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[Discussion] What to do now at level 142/ lvl 140 gear.

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Posted on 2021-08-31 07:09:51 | Show thread starter's posts only


I have worked my way through quests for my 140 gear, I have all but finished the main questline also.

I have run instances and used trade points to get the refines to pretty much max out all jewelery with some superior DR stones. Plus some adds to my helmet, armour and falchion. (Carribean Pirate)

I am now level 142 and decided to start the Bimini questline until I can get the 148 gear.

I have worked through most the preliminary quests and have just finished the kill "X" amount of Bosela Dogs and Pikemen. However, I still am taking pretty large amounts of damage with low damage output (average 4k hits.)

Is there a better method to gain XP until level 148 or should I just push through?


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Posted on 2021-08-31 14:16:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

A though question, how to level quickly, the holy grail.

Alone, its going to be very hard for you to level quickly since your gear is too low of a level. You just gotta push it trough Bimi storyline and low level Athens daily tasks.

I'd suggest joining an active guild. You can run high level Athens daily tasks with them. They can help you complete some exploration cards for exp. Most importantly, many of them have refines to give away so you can refine your gear even further and then going trough any tasks will feel like breeze.


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Posted on 2021-08-31 14:39:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

I will repeat part of what he said - Join a guild.... they often will just give you the lower refines....and they will help you through the instances so you can start saving the higher refines.

and be sure to use your extra experience cards when doing the lower instances
( you can get one from guild hall daily if you have the contribution - Guild caretaker >> exchange guild contribution >> low level exercise brochure)
You can also buy Blessed pellets (24 hour) and great blessed pellets (168 hours =1 week), and one hour Double experience, Triple experience and fourfold experience scrolls.

Play weekends - though i haven't done the math recently, I think we still get 2 times experience in the lower areas.  That coupled with the extra experience card will level you faster.
Get more extra experience cards from the item mall if you have the money.

You can do each instance 3 times so to save time do one land instance 3 times then sail to the next land instance and run it as many times as you can before your card runs out.
(I use to do Madagascar and Bombay.. but used Mallorca when training/leveling a weapon)
Use your falchion and soul of saber skill to quickly get through the mobs...
depending on your characters strength, you can just kill a mini boss then run to the next spawn area and drag the mob with you... then kill 2 mobs at once with SOS.
But you want to kill all for the experience points.

to make your character stronger: First use the refines from the lower instances then do trade runs and the daily trade quest from Quanzhu and get TPC and exchange them for the refines from the Barcelona npc.
Do crete event and start saving the higher refines.

If you haven't already done so level all your main skills ie weapons, planting, timber etc.
if you leave your character chopping trees overnight in a logging pass area, then compound the wood and maybe make a weapon with it... all that is experience until the skill is at 120.

you can also leave your character overnight in a monster spawn area - have them stand and attack when attacked - not roaming so they have less chance of getting stuck or led off to a non spawn area.... zighu is quite popular for that... but start with the lower areas first to see what your character can handle.

Fast leveling old skills; general skill to 2040 + getting Rep for nobility

From the list of guides:

Instances you can do daily; see the instances part of the list of guides;
Take daily instance task (Athens dock or Seville Sanctum of Memories) every day you play.
Beginner instances; Crete (sea) Battlefield, Crete Maze copy (Instance), Straight of Gibraltar (Sea), Mallorca Instance, Madagascar Instance, Bombay Instance. - you will need the drops from these instances to refine/improve the stats of your equipment and they give a lot of experience/leveling points. You can do each instance up to 3 times per day!

I also suggest you to the daily trade task (Athens or Sanctum of memories) every day you play - you will need the trade point cards (TPC) to get refining items for your equipment (see Trade points Exchanger in Barcelona city)

The daily Valentines task give a high amount of experience for very little work.  Do it daily.
At level 60 you can do the low level arena quests and they give good experience as well.

Silk Route and Saint Andrews will also give you high amounts of experience and silver coin for very little work, do it daily as well.

