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[Discussion] Once again constant disconnections

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Posted on 2021-09-03 14:46:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

As the title say... before few months there was the same problem for a whole week. The constant disconnections began to happen yesterday or the day before it but the DC rate was somewhat... somewhat normal for the game but today is non-stop... Other players also as last time have the same DC problems. PLS FoK this time do not say that the problem is our provider... we are not in one house to use 1 provider! we are in different countries, so the problem is in your TV! Fix it pls and do not try to blame 3rd parties for your actions OR the lack of them! 

Posted on 2021-09-03 15:27:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

AS a general warning

It is Labor day weekend in the USA.
We have a 3 day (Saturday- Monday) holiday....
and then in many cities/towns school will begin....
here in my city the kiddies (All ages) get to go back to school in person if vaccinated (age 12 and up) or not vaccinated (under 12) ( no vaccine available yet for under 12) and with masks.

so there will probably be a surge in the net with EVERYBODY home this weekend... getting in that last 48 hours of non stop game play..

It is also Hurricane season.....
so be prepared for lines in the South East of the USA to be shunted to the already overcrowded North east USA

not that this should be affecting our game as bad as SOMETHING is.
as we know other games run fine....

but it is a repeated thing having our game have connection problems during Holidays and storms....
why just our game and not others, no idea...
but we know IGG will never tell us the reason.

- ele

Posted on 2021-09-04 15:49:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

OMG its going to be one of those types of weekends...

have tried to log on 3 times  ..cleared cookies and even restarted my computer
even closed the pet interface for the 3rd try in hopes of lessening the data upload...

but NO

Posted on 2021-09-04 18:51:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

I had them also but we also have a Hurricane on east coast that knocked my whole house off line and I had to get really hot and watch food rot.

Posted on 2021-09-04 18:55:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

xanthian31 , I have had it since 8/31 five days back , just tried to log in , I saw me then went "poof " I would rant at them but at this point I would have to wait in line so long , I forget why.

Posted on 2021-09-07 01:21:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

The weekend is over and the game is still unplayable... i've just log my characters and they started to die one after another so i even turn off my laptop that was for vco... i have to install on it something else i think. For few years i am constantly ranting for what-not just to have a working game, i am sick and tired! FoK doesn't give a F*** about anything and i am starting to wonder why should i...

Posted on 2021-09-07 03:32:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

maybe they will actually do maintenance during maintenance time.. we can hope.

- ele

Posted on 2021-09-07 15:48:02 | Show thread starter's posts only


yea IDk if they did anything either.