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[Off-Topic] Important recomendation

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Posted on 2015-08-11 14:39:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all, im from Spain as many loyal players here im an old one. Not sure since when i joined Voyage Century but i think it was about the 2005. I have Royal military main, but also a pirate main. Also i was guild leader, nin old times, when u didnt have to be level 80+ to create one. This letter is dedicated to the admin staff. In order to help the comuninty i hope the constructive critics didnt annnoy em because im trying to give a good vision about the game, and to win the fame bath this server had once, long time ago. f37

The first thing of all, is to detail i entered very ocasionally andn i watched every change on server. And i must say there is no need to implement so many items that u simply cant handle all. I played a MMORPG game called Lineage 2, and i must say this game looks more and more to that game. Implementing shining weapons overloaded items, full of crystals & enhanncments, so much that i cantn remember em all. Even in MMORPG u got less quannt of items. I think  the server should mantainn the Medieval style of playing from the old times. That means to remove some stuff that im pretty sure it weightrs a lot. Also omanyn fruiend of mine playing here left, cause when server implemented new changes. Low source PCs wass almost useless yo plsy. They saw all people with shinyn weaponsn. Andn when nyou start, you skip allmost half- of the game. So they imnplemented nenw areas and newn thinngs. But they forget nenw people. And many time ago i adviced that this will happen. Now this become reality. And honestly non onne is innterested in start a connfusing game when u got thousands of misions, andn have already Ships lv 10... come on... just thing a bit about it... I left manny yimes Lineage 2, to play in here at 2005 up to 2008 very active because i foundn peace in this game, fun, healthy sociable people, annd hard misions from level 1. Andn honestly when ni saw that Dragon Head boat for the first time, i left the server for about 1 year, later i returnned, andn found the caraoelle boat, same as powerfull but different... its about a level 4 Ship in power... Thinkn about it, now all ennsign items disspapeared... and those was beautifull andn unique, we loved to work on suburbs to, wear those military beauties... And then appeared all this... Honestly i wish all that stuff to dissapear but honestly i dont thinkn you do that... Also when you join with a nenw char u got a bonost up to lv 10ship, its like a high rate server... its quitew boringn and not serious andn im not meaningn the server isntn serious cause its very responsible and hard working... but on the desperation to try to full the server with people, and search for pay members all those mistakes (by my opininon) was maded. You should implemennted only some of the last armors up to hi levels andn hi lvl things , also all that stuff for paying members is perfect. But not so many boosts that u skip the whole game...
PD: There's a importantn feature that affect the game. When you sail off for the first log, the ship sounds when advancning... but once you stop and re-sail it doesntn sound... it isnt a issue of my pc it does in all pcs... in nold voyage the Sail off oof the ships sounds loud & clear, now there is non sound annymore... only of cannons that suck. f66 There's no nened to modify so many things. You see, my pirate char, is in prison for about400 + days so... its impossible to me for free him. But when nhe was free i made some nice attacks, also his ship got red sails painted by me and he got - Iron Hand Crete PIrate... PIrates dont attack him andn he can live into Crete island annd use its warehouses... so the fun is served... also that pvp arenna implementation is excelennte andn the sea battle pvp also is very cool. The Pirate was killed by a regular player and he dropeed 1m so now he onlny got 50k xD ok i hope you like this information, andn do something about. Jack Doncan - Crete Pirate Lv 31 Big regards.

--Sorry about the too long message but i think its onlny a fair answer, to those 8+ years of change to the game thanks--

Posted on 2015-08-11 17:40:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all thank you for your suggestions.

Now, the problem about this game is that IGG is not the developer. This game was developed by Snail Games, a Chinese company. It was developed for a Chinese market. Game started with a pretty good, realistic 16th / 17th century game style. Unfortunately, it did not work very well on Chinese market. They soon figured out that majority of players liked these overweighted glowing weapons.

This version, hosted by IGG, is basically a translated chinese version. We can give them as many suggestions as we think is necessary, but the fact is, that at the end of the day, we will just receive a copy of the chinese version. They may remove few features, but basically that's how it goes. Its already been suggested many times, to create an exclusive server with the old version of the game, without all of those shiny weapons. Unfortunately that never happened and probably never will, as it is too expensive to host and there aren't many items they could sell in IM.

To address your issue about unnecessary boost. This boost is absolutely necessary. Doing anything in this game takes ages. Anyone who played this game more than a month, knows exactly what I'm talking about. Keep playing, soon you will learn that it will take you 5 years to get to the top 10 list, you will look back at your 140 equipment and think, wow they could have given us more...


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Posted on 2015-08-12 13:23:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

he claims he stayed back in 2005 , may mean 2006 as I doubt a server existed yet for VCO in 2005 . So he is maybe an old player but not the most active one . I also much rather have old version but we beat that horse to death for years and got no place.
Maybe someone else will decide to make a game like the old one but times and taste change and so far no one has seen a way to do so and make money .

Posted on 2015-08-13 07:44:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

VCO the American version started in December 2006...

However I have heard there was another English version prior to ours that was run by snail for 2? years, before they sold the rights to IGG, Frogster etc...
so I suppose it is possible he is thinking of that version.

- Ele

Posted on 2015-08-13 14:32:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Maybe possible but it is not listed in the official SG biography put forward at games peak in 2008 -2009. I also checked with members and archives from my old website hangout Pirates ahoy !  So such game is listed for the genre and that's what the website was dedicated to . Also not listed in IGN . Because I can find no history on it doesn't mean it didn't exist , at that time I was very active in PC gaming and making mods for the games we chose from those available with Ships and any naval action or especially Pirate theme .
Its worth looking into more as it makes sense for Snail games to check the market , Also it would show they did at least one thing the correct way in their history.