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[Discussion] General Manuals / General system

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Guys, What is GM? lol cant find a topic that explain

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Just a quick answer as I don't have time to go into detail

we have a General system - General as in leader of troops.... but they are pretty much invisible unless you open the interface.
this is another way in the game to have more stats

List of stats here:

the manuals are used to increase the stats.


We started with only having purple (lower level generals available)
but we have orange generals which are better now.

I can not find the post on how to get the purple generals - from one of the Taverns?? 
nor can I find at what level and or what opens the general interface.

I have to leave the house now but maybe someone else will post more.

good description of generals (when they first came out);

- ele

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sorry for ask mate and thanks for help me...cya

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manual are used to 'train' them, so they can wear better equipement and have better stats, there's 3 that you can 'use' at the same time, a land one, a sea one, and one that will be used on both, but actual stats of this one will be split by 50%, they have all sort of passive and active skills. check link he posted

you can only have general after you reached rank 8, they have attack stats, defense, sailor attack and sailor defense avaiable when you train them, its random, and painfull to max them up to 800. adding to that the equipement, that need sov to unlock 2 more stats on them for a total of 3 stats, but you can have lots a good stuff up to 20 db/dr/cs/csr  on each equipement same goes for sea stats. 3 level of equipement, that need modification stone to re-roll stats and treasure 3-4 to upgrade 

Posted on 2022-06-12 13:52:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have gone through a lot of old posts.

I can not find any complete info on the general system (for beginners)

so any info people want to add would be welcome.

I think back in 2016 I must have gone off the IGG page describing the general system -unfortunately that page is no longer available - we can only read the page on Crete event.

I remember going to a Tavern for green and purple and the back then very rare orange general but can not remember which npc or which tavern for sure.
Definitely did not remember we had to be rank 8.
i assume it is this npc in Seville tavern but is that the only one?

so any info added would be great.  maybe i can cobble together a quick guide if i get enough info.

- ele


I have made notes/links to info as I read through different threads

PLEASE let me know if any of this has changed


1) Some general skills may not work on some characters
to fix rebirth to another profession and then back to your old profession

1a) Remove generals and general equipment before you rebirth. When you get error: work_item_100 when trying to re-birth it means you need to unequip your general jewels and generals before you can re-birth.

2) red stats are possible but they are just really hard to get.

3) upgrading equipment requires you have 2 purple stats.  To go from purple to orange you need one orange and one purple.

4) Red and green arrows missing from interface (can not tell if losing or gaining stats)
Font is not set to default size or Resolution not game set/default.

5) How to get cards other than Seville tavern
[Under Construction] General Card Quests

- You can leave your char afk in New Amsterdam suburb and get those cards while you're not doing a thing.
- You can also get cards from Henry Ivelli HS boss and it has like 70% of drop chance.
- You can get those cards from Yizhu Bay instance.
- You can get them from Iron hand smuggling ships (rare)
- You can get them from Seville from other players.

6) can get (general manual*30 ) *5  as drop list of CHENSIHUA VICE IMAM (Mob in Yizhou instance)

7) suggest 13 manuals to go from 1-71
25 manuals to go from 71-100

8) how many general manuals needed?

9) normal and Intermediate trainings till lvl70 general(630 attack), only do high level training to level general 71- 100.

10) how to get 4th and 5 th slot open on a general:
purple one should have 4 slots at lvl 71 but its random it can be a 3slotter so then you gotta lvl a new general to unlock slots and transfer stats from old general if they are any good already.
...Only orange generals get a 5th slot, and it appears not even all of them do... If it is only a general with an improved skill from the superior one. It doesn't get it.
If it is only a general with an improved skill from the superior one. It doesn't get it. Mine had the 5th slot open at 90 after transfer.

11) basic description of system:
edited for 2022

There seem to be 3 tiers of Generals - Green, Purple & Orange.  Green and Purple  Extremely rare Orange are available in Seville Tavern.  

You can have 3 Generals active at any one time:
there are 3 types one type per of each can be equipped
1 = Sea Stat General (all Land battle stats are ignored)
2 = Land Stat General (all Sea Stats are ignored)
3 = 50/50 Sat General (50% Land and 50% Sea stats are added)

Each General has 4 base stats that you can train (Attack and Def on For land, Sailor Defense and Sailor Damage for Sea)
Each General also has up to 5 equipment slots for gear that add the rest of the available stats.

Base stats for each General and its level are trained with Silver or General Manuals (IM).

suggested to train a General up to L71 with Silver, and 100 with General Manuals.  

12) All possible general skills:
[Guides] All possible Card General skills