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[Off-Topic] Chinese version patch notes

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according to this there will be new version of 120 equipment quests giving 140 stuff this time
New tasks

A new knighthoods task
The task details the following table:
  task name                    Task NPC                       Mission requirements                                    Equipment awards
return to the origin       Athens Pier - veterans      To reach 140                                                140 Ice Ring * 2
Re-training (a)            Athens Pier - veterans      Collect the head of Anubis                            140 cold crystal ice helmet
Re-training (b)            Athens Pier - veterans      To to Madagascar copy kill caveman chiefs             140 cold crystal ice armor
Re-training (three)        Athens Pier - veterans      A copy to the Taj Mahal, kill the ghost king          140 Ice Talisman * 2
Re-training (d)            Athens Pier - veterans      Go to Bimini Island, killing the Bimini elderly lion  140 Ice Necklace * 1
New journey                Athens Pier - veterans      Go Blight (general) a copy of the valley,             140 Frost weapons
                                                       kill grave robbers assault

For just upgrade 140 sets of players, your previous efforts also will not be in vain: 140 single piece of land warfare equipment to the Port of Amsterdam Spinoza at the conversion of 20 magnetic the European Stone (binding).

Posted on 2012-12-17 12:39:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

More adjustments
[New] to open the 160 Class Level
The new level of growth higher bonuses, an increase attributes form below:
Note: Lost dossier precious treasure hunters manuscripts increased use level limit: 150.
[New] open 155, 160 equipment, upgrade equipment interface

[New] the main quest after the new 150

[New] new copy of Battle of Portobelo

[New] land battles a copy - Battlescar Lin
[Add] to increase the sea witch's soul, Hayling the the soul two kinds of naval warfare refining props
A maximum of +20 the shelling hit, evade naval battle refining props
The port occupation of the city of output: London, Oslo output Hayling soul, Aden, selling until output Sea Witch of the soul

[Add] new copy of the exploration missions, and new scenes exploration missions

[New] open new city New Amsterdam Jamestown

[Add] new outskirts of the city to increase rare BOSS (8 hours refresh)
Boss Drop: Blood Rose stone fragments, fragments of Moonstone, days of the engraving, bloodthirsty stone (excellent) (good), blood Ren Stone (excellent) amethyst stone, crystal stone shield (excellent), Bin iron (ordinary the) series refining props, bin iron (good) series refining props Bin iron (perfect) series refining props;

[New] Add new knighthoods tasks
1, completed 120 knighthoods tasks players can continue to complete 140 knighted task
2 new knighthoods quest 140 sets of land warfare equipment, one-piece 140 Land Warfare equipment to Amsterdam Port Spinoza at the exchange 20 magnetic heath (bind)

[New] the "usage scenarios Weather" switch on the video display, the players are free to choose whether to use the current scene weather
Mode of operation: the lower-right corner → System → Video → scene weather

[Adjustment] adjust Proverbs original sin material is not bound material

[Adjustment] to adjust the imperial treasure chests, Shrine Mibao can out kind of props
The emperors chest out:
Qiyao Crystal, days of the engraving, Proverbs Orb, moonstone debris, Eye of the Storm, Bin iron (excellent) series props, jewelry (excellent) series props, smelting Stone, Aeolus, god of water, god of fire, the Holy Spirit spar props;
The Shrine Mibao out:
Mithril alloy armor, expedition notes, the Ocean Ranger Pack (facelift) sea witch of crystal, Hayling of the grain, the Eye of the Storm, fruit of all kinds of naval warfare, the original sin pearl, the two the Warrant Officer feats Chapter, Bin iron (perfect ) series props, jewelry (perfect) series of props;
Note: The above lists only some important items in the chest, not chest contained all props.

[Adjustment] linked scene rudder inherited players defensive attributes

[Adjustment] Portobelo copy of the adjustment can enter twice daily, to hold adventure certificate players can enter four

[Adjustment] treasure map system to adjust
1,5-class treasure map add a new experience in the book - Adventure Manual
Adventure Handbook: 1000-4000W experience
2, open the Transco equipment boxes and Europe Hakan crystal box, there is a certain probability can be out on the lake Mithril
3 Sevilla pier material exchange the person in charge at the increase in the following exchange:
Lake Mithril = 8 * the European legislation Hakan Crystal or 8 * the Transco war helmet or 8 * Transco Battlegear
Blood Rose Stone = Blood Rose stone fragments * 50 +2000 W

[Adjustment] trials of the hero's quest adjustments: Moonstone amount of debris adjustment, increased blood Rose stone debris out of chance;

