I know what I'm going to do.
He's the auspicious son, but it's much more than that. It's simple!
I'm sure he'll have trouble eventually attacking the walkway, Bee-ho.
There easy to keep difficult to help me o I need you to find a person, he called Sun Changqing o attention! The enemy is also looking for him, for a word

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how i find him?

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General Zheng is the Yizhou NPC, one copy of him is in Yizhou village, other is in Quanzhou port. Sun Changqing is also in Yizhou, I think hes the guy that gives daily tasks for Yizhou land instance.

At least in OUR version...


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i do have a webserver on LINK REMOVED ~ DSofa for hosting the website for my finished game (in Beta)

i was thinking of hosting a page or forum that gives general infos like

 = Used at Seville 80 -29 to buy all sort of items.

does anyone know how to set this up?  im not very fond of websites or forums lol

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Thanks to the best guy in the world (yes im referring to myself) we now have a Board


open for Questions, Tutorials, Item infos etc...

i just set it up and i have no clue what the hell im doing so dont expect any security AND i need to activate you before u can post to stop spamaccounts

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This dude just hit me in PvP  yes... thats 5million crew damage...

my Set & Stats & Damage

0 0 0

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Everytime i try to lunch the game it crashes,any idea why this happens?

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Is eny1 know,  the star soul will be on sea gear?  Or not. How its on Chinese version???

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- You guys should search on youtube "sealed fate". Just saying :D 
Have a lovely day and we hope, someday, our version of VCO will look and feel so alive like theirs.