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[Off-Topic] Guide to ship name Prefixes (HMS, USS etc.)

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The proper use of prefixs such as HMS, USS, etc. are simply set by the place of registry and purpose of the ship. There are many other uses of prefixes I have not seen on ships in game. In order to assist in this I offer the following information.

Country of origin prefixs are generally reserved for miltary vessels, but since this is a game I suppose that is not required. You might use the prefix from your characters birth city, current country of citizenship or your own. I have listed all of the ones I found in the referenced sites since many of the players countries were not around or the same at the time. The term NATO designation means the country does not use Prefixes but NATO has assigned one to the ships for consistancy.  

Country prefixes (Generally used on military ships)

Country | Force
Argentina | Argentine NavyARAArmada de la Republica Argentina
Australia | Royal Australian NavyHMASHis/Her Magesty's Australian Ship
Australia | Royal NavyHMVSHis/Her Magesty's Victorian Ship
Bahamas | Bahaman Defense ForceHMBSHis/Her Majesty's Bahamian Ship
Bangladesh | Bangladesh Navy  BNSBangladesh Naval Ship
Barbados | Barbadan Defence ForceHMBSHis/Her Majesty's Barbadian Ship
Belgium |  Belgian NavyBNSBelgium Navy Ship (NATO designation)
Brunei |  Royal Brunei Navy  KDBKapal Di-Raja Brunei
Burma |  Burmese NavyUBSBamar Sit Yay Yin
Canada |  MARCOMNCSM Navire Canadien de Sa Majeste
CFAVCanadian Forses Auxillary
HMCS His/Her Magesty's Canadian Ship
Canada  | Canadian Coast GuardCCGSCanadian Coast Guard Ship
CCGC Candian Coast Guard Cutter
Colombia | Armada NacionalARCArmada de la Republica de Colombia
Croatia  | Croatian War Navy  HRMHrvatska Ratna Mornarica
Denmark | Royal Danish NavyKDMKongelige Danske Marine
Ecuador | Armada EcuatorianaBAEBuque de la Armada de Equador
Estonia |  Estonian NavyEML(ENS)   Estonian Naval Ship (NATO designation)
Estonia |  Estonian Coast GuardECGSEstonian Coast Guard Ship (NATO designation)
Fiji   (None listed)RFNSRepublic of Fiji Naval Ship
Finland |  Finnish NavyFNSFinnish Navy Ship
France |  French NavyFSFrench Ship (NATO designation)
German | Kaiser MarineSMSSiener Majestat Schiff
German | Deutsche Marine  FGSFederal German Ship (NATO designation)
Greece |  Hellinic NavyHSHellinic Ship (NATO designation)
Guyana   (None listed)GDFSGuyanan Defense Forces Ship
Iceland  |  Icelandic Coast GuardICGVIcelandic Coast Guard Varoskip
India  | Indian Navy(pre-republic)                                                         HMIS His/Her Magesty's Indian Ship
India  | Indian Navy(post-republic)INSIndian Naval Ship                                                              
India |  Indian Coast GuardCGSCoast Guard Ship
Indonesia | Indonesian NavyKRIKapal Republik Indonesia
Ireland |  Irish Naval ServiceLELong Eireannach
Israel |  Israeli Sea CorpsINSIsraeli Naval Ship
Italy |  Regia Marina(pre1947)RNRegia Nave
Italy |  Marina MilitareITS(NATO designation)
Japan, Empire  Imperial Japanese NavyHIJMS or IJNTranslation of: dai-nippon teikoku kaigun
Japan | Japan Maritime Self-Defense ForceJDSJapan Defense Ship
Kenya |  Kenyan NavyKNSKenyan Naval Ship
South Korea | Republic of Korea NavyROKSRepublic of Korea Ship
Latvia |  Latvian NavyLVSLatvian Ship (NATO designation)
Lithuania | Lithuanian NavyLNSLithuanian Ship (NATO designation)
Malaysia | Royal Malaysian NavyKDKapal Di-Raja
Mexico |  Armada de MexicoARMArmada de la Republica Mexicana
Myanmar | Tatmadaw Yay UMSMyanma Sit Yay Yin
Netherlands | Royal Netherlands NavyHr.MsHarer Majesteits
                                                                                                                      Zr.MsZijner Majesteits
HNLMS His/Her Netherlands Majesty's Ship
New Zealand | Royal New Zealand Navy  HMNZSHis/Her Magesty's New Zealand Ship
Nigeria   (None given)NNSNigerian Naval Ship
Norway |  Royal Norwegian NavyKNMKongelige Norske Marine
HNoMSHis Norwegian Majesty's Ship
Norway |  Nowegian Coast GuardKVKongelig Vakttjeneste
NoCGVNorwegian Coast Guard Vessel
Oman   (None given)SNVSultanate Naval Vessel
Pakistan | Pakistani NavyPNSPakistani Naval Ship
Papua New Guniea  (None given)                                                   HMPNGSHis/Her Magesty's Papua New Guinea Ship
Peru |  Peruvian Navy    BAPBuque Armada Peruana
BICBuque de Investigacion Cientifica
Philippines | Philippine NavyBRP          Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas
Poland |  Polish NavyORPOkret Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Portugal | Marinha de Guerra PortugesaNRPNavio da Republica Portuguesa
Russia |  Russian NavyRFSRussian Federation Ship
Saudi Arabia | Saudi NavyHMSHis Magesty's Ship
Singapore | Republic of Singapore Navy RSSRepublic of Singapore Ship
South Africa | South African Navy  SASSouth African Ship
Spain |  Armada EspanolaSPSSpanish Naval Ship
Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan NavySLNSSri Lanka Naval Ship
Sweden |  Royal Swedish NavyHMSHans/Hennes Majestats Skepp
Tiawan |  Republic of China NavyROCSRepublic of China Ship
CNSChinese Navy Ship (older usage)
Thailand | Royal Thai NavyHTMSThai Majesty's Ship
Turkey  | Turkish NavyTCGTurkiye Cumhuriyeti Gemisi
Trinidad and Tabago | Trin + Ta. Def. Force TTSTTSTrinadad and Tabago Ship
United Kingdom  Royal FleetRFARoyal Fleet Auxilliary
HMSloop His/Her Majesty's Sloop
HMSHis/Her Majesty's Ship
HMTHis/Her Magesty's Transport
HMBHis/Her Majesty's Bark
HMAVHis/Her Majesty's Army Vessel
HMYHis/Her Magesty's Yacht
HMM  His/Her Majesty's Monitor
HMSTCHis/Her Majesty's Sail Training Craft
THVTrinity House Vessel (lighthouse)
HBMSHis/Her Britannic Majesty's Ship
RRSRoyal Reasearch Ship
United States | US Army USASUnited States Army Ship
USAVUnited States Army Vessel
USATUnited States Army Transport
United States | US Navy  USFUnited States Frigate
USFS  United States Flagship
USSUnited States Ship
United States | (USN owned, civilian operated)                         USNSUSNS  United States Naval Ship
United States | US CoastguardUSCGC           United States Coast Guard Cutter
Uraguay | Uraguayan Navy ROURepublica Orental del Uruguay
Venezuela | Venezuelan NavyARBVArmada Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Other Prefixes
FVFishing vessel
HTVHeavy Transport Vessel
OSV Offshore Supply Vessel
RV Research Vessel
RMS Royal Mail Ship
SBSailing Barge
SSVSailing School Vessel
TVTraining Vessel[/tr][/tr]

