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[Off-Topic] TOP II shuts down today

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tales of pirates 2 shut down today

I fear, this game will be next!

Dont tell me i didnt wanr you guys!!

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Good bye to TOP II

we have known it was closing for a long time and  IGG even gave special awards to players who transferred over to VC.

- Ele

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Inevitable result when developer fails .  VCO will last as long as SG shows support and interest .

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Voyage Century        Angels Online        Wonderland Online        GodsWar Online

This is all that is left of PC games for IGG .
Line up is dominated by Android . Then Browser . So it seems they will use attrition to meet future goals . And target for Business model , a smart move as it allows them to adjust if fads change .

Regardless TOPII was a big loss . For all involved .

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A big loss? It was the game IGG gained the most money out from, so they kept the game alive for 5 years without a single update :)

Posted on 2016-03-04 13:52:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

A developer makes updates all IGG can do is serve to provide local content help . Then they HOST the game . Any faults with gameplay and content are all developer and game publisher issues . Top just failed at some point . IGG had already paid for its use , so they kept trying to engage with the owners to get what was paid for .
This business is tough , dealing with many lower cost IP's is VERY risky .  
This could be why IGG now focuses on android market and browsers , much lower risk and running cost .
Go back only two years and the PC games list was larger and still featured , now it is not even mentioned. You need to go find it .
All the promo seeks to steer players into other property and even take from remaining PC population.
It is a strictly business operation . It makes NO sense to pay for staff with so little now to do . Players lost a game , staff in IGG lost jobs and careers.
I know it difficult to not think of only players , but behind the name " IGG " , exist people who work hard and try to do the best they can to keep players happy . Without a good publisher and development for PC support this is not possible .
It may be a few years but the path seems already lit and clear , The high cost to run PC games are being driven from the market by games like " sudden strike " etc. that  cost very little to provide and carry much less risk and offer much the same reward . It will take some time but the PC driven market will shrink to a very low % of the market , dominated by big names and big money . The small indies that IGG would give a shot are gone almost extinct and now are working on android and browser games .
Fortunately tablets and hand held devices are not a huge market in all countries , but in Asia with Billions playing now as standard of living rises and more economic freedom is allowed , they have made a choice that fits the culture and lifestyle . Since we get our games at IGG from Asian sources , it made sense to follow the trends and translate it to western market that irony would show VCO and TOP established the foothold for .
If you live in the US , you see something new , BIG money for TV advertising for mobile apps . And the market is huge with a very high payoff  . IGG is only on the fringe of this yet is like a remora and making a big chunk of its income from indie games it buys .

Is the MMORPG genre dying?
Reference: What is it like to play an MMORPG in a dying MMORPG world?
11 Answers
Cliff Gilley
Cliff Gilley, Been playing video games for more of my life than I haven't at this point.
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Given the state of MMOs right now, I think it's a fair assessment that the genre is in an overall state of decline, at least in the US (as Feifei Wang notes, the international markets are an entirely different story).  

There was a time, not so long ago, when it seemed like a new MMO was being launched every other month, if not every month, from AAA-level producers.  Now, there are a handful of really small MMO-ish games out there and one gigantic behemoth, World of Warcraft.  Even the Star Wars MMO has fallen by the wayside, which is probably why they're launching a new expansion soon -- expansions always up the subscriber/DAU count for a brief time after launch.

MOBAs have largely taken the place that MMOs had for a long time -- everyone seems to be making one, there are two established "big" names, and there have been some spectacular failures (DCU's attempt, for example).  MOBAs are more attractive to developers and the business suits because they appear to be less expensive to build, maintain, and sustain.  I don't know if that's really the case - but it probably appears that way to the suits, who have seen massive burns where MMO costs have been concerned.  Even Blizzard is launching their own MOBA, rather than a new MMO -- that, I think, speaks volumes.

Now, whether it's really "dying" or not is another story entirely -- I don't think the genre will ever "die", rather it will be a cyclical interest, and it will evolve and morph into new and interesting genres (such as DayZ, Minecraft, and others).  Game genres come and go all the time - people have declared RPGs "dead", 1st/3rd Person Shooters "dead", and adventure games "dead" in the past -- only to see someone or something reinvigorate the "dead" genre with a new and interesting take.
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You can find this all over the internet , I treat this " hobby " as I would a business so do research constantly . This " trend " began when 3g and better Android OS allowed " porting " of existing titles and more complex for a phone / tablet , " apps " to be run . So look at 2013 as the basic " start " of the industry and when it took hold and really began producing cash and subscribers .
Gaming will always have the Giants but the spark of imagination and new non formula games , IMO depend on the INDIES . Examples like Mount and Blade and others and the start of armored vehicles that led to World of Tanks , all began as low budget titles from new shoestring budget companies . Titles like "Code name Panzers " , paved the way for today's Juggernaut.

These games make so much cash you have Arnold on TV doing commercials for them . Well produced and placed advertisement that Rivals what WOT puts out BUT on more stations and targeting a broad base .
And this is what are essentially PS one graphics are able to produce , it is not hard to see how android will support eve greater efforts and only bandwidth at this point limits them.

General Data
According to the report, there is a global Compound Average Growth Rate(CAGR) of 10.4% for MMO games on PC. Mobile gaming will grow at an average annual rate of 19% for smartphones and 48% for tablets, grossing $13.9bn and $10.0bn in 2016 respectively. As to the potential region of global gaming market, the Asia-Pacific region will strengthen its leading position with a 37.9% market share by 2016 as emerging markets drive global growth. ... ustry-by-Evelyn.htm

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