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[Off-Topic] Chinese version patch notes

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Chinese version patch notes - Chronologically


As we all know, voyage century was originally made by chinese gaming company Snail games. Since then, they sold the game license to other gaming companies. IGG is one of the first companies who bought the license.
IGG's version is always couple of patches behind the original chinese version.

Because of that many players are interested to know which new features next patch brings.
In order to reduce the amount of questions, and for my own purposes, I decided to make a short log of all patches in original version.

Notes - ( please read! )

- We might not get the same patches, or same features. IGG has rights to decide if they want to release something or not.

- Everything is translated with google translator from official chinese website. Patch names are different from ours, and translated so they might be different from original ones.

- I'm translating everything they added in their announcements, there's always many more features and items they didn't announce.

- Green lettered patch names are our version names. Green check marks means we already run these patches in our version.

- I also hope this is not illegal. This could be considered as advertising other game versions. Although chinese version is made especially for chinese market. Outsiders have hard time making account and playing. Not to mention chinese language is huge barrier.

If you don't want to know anything about future patches, please don't go beyond this point.

Pirates of the Caribbean - [New Era of Conquest]

- Introduction of 5 new professions
  (Royal Military Officer, Imperial Guardian, Armed Businessman, Caribbean Pirate and Treasure Hunter, profession level, profession experience bar)

- Introduction of 6 new instances
  (Crete, Mallorca, Madagascar, Taj Mahal, Mausoleum, Mayan Temple, daily tasks)

- Introduction of 5 new cities in America
  (Seward, San Francisco, Cruz, Salinas, San Diego, Magellan Strait)

- Introduction of new stronger profession based weapon.
  (3 quality levels, Old - sold at blacksmith and dropped by regular mobs, Ordinary - dropped in instances, Superior - crafted by players)

- Return of Hunting Event
  (3 levels, 0-61 bh, 61-98bh, 98-120bh)

- Profession storyline
  (only 27 tasks)

- Voyage Times tasks
  (starts at level 20, ends at level 80)

- New refining items
  (basic stones, drilling stones, lucky stone....)

- New materials
  (ingots, clothes, metal, non metal, Seville material exchanger....)

- Other additions
  (increased inventory space, changed login scene, new stats, parry, reaction, willpower, physique, technique)

Seven maritime war - [?? ?? ??]

- Introduction of Merchant Alliances.
  (5 new merchant alliances, new siegeable cities, merchant alliance wars, merchant alliance tasks, merchant alliance contribution)

- Fleets
  (fleet wars, fleet tasks)

- Malta Instance
   (3 levels, daily task, Genoa exchanger, low-level medal, high-level medals, 7-sea robe)

- 1 Key Wardrobe

- Beliefs
  (timed ones, exchangeable on colonies supplier for SOV's, rewards from imperial boxes from malta daily task)

- Apparatus
  (exchangeable in Seville with merchant alliance contribution)

- Ship auxiliaries
  (profession based, exchangeable at Seville merchant alliance contribution exchanger)

- Colony supplier
  (located at colonies, exchanges various items for SOV's)

Battle of king - [?? ?? ??]

- Introduction of ship auxiliaries drills
  (2 quality levels, Ordinary and Superior)

- Introduction of sailors bar
  (dragon boat gunhead race)

- Introduction of auction house
  (couldn't find more infro about this, apparently only things which can be put up for auction are ship auxiliaries drills)

- Land and Sea arena events
  (we have this in our version, but it never worked)

Ocean of love - [?? ?? ??]

- Introduction of wedding system
  (London Church)

- Introduction of 2nd generation pets
  (Ice Fairy, Hell Wolf, Flaming Urus, Shadow Reaper, new stats, pet jewels, pet inventory, pet pills)

Atlantis - [Atlantis]

404 error, will check into this later

Lockout struck - [Harbor Blockade]

- Introduction of level 13 ships
  (3 types, two battleships and one raider, new level 13 figureheads)

- Introduction of new English Channel instance
  (3 daily tasks, short storyline to unlock them)

- New sea charms
  (better attributes - 10 ship dodge, 10 cannon accuracy)

- New sea ammunition
  (sold at ship engineer in Atlantis, Flame dragon bomb, Fog bomb, Single bomb)

