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[Discussion] Does new server run well?

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Posted on 2022-04-22 11:59:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ill have to agree with MPOMPAN, it's been just God awful, recently. 
One day it's sorta decent, next is just, go ahead and uninstall game type lol, rinse and repeat. 

I think the better question would be, where the heck are the servers all located, and what company or type of server are they using, ex. buying/renting. I mean, a server with like 100-200ish people shouldn't act or be like this at all, you'd expect to see this from high pop games like example, WOW or League of Legends, etc. HIGH POPULATION based, it's like they got a $5.00 server from a Walmart Bin, with gerbils running it. 

You can also see when all the People/alts log in, like after maint. for example, you can see a difference with the lag, like big loads at once choke it out, or start making it spike constantly. It's def. not any of our connections either. 

Tbh, idk what's been going on here lately, but it's like they want us to suffer or something, or just my eyes, and if one person like FOK is doing this all alone (idk the whole deal with this company and its employees) it's going to continue to be a rough ride for any of us. 

As most of us said in the past, they need to figure the priorities out, actually intend to fix stuff, update, and all that, or will it be just kinda piece it together, wing it, and hope for the best. 

It's not fair to any player base that this stuff has to happen like this, idc what game or company it is. 

Also, there needs to be more "communication to and from." said company. This popping in once in a while asking/looking at stuff don't help anything either. All we (I) can do is try to keep a positive attitude about all of this, try to play and have as much fun as possible. 



added some spaces to make reading easier - instead of one big paragraph  - ele

Posted on 2022-04-23 06:00:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

fok last 2 week i have see the drop on hi is more low. special master runs. and dont make whith one account. plz stop change drop rate. is very bad from before and hi place is more 12 years and only this to make some money. tcp trade dont work right. new place give low money 5000 if some want to collect money and need a lot money in the game make big damage on the game that. plz stop change drop rate and give more. and give place for afk kills like jame town. fix sub mobs money from 180 170 ini for some can stay and there. the game real need crazy silver and all time the drop rate going down. fix plz

Posted on 2022-04-23 15:32:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

in reply to KAT:

Long ago we had even worse problems (hard to believe that is possible right?)

Columbus server could not play for about 4? months
and before that well too many reports to count.

Always players from Europe have had the worst connections
Though I remember a few from Argentina or possibly Brazil (Southern east coast of South America) who could not play at all because of the connection.

At last look the servers were located south of San Francisco California USA...
In what is pretty much a suburb of San Francisco.. but is its own city...
Santa Clara, California
But sorry, I can't answer what type the servers are.

DSOFA was able to get the ip addresses back in 2019... I think they are still the same
so all you have to do is a ip trace to see where IGG end servers are located.

if you want to see how your connection works and how many hops it takes to get there;
 really only Ping Plotter (freeware) still works from all they old ways we had..
(if you do use ping plotter you will always see 1 hop second to the last hop...that has 100% packet loss)

IGG's only solution to lag is to use a VPN.
But if you use IM and need to transfer bound items a VPN makes the ip addresses change and then support can not tell if your account is still owned by you.

But I should point out that no one really believes that it is purely the internet connection causing lag
 - Except IGG.
We have all seen what happens during event mass log-ons and offs to the various servers... that not just those logging in get affected.
Or when running multiple characters one will have a red connection , one a yellow , one a green... and they are all standing next to each other and being run from the same computer.

April 26, 2019 Updated numbers:
From a post by DSOFA - here

Update server
Update server
Update server
Magellan and Marco Polo192.243.47.66
Da Gama & James Cook192.243.47.68
Zheng He192.243.47.70

IGG main
VCO main


Posted on 2022-04-23 21:50:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

random disconect again probably becouse connection lag so back where we started...

Posted on 2022-04-26 15:13:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

just logging on my main character... and only this web page is opened... no other programs running.

Tuesday 12:50 PDT/15:50EDT/  22:50 GMT

I never got anything better than yellow connection
got once a 250 ms delay when standing still... but higher when moving including red connection

immediately logged off main and logged on an alt 
started with yellow 250ms but it turned green got to as low as 56ms

so no  I can not explain it...
but I can infer that during a mass log in on a weekend my main would likely be DC.

IDK how or why there can be such a difference between characters/accounts on the same PC and internet connection.

Posted on 2022-04-27 00:15:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok for me on alt accounts .

Posted on 2022-04-27 11:55:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

come and play the time all euro players play the game. i have 600 - 900 delay in one sec. and now try open client and say to change server try 5 time for open one client and next stay on screen login char.

dam fix the server again...

Posted on 2022-04-27 14:32:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Wednesday 19:00 GMT tried 3 different characters.
All started yellow but turned green after about 1 minute of play.

Checked 2 different servers.

Some may remember that I am pretty close to the servers...about a 12 hour drive or 1:45 min plane ride....
so that may be a factor...

maybe its those sharks again?



Was playing a newbie alt on Columbus and at exactly 19:45 my connection went red (1s delay)  and I could not move or interact with the npcs.  after about 1 min it went back to green.


I had 2 alts going one MMP one Columbus -both had green connection
At 20:22 GMT the MMP alt turned red and I could not move for about 1 min then went to yellow (335/382 etc delay) and stayed yellow until 20:34 then turned to green - as I logged out.

The Columbus alt stayed green (other than at 19:45)  until i turned in a quest and was logging off at 20:38 it turned yellow.


 During this time the Labrinton Coast event was running... unfortunately there is no system announcement when groups go in and out of events... so we cant be 100% sure that is the cause but it looks likely.

Event schedule link:

- Ele

Posted on 2022-04-29 02:14:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

the disconnects and the ping is higher than ever for like 2 days.I never had that before the 9 h maintenance and keep in mind i run trough exit lag san jose 1.Put the hamster back in the wheel cause this is not working

Posted on 2022-04-29 15:42:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you are using a vpn when you play the game  Try going through Seattle Washington. or maybe Las Vegas Nevada or Bosie Idaho or any big city semi close to California but not in California..
try about 3-4 different cities and track the lag when using them  then choose the best one.

Unfortunately the area the servers are located is "silicon valley" which is probably the worst location possible but it is near the only IGG USA office which is probably why they chose that location.

As I have mentioned before; this game seems to be biased connection wise against Europe, and Italy gets it the worst.

- Ele