Logistics system adjustment [adjustment]
1 Reset all the original players career logistical skills and adjust for the following skills
The same effect of the knowledge and skills of metal ores
The same effect of non-metallic mineral knowledge and skills
Hardwood knowledge and skills the same effect
Cork knowledge and skills the same effect
The textile crop knowledge and skills the same effect
Fishing skills skill effect unchanged
Boat equipment manufacturing: integration the ship armed manufacture and ship equipment manufacturing, manufacturing bow after learning the ship hit the corner, Boat Armor
(Merger ship armed manufacture and ship equipment manufacturing skill effect)
Alchemy: Potion integrated manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, learning can produce all kinds of stimulants, medicine, stimulants
(Merge the syrup manufacture and chemical manufacturing skills effect)
Tool making knives weapons manufacturing learning
Gun type of weapon production in the manufacturing of firearms after learning
Post-production the sword class manufacturing learning Sword
Ax Axe post-production manufacturing learning
Armor manufacturing armor CPI equipment manufacturing learning
Helmet manufacturing learning manufacturing helmets classes and equipment
Art can be made after the manufacturing learning necklaces, badges, rings
2, the player is only the 2:00 production skill points, respectively, in the 60, 130.

[Adjustment] adjusted to a more intuitive, clear upgrade interface, as shown
NOTE: this picture was uploaded earlier by dsofa i think basicaly its new interface for upgrading

[Optimization] skills, equipment cooling, suspension prompted increased by the tips of the remaining cooling time

[Optimization] Pei Teluo fortress, Le Banton Strait adjustment
1, Pei Teluo fortress, Le Benton the Strait senior battlefield increase screenings
2, the naval battle anti-hook condition adjustment
1) optimization the senior battlefield enrollment waiting time.
2) increase the the naval battle battlefield-hook condition boat durable hurt 20W, sailor injury conditions remove
[BUG Fix] Fix Portobelo copy card BOSS BUG appropriate to reduce the difficulty of BOSS.

Posted on 2012-12-17 12:42:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Problem with the screenshots is I just dont know what im looking at lol

Posted on 2012-12-17 12:57:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

well huh as for new portobello sea instance seems  it drops new versions of  acc and dodge stones and improver vulcan,aeolus, arethusa stones and some items i dont rlly understand. This is what google translae gave me:

"The improved the Bazhe connected fired, Bazhe scattering improved gun improved Bazhe cannon shelling hit a stone, shelling evasive Stone, Vulcan fine stone, the water god fine stone, the the Aeolus fine stone, the Juli stone, the Sea Witch essence, sea spiritual essence, the bow like Seiko props."

As for that NPC exchange pic if i figured out ok you get items from boss that can be used to exchange for those items. If icons are same as in our version those should be Seal of heaven, ares, poseidon and forgot name of 3rd figure thingy,  third row are new figureheads ( at least i saw them on ships on some earlier pictures) , 7 sea shield ( or new version of it) and red retrofits that we have now. As you can see from pic its just part of things you can get from exchange so guess we will have to wait for update to come to see that xD

Posted on 2012-12-17 13:02:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

I dont think there is new stones.. just bad translations of what we have..

Secret key fragments drop from bosses now so can be collected.. 10 fragments = 1 entry I think

Posted on 2012-12-17 13:14:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

another thing that i found out is that we will ability to recast uniform and hat same way we can recast wapons now
Bunch of skills will also be available, from what i see they are similar to those we have for weapons.
Also we will get high sea exploration system which will revive hunting Goth and higher bosses, also Savage and those sort of bosses and we will get separate exploration system for crete, gibr and north sea instances i guess...

well that would be all i could find out by now...guess we will know more in like few hundred years when igg finaly puts those updates here... f01

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Original posted by SINGERNS at 17-12-2012 12:35 PM
according to this there will be new version of 120 equipment quests giving 140 stuff this time
New tasks

A new knighthoods task
The task details the following table:
  task name                    Ta ...

giving 120 gear out was one thing... eh
but if they do give out 140 gear after all the grinding me and others did
i will be VERY ANGRY
im still in 7x 140 gear cause 145 is horrible to get
if they give it away i shall be mad

Posted on 2012-12-17 13:32:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

well look at it from brighter side if i understood correctly you will be able to do quest for 140 and instead using plain stuff you just got you will be able to exchange it for 20MO a piece
8x20 MO = 160 MO at current rates thats 3x148 =)

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Posted on 2012-12-17 14:25:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

145 is 20 MO each with 5 refined mag ore..

So assuming you have been running temple, you could get to full 145 in a day lol

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Posted on 2012-12-18 05:03:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

the main reason they give it away is because they have removed 130 gear from their version of the game