- Introduction of ship retrofitting
  (retrofitting is done at Atlantis, ship engineer, retrofits are available in mall and dropped at EC instance)

- Introduction of ship quality levels
  (3 levels, Superior, Outstanding and Imperial, Bart NPC with 3 tasks related to quality levels)

Temple Mibao - [The Gate to Poseidon Temple]

- New pet equipment
  (daily task in seville)

- New rewards from high sea maps
  (rare gold,  imperial gold, superior weapons, superior uniforms and hats (level 61-115), permanent charms, mayan stone, parthenon stone, cursed legacy, tiemur helm and armor.... many more refining stones, HI jewels (CO's, Lens, Rwan, Inhumanity, Neptune, Black Skelly, Sea Wolf), all kind of drawings (profession, old dragon), old dragon weapons, armors, hats)

- Honor arena
  (I think its the same one from Battle of king patch, just a little improved rewards)

- Introduction of new Poseidon Temple Instance
  (level 150 instance in Posseidonia, drops everything from level 140, 145 instances on 3 different floors.)

- Introduction of new Temple Mibao Instance
  (there isn't many info about it, just rewards list from chests)

- Other notes
  (removed auction house, high sea bosses drop IG, increased xp from daily instance tasks, added IG and RG as reward from instance daily tasks, mayan instance ticket price reduced by 50%, new shortcut ALT+V removes interface so we can take nice screenshots, increased healing amount of hp potions, alchemy drawings avaliable at Athens alchemist, new exchange npc at posseidonia, exchanges RG for IG, hylins for frost treasures and frosts for explorer treasures, new npc at seville gives pet daily task and many others which are not so important)

Pet Elf - [?? ?? ??]
* by look of it, this was a Christmas event patch*

- New NPC named Santa Claus in Seville port
  (hands out a simple task, rewards nice xp, 2 Imperial Gold and, item required for next task and Christmas exchange gift certificate
hands out another task, snowball fight, rewards nice xp and Christmas exchange gift certificate)

- New NPC named Mary in Lisbon tavern
  (hands out a simple task, rewards nice xp and Christmas exchange gift certificate)

- New NPC named Mora in Reykyavik
  (hands out a simple task, rewards nice xp and Christmas exchange gift certificate)

- New task at Seville City at Priest
  (you have to pray, you have 90 seconds no idea how to do this, translation is hard to understand, rewards nice xp and Christmas exchange gift certificate)

- New task at Cape town at Sun NPC
  (you have to deliver 5 letter to Quanzhou, rewards nice xp and Christmas exchange gift certificate)

- New Christmas tree in Seville port
  (you can take Christmas stocking once a day, I guess it gives some kind of reward when you open it)

- Update the Seville equipment 113=>120 exchanger
  (no idea what exactly they updated, but its something with rare gold and 300milion silver)

- Drops from 130 / 140 instances are no longer binded
  (I guess this refers to hylins, frosts, explorers treasures etc...)

Sail by march ceremony - [?? ?? ??]

This patch looks more like an event with different activities. There's nothing important.

Sea warriors attack - [Pirate King's Treasure]

- Introduction of new Gibraltar Sea instance
(Low level sea instance with a daily task in Seville, drops rare gold, blaze stones, windstorm stones, some new sea uniform and hats and loads of cannons and figureheads)

- Introduction of new Crete Sea instance
(Low level sea instance with a daily task in Athens, drops rare gold, sea spirit, witch, holy judgement ores, some new sea uniforms and hats and loads of cannons and figureheads)

- New sea skills for TH, CP and IG
(Too long to write everything here, hopefully I write them below if I find time)

- Sea mines reworked
(Not sure exactly what they changed (google translator is not so good), but looks important.)

- Many other small changes
(Removed slave ships and flame pirate ships, offshore NPC AI has been adjusted, storyline change so the players can sail on HS earlier, storyline grants more XP, added option of buying provisions/ammo without entering the city (right clicking on port on HS), optimized gun attack speed...)

