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[Discussion] fok? please keep your promiss

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can we have name change service pls?

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Name change time is now over.

Are you saying you signed up but it did not work?
If so did the system take your credits?

Be sure to send your screen shot of the paid 500 credits and date to the service center.

Remember name change is only for names that have illegal characters in them.
See this post for all the igg posts having to do with name change and transfer.
Character Transfer Event June 2022

- Ele

Posted on 2022-06-07 16:05:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

I had to apply 4 times for the name change event to get my alts name changed, and it even had a bugged character in the middle of the name.

3 times they completely ignored my request and they actually took credits, never refunded them. I sent a message asking what's up and they said to me the name will only be changed if you apply for the server transfer after.

4th time I applied, I complained to support and forum and only then they changed my alt's name without having to transfer him to another server.

That is my experience.


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