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[Off-Topic] I am from Europe, should I play BBO?

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Posted on 2018-05-04 09:36:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone,

I am from Europe, my ping gets really high playing VCO, specially when I start loading 5 alts or more. Should I play BBO?
All VCO servers are in NA correct?

Thank you for your time!

Hello! My name is Miguel, but you can call me Migas
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Posted on 2018-05-04 09:54:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

It really just depends,

The BBO English Server has a low population, so if you are looking for a populated English Language server, picking the most populated VCO server could be your better option.

If you don't mind playing on a German Language server or a low population English one, then BBO has the advantage of considerably cheaper IM (IM can be had as cheap as $.015 per point VS $.055 per point on VCO) and IM consumption rewards seem to be better in general although they have not been great lately.

I only have in depth knowledge of the BBO servers from an actual game play stand-point, but most of the really nasty bugs that have plagued VCO don't seem to have been available on BBO (Ship Cabin socket bugs, stat bugs, major game-play changing exploits). Not saying that BBO has none, just that the biggies seem to have been avoided. VCO seems to have better support, which is scary because its not that great.  But BBO support seems to have improved some lately.

Posted on 2018-05-04 10:10:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for your reply. Help me with this please: 
1. BBO is VERYY behind to VCO patches correct? 

2. You are from NA, and when you log 5 accounts you do not get high ping (red thing ingame) correct?

3. Of course I don't want to start over.. hell no, unless it's like in this VCO, 140 easy gear, easy Magnetic Ore, Imperial Gold... but I need someone else to play with me, don't want to play alone. Do you know a way to lower my ping knowing that I am from Europe? 

4. All VCO servers are from NA correct? 

5. BBO servers are in Europe correct? Thanks!!! Ps: Of course bug users are people I want to avoid, because it's not fair. I think I will try and install BBO today and check for myself, but I think I once did this and BBO was empty...

Hello! My name is Miguel, but you can call me Migas
Currently playing in DaGama and looking for someone to talk more about the game
Posted on 2018-05-04 10:57:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

BBO servers are located in Europe, and they are now ahead of VCO from a patch standpoint.

I do have some mild ping issues during peak US Evening times, that is related to the overseas lines being busy at those times. I have no issues with multiple clients, I tend to have 10-15 on at a time. 

140 starter gear is available and 145 is easy from Tiger Totems.  If you haven't spent much IM on a VCO, restarting is easy enough.

Most of the increased lag between NA and Europe is going to be the extra hops and overhead. I would say that only around 70ms is raw travel time round trip from my location to Europe servers, but there is more overhead than that because of the path and routing, with clean lines I can see pings in the 150-200ms range, but usually at peak times for me it runs 250-350ms, but game is very playable there.  I only have issues when I am getting actual packet loss.  GT80 is hit or miss for me over 400ms ping times.

Posted on 2018-05-04 11:04:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

LIQUIDDRANO thanks again for your reply.

Things don't seem very updated when I check BBO website... I just checked VCO website and they already posted this friday, saturday and sunday events, and the events are amazing.
In BBO website they do not have these events...

It's confusing, BBO does not belong to the same company as VCO does is that it?

Hello! My name is Miguel, but you can call me Migas
Currently playing in DaGama and looking for someone to talk more about the game
Posted on 2018-05-04 11:21:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

The Game is owned by Snail Games which run chinese server and also run BBO (after german company gave up on running BBO).

IGG runs VCO .... so thats why you have 2 different company

Ofc snail games bring update now more fast cause 1. it is kinda test for VCO cause they just send the patch after to IGG and 2. Snail dont need pay money for their own patches but i guess IGG need to do that ofc IGG try to keep player on 1patch for longer time.

BBO is full of bugs... i mean seriously full of bugs.... VCO was in past / still is not much better but i think we still in better state.... i played under old company BBO and for some weeks under Snail... its just wow... their support from what i hear is a nightmare and i think they not even have a running forum atm (atleast they not had for like 1month+).

VCO is rarely green ping with less than 200 but even with 800ms ping it plays fine. This is no FPS shooter and actually i still think those ping ms ingame is just a random number... when i play any shooter on 300ms i have delays like crazy and its more watching pictures than a game while in VCO it might be little laggy but still runs flowing.

BBO as already mentioned has way cheaper IM and it is easier to get lots of stuff... but some stuff is better for us ... like they have newer sea Patch than we have and better ships but basic ships lvl 15 they still dont have i think:D

In the end its your decicions... i wouldnt decide by that fake ping though:D

if you start play here go with columbus or MMP  for sure not with dead servers da gama or zeng he :D


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just the regular reminders:

Just like it was in the past, VCO is a resource HOG.
Turn off all program that run in the background.
Turn off Steam and Discord or any chat programs.
Run only 1 virus program ( I have 3 for double checking and they constantly run checks for updates even when im not using them)

Open task manager and see if any other useless programs are running that maybe you can delete or just turn off.
**sometimes windows is doing an update... and I will have a big slowdown, but not know its windows till i go to shut down my computer

Some problems are because this is an OLD OLD OLD game and new computers just are not made to regress enough to play our game.

Where in Europe you are makes a big does time of day and day of week.
It is just about time for Summer lag to start happening.... all the kids home from school with nothing to do but play.

The only solution IGG ever gave us was to use a VPN network but that does not always fix the problem... I'm pretty sure some how some companies give preference to certain companies signals...*grumble*
servers are in California.. so they have a long cross ocean and land trip from Europe.

You can research how to do a full signal hopping search.. problem is you can't do anything about it, just see where it slows down... unless it is your provider making the problem, then they have you pay 20x as much for their best connection.

- Ele

if anyone can explain why I have 5 firefox.exe programs running when I only have one single window of firefox open...  my gawd that program has become a resource hog too.


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Are there still German-speaking BBO forums?
Can not find one.

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Posted on 2018-09-05 15:46:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Alts and high ping are the fault of your ISP not the region. You need a good PC and 50mbs/50mbs ps connection at the minimum now with this game , because of all the crap that is still inside we do not need or use .