Pirates Treasure - [Pirate King's Treasure]

- New profession skills
  (2-3 skills for each profession, i will write them in the posts below if I find time)

- New game in sailors bar
  (Like a memory game, find 2 identical icons)

- Introduction of new North Sea instance
(Middle level sea instance with a daily task in London, drops rare gold, blaze stones, windstorm stones, ship signets (dictator and captain) and loads of cannons and figureheads, also drops two FH refining stones, one is for cannon amount (max 600), second one is for sailors (max 2600))

- Introduction of new sea instance Portobello
  (Drops all kind of refining stones, ill talk more about it below in other posts if I find time)

- Introduction of Porto Weiluo exploration system
  (Same points collection exploration system as NI and BI)

- Updated E-Book
  (New interface, new topics)

- 130 sea jewels available at posseidonia exchange NPC
  (Its the same NPC which exchanges 130 land jewels)

- Magnetic ore is no longer used to upgrade equipment 145-150
  (New item is named refined magnetic dust, doesn't say how to get it)

- New items at seville material exchanger
  (Melting stone (100% success), Melting Stone (level 2) (upgrades perfect stones to holy stones which add 4 DB or 4 DR etc..) and some other things used to compound new equipment)

- Belief exchanger at Portobello
  (Timed beliefs)

- Drop rate of Blood, Amethyst and Holy Spirit stones at HI increased

- Adjusted the amount hunting evidences required to exchange certain items
  (Too long to write, not so important, they added hylin, icy, explorer pearls to exchange and some treasures like parthenon, mayan, cursed legacy)

- New items from chests at Temple Mibao
  (Too long to write)

- Other small changes
  (the monster dead body disappears after 2 minutes, for professional equipment skill level and noble title requirements are removed..)

Honor fortress - [?? ?? ??]

- Battlefields
  (Translation is too bad to understand anything, this is what I understood. Players get divided into red and blue teams. They have to capture eachothers flags lol. Pretty interesting. You can enter 10 times each day.)

- Elegant rank system
  (Don't ask, hard to understand, its something like exploration system, you receive points in battlefields and take rewards according to your rank.)

- Equipment guidance system
  (Another one with lack of infos. All I could understand its some kind of unified interface for all kind of pimping, weapon retrofitting, gem processor upgrading etc...)

- Many small updates
  (adjustment to NI, BI instance dificullty, adjust the freezing drawings drop from HS bosses, removed some useless NPC's, changed requirements for handicraftsmen misfortune task, increased the balance of professions and so on....)

The sixth anniversary celebration - [?? ?? ??]

- Whole bunch of events and event tasks
  (I won't write them, would take too long)

- Adjustment to weapon retrofitting skills
  (Some skills got upgraded, some degraded, list is too long to write)

- Introduction of new colony stones
  (Those work similar to guild commercialization and industrialization stones. They increase colony index by 100 points. 3 types for 3 different indexes. Doesn't say how to obtain them, probably item mall)

- Increase the loudspeakers props
  (Not sure whats this exactly, but it has something to do with public chat. I guess its greeting card. We can send smileys and use 80 english characters.)

- Teluo fortress optimization
  (No idea whats Teulo fortress. It has something to do with flags, player equipment etc..)

- Upgrade the siege system
  (Wait time adjusted to 75 seconds before resurrection, increased flag durability, added new materials and refining items to muncipal ministers. Now every muncipal minister sells pure steel, bloods, holy spirits etc...)

- Added new drop in land instances
  (mallorca, crete, mada, taj will drop refining stones like pure steel, blood stones. They will also drop imperial gold)

- Added new drop in sea instances
  (malta 1,2,3, english channel, north sea, gibraltar instances will drop refining stones like sea witch essences. They will also drop ordinary drill stones for ship dodge and ship accuracy)

- Removed armor improvement and weapon improvement option at guild HQ
  (No one uses it anymore, its useless, its about time to remove it...)