As the prefixes imply there would also be other prefixes allowed, such as MTV or LTV for Medium and Light Transport Vessels respecfully. You can also combine them such as FV-HTV for a large Merchant that engages in fishing. In general V and S are interchangable, so FV-HTS would also be possible. I left out SV, for sailing vessel as this would not have been used until after ship lines carried both Steam and Sail ships.

reference-  and other sources

Ship names developed certain conventions over time. Early ships carried the name of people or country/ cities where they were made but quickly started carrying the names of Saints and other religious figures. Registry's are filled with St.Francis, Budda, etc and slowly gave way to leaving off the St and just using the name itself. Records of visiting ships in English ports show a large number of ships, with Mary being the most common, believed to be the Virgin Mary shortened. This may well have given rise to the advent that ships carry the names of women traditionally, but after reveiwing the records male names, (mostly saints) appear often and early enough to counter that belief. It is more likely that certain sects named their boats Mary or Mary Agnes, etc to make it appear that female names were the way to go. Many privately owned boats carried the names of the wives of the owners, generally Nobles, so that my have added to this convention. Since this game is played by male and female players and characters and exist in a more modern world, I think that either male or female names are acceptable.

In time the number of ships named Mary must have been overwhelming and later century's saw a rise in ships named for their owners pursuits or on ideals. A listing of ship name changes by time might look like this;

Wales, New Hampton, Nile Queen, Elisabeth, Robert (early)
St.Francis, Jesus, Mary Agnes, Virgin Mary, St.Mark (most owned by Nobles)
Mary, Eire, Barcelona, Naples, Oslo, Cape Town  (Nobles and rich merchants)
and then came the era of cool names;
Earl Grey (two boats, and early sailing vessel and later a steam ship, made by the same family)
Queen's Revenge, Dawn Rider, Masters Escape, The Bounty, Golden Eyes, Roger's Folly, etc

Certain names should never be used at least according to naming conventions. The ship is never named after the Captain. A Noble might have a ship named after him or herself, but they did not Captain it. As the saying goes, "If ye 'bark a named ship, ye not be captain, she owns you." (Translated, "If you try to Captain a ship that carries your name, the ship becomes the Captain")

If you are having trouble coming up with a name that you like, or want to try out a fun site, go to     Hit the names generator in the left hand box and scroll to the bottom, there is one for Pirate Ships and non-Pirate ships, maybe "Bloody Scythe of the Carribean" is a name you like. Some of the other stuff there is fun as well, so it will not be a wasted trip. Good Luck, Have Fun and enjoy, it is a game after all.

**above was submitted to me by my good friend oldgraywolf (Tesh)

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nice guide man f59 , I didn't knew the prefix for my country and I didn't want to have any prefixes on my ship name, but know when I know I'll call my ship HRM_Victory f03

Croatia  | Croatian War Navy   HRM Hrvatska Ratna Mornarica

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Thats great guide f26

I should rename my ship to FNS_(text) f03

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Nice guide !!! :)

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nice I think I will change my of shipf41

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nicef03 f03

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