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[Off-Topic] Airsoft - The other love of my life :D

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No comments on my dramatically sexual editing? Pft! :P

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pew pew m8

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Looks like fun, i only tried it once but it was less serious :17rab
This looks like CS irl

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Some players take it more serious than others :)

I go into a game with the same attitude of any competitive online game I play... I play to win :D

So my crew are fairly serious.. but there is lols and a lot of gay jokes along the way :3

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I use stuff like Ruger 1911 commando and Glock 21 and 19 and all types of revolvers and mostly Mossberg shotguns except for S%W semi auto , Long Rifle and carbine are enfield .303 and some AR based things and a M1a from springfield in .308 .
I can't get ANYONE to play .
So I have to make holes in paper or plates or bottles or cars and stuff.

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Original posted by ledhed at 16/2/2015 16:46
So I have to make holes in paper or plates or bottles or cars and stuff.

I think that was the most hillbilly thing I have ever read led :) haha

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You get tired of shooting paper . I do not hunt and refuse to kill animals for sport . When I did hunt it was for eating not trophy hunting . So using bottles and reactive targets like cars and paint cans or expired can goods etc. Mostly junk we leave in hunting cabins for years , is just more fun and much more difficult than paper to do well as you must judge distance with no reference but line of sight . The ammo used especially regular ball as ammo used for home defense or for carry is VERY expensive , will pass through most target and you at distance will not register the hit , unless you bring a spotter with you.
I know airsoft well and the weapons , non lethal as they are , here are illegal if EU form as they look and strive for realism that in the USA would get you shot . What many do not understand is that it is NOT paint ball , its more BB gun than anything and it STINGS when you get hit . The Guns are very high quality and VERY accurate compared to paint ball .
I was only able to participate in two events , because it was private land the owner had no worries of being policed and in fact we had several members of the townships force split between flags .
What I enjoyed most about it was the realism and real tactics that would carry over to real life work if you need to go tactical. Unlike paintball where you allow for low velocity ballistics and limited ranges .
The event was simple base capture and you first take defense then offense or switch it up depending on who wins toss or in our case we are at " home " field se we had choice .
You should show the padding and eye protection you need wear so people see how close to Ninja you get . Unlike paintball .
I ca think of several states here that this sport would do well in , but it could never be public as insurance would be almost impossible . Private airsoft clubs though insure a very low chance of total morons that you will get in the " open " paintball events we have in many states .
The funny part of hillbilly ref , is aside from my years growing up where I worked on my Grandparents farm I have never lived anyplace other than a city . I am about as far from a real Hillbilly as you get and would be taken by the real deal for a " slicker " and not be very welcomed . LOL I hear that music playing from Deliverance in the background .....LOL gonna make ya squeel lak a pig boy ..

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I wish they made this legal in The Netherlands

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Im pretty sure its legal there :/ ??