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[Off-Topic] Airsoft - The other love of my life :D

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Posted on 2015-02-18 05:05:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by JAYFITZY at 18-2-2015 00:12
Im pretty sure its legal there :/ ??

It's legal to OWN an Airsoft weapon IF you are a member of a certified group. Practising airsoft is illegal + all weapons should have an orange tip and their firepower is limited.

Posted on 2015-02-18 12:32:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Funny thing is despite the fact owning very LETHAL weapons is a Right we have in the US and for personal defense not militia as the supreme court decided twice in recent years. These airsoft are decided to be NON LETHAL and no bill of rights protection is afforded them .
So depending on state laws you get either Orange Guns period or they must be modified to be easily recognized as a " toy " -yes a TOY , as they do not fit in firearm category .
Many states and more cities ( my own for example ) simply , outright ban them .
So I can carry my Ruger or Glock ,45 acp with core bon HP + p ammo , open or CC , as long as follow law to first obtain the permit that they MUST issue or show from a very limited list ( that somehow doesn't include actually training ) why I am denied . BUT if I have a " BB " gun ( airsoft is put into this category also  ) I can and will be arrested , despite the fact in my holster on my person , I have a charged real handgun that is of no concern to anyone , as long as my paperwork is in order .
In my city it is Illegal to even OWN these types of  ????? items in original condition . BUT in my state and where my hunting cabin and land is located there are NO laws on them at all . The worse that may happen is locals snicker at you for having a toy ..But to collect them I would need store them off of my legal main residence .
I can just travel five minutes by car in one direction , and have no trouble buying , selling , trading or using them . But in another direction face minimum mandatory one year of year for having one in my possession  despite any intent or without regard to it .
Just looking at my state and its neighbors , you can see why it could work here only as private club non public , events and use . Yet in other states it could be Public but there is so far little or no demand .
Here a plastic non projectile firing actual TOY gun is often subject to more regulation than many actual firearms .
Its very different from my early years , where we had almost replica "cap " noise making copy of most all WWII small arms from US or Germany  , cold war was full swing so zero Russian anything . ( Russia was then Soviets or simply " the Commies " ) .
Somehow over years of nanny state and " progressives " we have taken out all the angst over actual ownership of the real thing and put in on the TOYS , lol.
Yet to KIDS they aim this that , it is of little concern as they just pop in COD or better yet any Grand theft auto game and go on a more real feeling killing spree than can be had using a plastic thing and going pew pew at people .
Common sense is  very uncommon .