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[Off-Topic] Pictures Chinese version of the game 2/2013; 180 oct 2014

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where can we see more of those ? f49

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There was a part of the woniu site reserved for player screenshots. I forgot where it is exactly. If anyone could provide some links, that would be nice. Also there is a thread with chinese version patch info and screens, so it woulda been better if you posted this there, to keep everything in one place. Maybe a mod could merge those threads.

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Oke sorry (: I will put em there :D I will get more today . I use google translate to understand what happens there xD

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technically all threads about the Chinese version are suppose to go in the off topic section so as not to confuse our newer players...
(we know we do not get all the updates they do)

however, since this is screen shots and is therefore definitely media...  im still torn as to what to do with it all.

Problem with merging threads is there is no information added to the pictures, so once they are added to the same thread there is no explanation of what version the china server was on and exact dates the pictures were taken... so it all gets rather confusing as to which update might be the same as ours when we finally get it 3 years later...
that's why i just dated the thread title for now.

Ill have to do some searching and moving maybe next weekend.


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I post the pictures so people can see what chinese version got new :P

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yes the pictures are nice for those players that know the game intimately (very well).

But I look at them and they mean nothing to me.

With out an explanation of what we are looking at.. or how it differs from what we have...

sure i can read numbers and guess that certain numbers MIGHT be the same type of stat we have on our gear...
but I am not going to spend the time to bring up a picture of what we have and compare it side to side with the  Chinese version.

We will not have it for about 3 years if china is just getting it now... so I don't like to get my hopes up  lol

- Ele

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