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[Off-Topic] Strong TH China server (youku video link)

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MOther Teresa of all THs

Outside links are not allowed. I've embedded the video. ~ DSofa

we can no longer embed video in this "new" forum... so  its now up to IGG to worry about malicious links I guess.
changed title to reflect content of thread
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how it is possible to put such hit 150-250k damage?

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with 165 gear and  legendary generals and and is chinese version what you expect

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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It is possible on Chinese version. They have better equipment than we do, better generals, better honored officer ranks... etc. It will take years before we get that here...

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that seem like new server player in 165 gear with that low hp full refined player in 165 gear has around 135k-140k+ alot fallen gear and 148 gear in enemy team bunch of runcis running around with 66khp i take he got the best 3 red generals while none of them has it  and his team have bunch of th  there another th full 170 like him in his team and they have like out
the th in other team were 165 gear there was only one hitter in 170 gear seem to be decent in enemy side but rest fancy charms 70k hp lol... but most of his enemy are low gears 160 148 fallen lol

and about the 150k hits and 250k hits were to low ppl... 148 and fallen  he only did  99khit to sword user  mostly sniping hits

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Mother is back

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It is because of reaction skill (which will increase your critical damage)
And i think it is working on our server too bcs  someone told me some dude hit some tank very high critical damage but his normal hits were low 
For this reason fun should have banned people who illegally logged in test servers and it is the person who 1 st said these skills not working :)

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i want  to being  that TH

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any one tested the new stats in pvp