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[Discussion] Face change

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Posted on 2021-10-09 01:07:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

Will they ever add option to let us switch between faces that we get at beginning of the game, got tired of all people wearing 3 same faces all the time

Posted on 2021-10-09 02:39:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

No once your character is chosen it will look like that forever unless you buy a face change charm from the item mall for 45 IM points (mouse over says credits and points but you can only buy for points)

and if I remember correctly there is a problem with the face change charm...
I think: after the charm expires (30 days) you never see your face again in the top right corner of the screen, but other people see you fine.

and IDK if a male character can use a female face change charm or not...
can someone answer that?

- Ele

oh and there is Hair dye as well (I don't think it works with the face charms tho)

and just a general FYI; when creating a character you select 1 of 4 characters (2 male 2 female) ... but,  if you click the arrows by the word "face" after you choose one of the 4; each of the 4 has about 8? or so faces to choose from.
Also the hair color will change lighter left darker right arrow but it doesn't show the picked color until you finish with the (choose name/face/hair screen) and are standing on the dock right before entering the game.
(the hair color will go full circle ie from darkest to lightest and then progressively darker after about 5 or 6 arrow clicks so there are probably about 8 or 10? color settings)