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[Off-Topic] What is this on Chinese version LOL

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Posted on 2018-08-20 14:43:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Since it is off topic section, i can mention that one person started recently playing chinese server, he found couple of people who speaks good enough English, joined them. Asked if anyone selling gold ingots for RL cash, and he bought i believe 35b for 50 euros or something. He made 2 accounts, 1 lvl 170 gear attack set and another tank gear 168. Also made probably full 160 sea too, some general equipment and refined gear very well. Still have few billions to spear. So basically, you can get 170 gear almost in 1 day if you have in game silver :D. Not easy to get all materials that quickly though, especially gear upgrade you get from exploration, but other then that, can probably progress really fast 170+ gear. After you get 170 gear, you might need to find team for 180 instances, since some mats are bound and you need to run that, or have lots of silver and buy from guild hall. So basically, logic here is spend 30-50 euro and get 170 gear and just join battle ground for fun without farming years in VCO. Some people are helpful and can tell what is needed for certain upgrades. If you want to find people who speaks enghlish, try weekends as lots people are playing during those days. Lots of different events during the whole day and they actually work :P. I have spoke with couple of chinese players and they only do events and battle ground, nothing else. It is actually enjoyable even though you are weak compared to others who plays for years. Dont get discourage if every1 pretty much 1 hit you unless you maybe make defense set. You can always find lower level players so try to avoid strong and look for weaker ones so you can pvp.

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I think chinese version is like playing a whole different game then VCO

I mean... vs BBO there is a lot difference so now think vs Chinese lol

Must be fun once u get over the language barrier... I tried it long ago and it was fun and interesting... felt specially cool getting so much newbie rewards helping you to improve "fast" so you can at least do some stuffs, sailing, see ppl fishing from docks, lots of pets, clicking and watching ppl gears, lots of charms and different ships, insane ammount of refines of all kinds and levels (and prices), etc.

I had the problem of the patchs... I couldnt find the patch needed to load Zhigu city so once I step in there my game crashed... and kept crashing everytime I logged in cuz I didnt had the patch for it lol.... then I just got bored of downlading and failing so just quit

But like i said... its like playing another game and its interesting and fun...It  will be more interesting and fun if you find ppl speaking english I bet (or learn chinese); Dont even compare that one to VCO... its ridiculous

My 2 suggestions:

Dont think none here has to be mad if ppl talk about chinese game, if you dont play it or dont like just avoid the thread, games are "kinda" related just dont compare one vs other.

Maybe forums Admins could open a section for chinese version in forums?  I think more ppl find it interesting and fun to watch some screenshots or even vids


<3 all my fans...  keep it up trying harder boys
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what are these things show up in my ships goods department?

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Daily mission if i got right
1-) Golden tower
   a) kill lvl 10 (easy mission)
   b) kill lvl 50  (hard mission)
  a)Crete sea(easy)
  b)Malta (hard)
  c)Malarco (easy)
  d)Yizu (Imam boss?)
3-) Trading (2 options but no idea what they are)
4-)Treasury hunting (no clue how it worsk)
5-) Battelfield missions
Do they change or always same missions?

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what am i supposed i keep getting stuffs from the sea to do in this BG?

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this is what i have can you tell me what i do with what  lol

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Can u tell me how did u download chinese version. I tried many times before always had problem with extract files. Is there any spesific procedure do i have to do?

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just downloaded and installed but need to change folder name bcs it will be chines name so it will not update

Posted on 2018-08-24 10:05:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

140/145 instance combined now only 1 instance and it got face lift:)