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[Off-Topic] Chinese Version Pics July 2018

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As mentioned severl times its a company and must make a profit, Unfortunatelly for many reasons, which most of them is their own fault, the player base went too low. So they think that they only way to make some "balance in numbers" is to try and remove many usefull items/npc/functions from the game to make the remaining players buy more IM. The Actuall problem is that who ever makes those decesions has no clue how the game is atm. By that i mean the player base, the capability of buying IM and so on. FoK probably dont pay attention or he is just ignored from his supervisor cause they think that some spoiled kids wants free stuff. So unless we get someone that actually play the dam game he/she will never be able to explain those things. Stop comparing BBO or Woniu with VCO. when you do you lost the the point. We need to focus on stuff that are here but was removed, not for stuff that are never planed to get. Very good examples are the santa(npc there) Ship charms that we cant get ingame to use at fusion (exept the devil charm which you can get 1 per year maybe), Dragon max(we had it for a day)  update rewards in events (clouds, crete, etc), The list is long and can go more but i was just giving some examples. It different to have the IM to get stuff faster than to have IM exclusive only stuff. the best example to compare those things are Gulch gold that are there and you can get a decent amount in game if you want faster go buy from IM. BUT its different to need to buy items form IM to adcance your main gear (the amount of refined iron and serpent stones in game is a joke)

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What could be more serious where there is death?