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I can see how kirk would be interested but is Kirk -of Vanilla flavor or what ? .

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Original posted by ledhed at 29-1-2014 01:45 AM
I can see how kirk would be interested but is Kirk -of Vanilla flavor or what ? .

u gotta stop drinking that really hard stuff, its bad for u lol

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Star wars > Star Trek.

There will be no arguing of this fact.

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A rift opens and an imperial cruiser appears in front of the Enterprise
Kirk: "Mr Scott, what is that?"
Scotty: "I dont know sir, its something ive never seen before, it looks like it was designed by a drunk Gorn"
Kirk: "Its moving toward us, and it looks like its launching fighters"
Spock: "Captain there are numerous small craft closing on us fast"
Kirk: "shields up, red alert, ready phaser banks and photon torpedoes"
Scotty: "Aye sir"

Meanwhile on the bridge of the cruiser....
Darth Vader: "Target that really awesome looking ship and move us into range"
Helmsman: "Yes lord Vader"
Darth Vader: "launch all fighters and begin the attack, i must have that awesome ship"
The cruiser moves into firing range and starts shooting at the Enterprise, the fighters close in and begin to strafe the ship.

Kirk: "Damage report Mr Scott"
Scotty: "None captain, its like they are shooting flashlights at us"
Spock: "Captain analysis shows the ships are of inferior design and firepower to us, their laser based systems cant even get past our deflector"
Sulu: "Captain, their fighters are crashing into our shields, its like they dont even know its there"
Kirk: "hmm, not very sporting, take us to yellow alert but keep the shields up, try hailing them"
Uhura: "I have a person called Darth Vader on audio, no visual, they dont seem to have subspace communications"
Kirk: "On speaker"

Darth Vader: "you will surrender your ship or we will destroy it"
Kirk: "with what? you cant even scratch our paint"
Vader: "That is only an inconvenience, come over to my ship so i can attack you with my lightsaber, its only effective at short range so i need you close"
Kirk: "Um, no. why dont you just leave and call it a day"
Vader: "Alright, the Emperor will not be pleased though, He probably wont let me have pie tonight"

Suddenly the cruiser and all the fighters are gone and Q appears
Q: "Mon capitan, you handled that skillfully"
Kirk: "who are you? that was your doing, where did they come from?"
Q: "questions, questions, always questions with you humans isnt it? We know who won and that is enough, Im leaving for now, but ill be watching you humans"

just like the imperial ship Q vanishes
Kirk looks at McCoy
Kirk: "What just happened Bones?"
McCoy: "I think it was all a game and we just won"
Spock: "Correction doctor, he said he would be watching, so more like a... timeout, for now at least"
Kirk: "If he comes back, we will be ready. Helm, set course for starbase 13, warp factor 5"
Enterprise Flies off into the distance

and no, Vader didnt get any pie!

and yea admit it, while u read that u had each of their voices in ur head as u read their part
now off to bed

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You have no evidence I know who those fictional ppl are :P and bed time? It is 8am in the morning :D

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Star wars is clearly awesomer.

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[img] [/img]

One for you Mike.. you noob