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[Discussion] News, activities & sales not put out on time/ back dating to hide the fact

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Posted on 2022-01-03 03:17:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Can we get correct dates on news and activities?
This weekend for double drop it says "Double Drop Event(December 3rd - December 5th )"
What does that mean? Is that supposed to be January 3rd - January 5th?

Also new sale just showed up today (today is January 3rd) with dates "Event duration: 0:01am Jan 1 to 11:59pm Jan 2 EST(GMT-5)" and it says that it's posted "Dec 29, 2021"...

Come on! How hard is to maintain the web??? My neighbor is 60 years old and has his own website with dogs, and he's maintaining his web on his own and he's ex cop xD

I don't even know what's active now and what was the old event/activity...

Posted on 2022-01-03 17:43:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

they seem to have edited the double drop notice.

it now says at the top; Dec 24- Jan 3 ( IGG activities link) which is what the body of the post said prior
(I copy pasted the old announcement to the forum 12/31 - ).

Though there is no way in H#%% that this edited announcement was actually posted December 9th - you can plainly see that the December 23 announced date double drop ran from Dec 24- 26 from my copied announcement the week before (link).
then this weeks announcement though the IGG post date is Wednesday the 29th (I copied it Friday the 31st)
I doubt it actually was posted Wednesday... though could have been out Thursday... either way we had at least 2 unannounced days of DD if not 4 days or so...

(and I must admit, even though I copied the announcement, I didn't notice the event ran through out the week)

as for posting sales with a back date... it has happened before... but for 1 day of a 2 day sale.

IGG is on vacation Monday Jan 3... and now because they back dated it, no one will ever know it got skipped. ..not that the IGG bosses look at the sales posting anyways.

because they did not start a new sale today (the 3rd of January) , you can still buy any of the Jan 1-2 sale items.
-when I last looked at 23:00 GMT only the dragon whistle had sold out.

- Ele

as for "how hard is it".... that's pretty much the question about anything having to do with the game isn't it?


Posted on 2022-01-06 15:37:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

OMG they did it again

the QUOTE; Jan 3-4 sale

for G%$s sake Today is January 6

and the sale announcement is backdated to December 23???

Not only that; the announcement says only 4 things are on sale but if you go to the IM page, 6 things are on sale:  Serpent stones and Luminous pearls are also in the sale!!

FOK time to talk to your underlings!!

- Ele

Posted on 2022-01-08 05:23:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dates for news and activities seems to be fixed now, but can you check Battlefield schedule? Seems like it's not correct
Friday(yesterday) was Petro and not Palenque as it says in schedule...

Posted on 2022-01-08 15:27:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

"fixed" - for now in that they back dated everything and actually started the 3rd sale on time.

as for the battlefield schedule
if you are referring to the news article/post;  New Battlefield Plan(Draft) September 27, 2019
(this is the most recent posting by IGG)

The schedule was changed soon after (11/21/2019) and was never updated
the correct schedule is in the guides section:
(let me know it this version has changed)

Battle Ground Schedule; Palenque, Petro, Labrinton, Crete ( BG )

- ele