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[Off-Topic] Lords Mobile - Android Excellence Game of 2017

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Great news! We are proud to announce that Lords Mobile has been chosen to be part of Google's Android Excellence program. ( This program consists of extremely high quality apps and games that set the bar for overall user experience and technical performance, while being optimized for the Android platform. We look forward to bringing you more exciting features in 2018!

About Lords Mobile:
Wanna clash with 110 million global players? Dive into the world of Lords Mobile, the hit real-time strategy mobile MMO game from IGG! Set in a mystical land, you are a Lord, and must battle your way through terrifying monsters and powerful enemies to claim the throne. Build your very own empire, train your army to strike down your foes, and take their heroes prisoner! The world is yours for the taking in Lords Mobile!

Android Excellence Game of 2017!
Nominated as Google Play's Best Multiplayer Game of 2017!
Winner of Google Play's Most Competitive Game of 2016!

Redemption page for Voyage Century’s exclusive Lords Mobile Newbie Gifts (Worth US$100):

Download here:

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well nobody here care for stupid Mobile games.... mobile games are biggest waste of time ever....

if i can choose between sitting home and play computer, sitting home play mobile phone game, go outside and play mobile phone game or  go outside and meet other ppl i will never ever choose the mobile shit....  and i guess for 99% of the ppl here it is same....

and if IGG anytime soon plan to let the game completly die i guess also 99% of ppl will not touch an IGG game again and especially not a mobile game...they will just look out for a new and fresh Computer Game or maybe even just move to the other version of this...

So best IGG can do to keep getting our money is keep the game "alive" and keep us donating our dollars here... once VCO is closed they will not see us again :D

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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You guys do realize all he did was cut and paste the already made notice that has been posted since Feb 12th on the main news section.

Also the other 3 PC games forums got the same announcement.
Be glad we are not Gods War Forum... it got perm pinned to the top in their forum!

- ele

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Yeah you're right. But mobile gaming is the next big thing. There's a very good reason why has IGG been switching from PC client based games to mobile. Why would you spend 10 years developing a PC client based game aimed towards a small specific group of players while in the same time you can publish 1000 disposable mobile games with microtransactions with a whole variety of genres, something suited for everyone. The PC MMORPG market has been dying for a while now.


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From the 2017 Financial statement

The Group’s revenue for the Period** was US$273.5 million, representing an increase of 117% over the revenue of US$126.0 million for the corresponding period in 2016.

Compared to the three months ended 31 March 2017, revenue increased by 17% for the three months ended 30 June 2017.

The increase was primarily due to the significant revenue contribution of the hit title “Lords Mobile”, which topped US$41.1 million in monthly gross billing in June 20

** period is 3 months ie. for 1 quarter.

41.1 million monthly = 123.3 million for the quarter or period.

which means all their other games put together only made 150.2 million.

Castle Clash has amassed 200 million registered users and 8 million MAU, contributing over US$11.0 million in monthly gross billing during the Period

so it accounts for ;  33 million of that 150.2...  leaving  117 million from all other games.


To stay ahead of technological innovation, the Group has been paying close attention to the application of LBS (location based services) and AR (augmented reality) in mobile games.  
In addition, the Group will continue to seek potential investment opportunities that could create synergies, accelerate its growth, or provide breakthroughs in its business.


they have a break down for the first 6 months of the year showing profit from 3 games but the chart will not copy.  so go look at it...  our game... is not even a passing thought to these people...

- Ele

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Just as example of different company:  Bliz*...d made around 200.000turnover in around 3 days at Twitch /(okay they have to share with twitch) for their league  just by "cheering".... yeah mobile market is fucking crazy one and i have no clue why... but Computer games still better <3  But yes can understand this is small game....but on the other side you must see that this game has how many employees? 1? 0,5? 0,3? something like that and that one is probably getting out of the game 5x his salary as turnover  (just a guess)  so  yes this is small game but profit marge / rate of costs to turnover is still pretty awesome i would say:D

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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i have a mobile game, it's called kick the can, you get a can and kick it, best thing is the can is free and you can play it anywhere... in fact 7kkk people can play it lol, sadly you can't make money from it.

Did i mention the can is free!!! free!!! free!!!

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you guys are so nice to IGG to keep bumping the thread you don't want to see.

I would have locked it to keep useless comments out but when Fok makes a thread I dont have high enough permissions to lock it.

What ever... keep giving them more free advertisement... or let it die and get buried.