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[Discussion] Timed items not working correctly in game!

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Posted on 2022-01-01 14:46:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

After new year , SOME timed items will have reduced time aproximately 7 days off. Check on timed GT charm, apparatus from porto and most important, planting cards:), those are verified to have lost time:) thank you

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Posted on 2022-01-02 04:09:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes. I realised at GT 84 that i diden't have my GT charm anymore.... rip

Posted on 2022-01-06 16:06:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

are there still problems with this?

if so are only "old" items affected... how about newly acquired timed items?

- Ele


ok its been over a week and no follow up coments about this problem
IDK if it was solved or just the timed items ran out and they got new ones but I am un-coloring the thread title and will let the thread get pushed down in the list over time.