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[Off-Topic] Lets see them vehicles!

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Posted on 2015-09-28 18:57:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

I wanna see the rides you cruise in outside your ships, real boats? trucks? cars? I know some of you have some cool stuff f93

Heres my current truck when I bought it last year, the following picture is my old truck, im a chevy guy sorry ford owners f04

I have been browsing the new Denali truck to update my current model, its an American thing apparantly f92

Posted on 2015-09-29 16:01:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

I am a Ford guy with a Dodge and a Jeep . Go figure , pics when my Phone Charges .

Posted on 2015-10-01 07:37:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

I am  fan of BMW  :)

BMW's  E36  2.8  (200PS)   E46   2.0  (150PS )  E36 for  little fun and  e46 for  city  shoping etc :) Enjoy

Posted on 2015-10-02 11:48:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

Real nice m8 f28

Posted on 2015-10-03 12:36:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Had a 2002ti , was most fun small sedan I ever drove . best I ever had though was a 580 HP Mustang 1965 Body , all the rest aftermarket  Cost me 22k to build and one wedding and a tree to wreck . One of two cars the police chased with helicopters. ?m003  Can't understand why my wife shakes when i drive .

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Posted on 2016-02-13 11:06:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

nice cars guys f26