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[Off-Topic] Other game has lvl 15 ships 8/2/2015

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link did not work anyway...
looks like it was a link to the other games update announcement 12/23/15.
1) they now have a "general system" that "gives you a general with slots" not really sure what it is, but it sounds like a extra character/ kind of like a pet? that you use to fight with.
2) They will soon have a "Crete siege battle" looks like a new land and sea instance
3) they got Santa clause in Seville for christmas event.

- Ele

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The general system is a system which gives your character more skills and power. You can buy a general in Seville Tavern and you can choose between passive or active skills. When you've bought one, you can level it up (3m per try or new instance items, gulch gold?). The stats it will receive during leveling can be kept or dismissed, once you keep it the stats will be transferred to your character. I.e. your general has +15 att and +30 defence, your character will get those if the general is equipped.

A general can also equip items, what these do is unknown cause there's no stats for them yet. The equipment costs old treasures like pocket watch, hippocrates medical book etc.

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Original posted by funofking at 2015-12-29 20:47

Does it mean we will get that general system soon FOK?