- Improved guards and giant genies from aladins lamp
  (I guess they made them stronger)

- Adjustments to ship retrofitting
  (You can remove retrofits now, without destroying them. So if you have a good retrofit you can pull it out and try new ones, if you get worse bonus, you can put back the old one you had)

- Added new item mall item which restores item bonus
  (You can save your current bonus, if by any chance refining fails a lot and lowers your bonus, you can load the previous bonus you saved)

- Changed level 11 ship rebuild locations
  (Level 11 ships are available in American cities now, not only on colonies)

- Adjustment to wind speed on HS
  (From now on minimum wind speed on HS is 7)

- Increased success rate of black and white diamonds

- New feature for map searching
  (Instead of prompt messages leading you towards treasures, new green arrow will appear above your character pointing in the direction you need to move)

- Removed some outdated items from HS maps and added new ones
  (List too long to write, but its nothing special)

- New description for load
  (When you rollover the load graph in inventory, you will see 2 numbers, your current max load, and your base max load (base without rings and uniforms)

Landing on a beach - [?? ?? ??]

- Introduction of "guild city inter-service battles"
  (looks like upgraded version of guild wars. guild needs at least 10 participants. players from ally guilds can receive invites. there's a level requirement, 600 total skill level and 130 profession level. if a guild wins it receives some original magnetic ores, HI stones, FH refined stones, sea essences. each player receives some medals and points. I still don't have a clue how to use them.)

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"Now comes the interesting part. Future versions. I'll do those later."

sofa that made me lol so much xD

Nice work anyway

Posted on 2011-12-09 14:04:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting now if they do not change a lot of stuff by the time it gets to us>

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Next part is up, still about 3-4 patches to go.


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Posted on 2011-12-12 18:13:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Done, that's all.

There's many small things I skipped. I thought they are not important and won't affect the gameplay so much.
There's also many things I couldn't find.  For example level 14 ships. I couldn't find them in any patch notes.

Use this as a base reference for big things, like instances, to see how many patches till them.

Lets make this discussion thread. I will write more about new skills and instances later as we get closer to those patches.

If there's anyone who can translate it better than google translator, post here and we will get to work.


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Wonder is we will ever get this far thanks man

Posted on 2012-02-26 05:21:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

We will but it will be 10 year anniversary for the 6th year anniversary

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Here's some interesting screenshots from Chinese version. I don't know much about them. I don't know when they have been released and I most certanly don't know when is IGG going to release them.



Some screens of new pets which aren't available in out version yet.

Armor Polar Bear
Level 6 buff skill gives 19 Damage Reduction / 4500 HP.

Owl Colonel
Level 6 buff skill gives 19 Damage Bonus / 4500 HP.

Celebrating Chinese Year of the Dragon.


A new ship charm. Firelord. Its Available at Seville Port at some NPC. It need 2 items, I dunno which ones, google does a crappy translation.


They also added new charms. Year of the Dragon. There's 2 types. Don't have a screen of them yet, only stats.

Both dragon pet and charm are available from in game events. Some kind of scratch cards event. While scratching there's a chance of getting Year of the Dragon Voucher. Vouchers are exchanged at Tripoli Port for pet or charms.Needs 30 vouchers for one charm and 70 for other, 60 vouchers for pet.


Level 14 ship stats. New cannons, new ship charm...


Seems they still have binding problems. Crystal shoe bound. I saw someone complaining on forum about it.... lol at least we know its not IGG's fault.


Yep, they have problems with fail rate. This guy was complaining about DR crystals, they fail a lot...


New compound interface. Apparently everything is upgraded in Seville now.


Check at this guy. He has 113 equipment and he's killing Peter on HI. I know many newbies in our version with 130 equipment who still can't do HI. Also check his inventory, 1 CO only. Seems they didn't fix the drop....


Year of the rabbit charm. From the back, hopefully I'll find a better image soon.


These are the new battle arenas. I think its the capture the flag game, I mentioned above.


Level 14 ships base stats comparison


Some bug, people dealing sick amount of damage in sea battle....


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Here's some random screenshots.


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Posted on 2012-04-04 08:52:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

The picture you show about sea with all the sea stones in the ship equipment is about the instances which will be near North Sea and Seville (new instances), real easy instances which can be done with plain 120 sea gears and low level cannons.
Inside this instance drop all these stones for figurehead and jewelry at great rate (at least in Chinese version) and buckshot cannons (player made) until level 10.

One of the other screenshots you post have a white bunny (I call it a bunny) icon in the top left of the screen. This one means the double drop rate, just as it is shown now with double drop card. But in new version (if we ever get) you can buy double drop for 2 hours for 1kk or 10kk (forgot) in Tripoli city.