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[Off-Topic] random stuff from chinese version forums January 2017

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Posted on 2017-01-02 18:18:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

looks like they had some kind of a contest to maybe get red equipment on their 180 characters?? not sure what it says... ..
I dont know what even 10 % of the stuff in the pictures are but you die hards out there might want to capture the screen shots

stuff can be found like:

lvl 16 ships and MANY different uniforms
and i think pets...

maybe year of goat pet?

maybe year of monkey pet??

and  freaky armor

and a cheerleader... or someones been watching to may magical girl anime

- Ele

Posted on 2017-01-02 18:33:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

other random pics:

- ele

many many more to be found at Chinese site  look for post near the top that has 8 pages of replies... and a green arrow on the left.


Posted on 2017-01-03 02:06:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

still waiting for this 170 patch....

Posted on 2017-01-04 06:28:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

As i remember there was time we were 2 patches infront of BBO now we behined nice joob IGG i realy dont know what are you waiting with i gues just lazzy asses :D

Posted on 2017-01-04 08:23:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

Not sure how pictures of 180 stuff turned into another complaint bout wanting a patch... SIGH
there is no BBO (independent owner) anymore it is now owned by SNAIL. so of course they get patches before us.

And let them have the patches and the bugs first, maybe some will get fixed before they give the next version of the game to us.

- ele

Posted on 2017-02-11 20:53:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

sad to see this game falling by the way side, has been in decline for a few years now, not even sure a you beaut patch will turn things around, on a side note the music you hear in the game was plagiarized from a movie call Band of Pirates 1997, just like some of the npc face images which i remember one was of Will Smith but they did change that after awhile when too many realised it and made complaint, originality might get this game back on even keel but i doubt it.