Make money by farming the cannon and figureheads in North Sea instance (use double drop card when possible).... Until you are strong enough to farm Hurricane Island Cave instance (farm cannon operator jewelry)

If you can get someone to help you kill the Rampant Pirates in London Suburbs (last part of quest line); Do the daily task  "Request; Supply Officers Request" (level 1 to take quests) from the NPC on London Upper dock (next to the mid-summer event envoy).
Do the quest every day - Keep all items from that quest; You will need the items from that quest in the future.

If at all possible, when starting a new character play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
We get double experience (on most things done in game) on those days.

- Ele

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Thanks for the thorough responses.

I have started dailies now and also the valentine events as read on one of the previous guides mentioned.

I will start doing the trade quests also. I used my TPC as mentioned to refine my jewelery as much as possible with flawless diamonds, i will gain more TPC to get the better set of refines. I was just dubious about doing this as someone told me that when i get my 148 gear it will all be plain, I did not want to regret spending all my TPC for nothing on 140 gear.

Is that correct? Will I only get plain 148?

I will look to join a guild soon, hopefully I can find a relatively active one on MMP.


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Posted on 2021-09-01 04:05:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

Also as a matter of interest is there a guide on getting your 148 gear? I believe I found the correct vendor in Seville for it but do not want to waste my seal of heavens on the wrong items.

Thanks again.


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Posted on 2021-09-01 05:27:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can either upgrade your 140 to 145 and then 145 to 148 or spend 100kk for each piece of 148 gear + seal of heaven as you have already discovered.

It's your decision what you want to do.

Spending TPC on flawless diamonds is a waste tho. Gather the ones from Mallorca and etc and exchange them for flawless ones at 1 of the npcs near sevile suburd gate. Or get the diamonds from the GT vendor for grade 1 and 2. Even with your gear you should be able to take a few per day.
The best use of TPC on jewels is getting attack speed on the rings and necklace.

Posted on 2021-09-01 05:39:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

ahh yes! I forgot about the Exchanger near Seville suburbs, thank you for the reminder, as I'm sure you can tell, I have just returned to the game

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Posted on 2021-09-01 13:24:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

I recommend saying screw off to your 140 gear, and start working on your sea gear to farm North Seas Instance to farm silver for your 148 gear. Do guild quests every day, and a silk run to level quickly to 148. Save all refines for 148 stuff. I was in full 148 running Palenque, HI, and other "high" level stuff. I was pretty much worthless in Palenque, but I was there dangit!

Im not an alt I swear! I just look like one! And your alt could probably kill me!
Posted on 2021-09-01 14:31:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ah good call  KingDavid...As most of the game is land based..I forgot about sea...

but yes Start doing Malta every day.
You can team a NPC to enter any instance...
but I suggest getting your guild mates to take you into the highest level of malta.

My guild mates would just set the team item pick ups to free and they would let me pick up most if the drifters for the cannon and refines. (you can take malta as a daily quest so at least my guildies were more willing to do an instance sea and land, if we did it as a daily quest for the guild contribution)
You need many of the Maltese medal of honors for the first few items of sea gear

(see Matlese knightage award giver NPC and then Knights of malta reinforcement NPc both in Genoa port)


what I think he means by "save all refines for 148 stuff":

If you are planning to upgrade your gear through the levels:
refines have "grades or levels"... some can be used at level 140, some at level 145 and some at level 148.
So I think he is saying do not throw them away.
I strongly encourage buying SOV and using them to open bank spaces to save all this stuff.

as for loosing stats when you upgrade your uniforms and jewelry..
I did not loose any of my refined stats or drill stats.
But I do remember in the old days, that if you had stats that were not originally part of the item description  you would lose them on upgrade...
However I am not even sure you can add unlisted stats anymore.. (if not cheating anyway)
Perhaps the person who told you no stats on 148 meant; if you buy the gear with seals of heaven it will have no stats so save all your refines for that, because there is no way to transfer your stats from the 140 to 148 gear.

After upgrade, it might look at times that you lost some stats but what happens is with the next level upgrade of an item, the item can "hold" more refines/ ie can have higher stats, so what was a maxed level is not maxed after an upgrade

Though If I'm wrong somebody please post.  I haven't upgraded to 148 in a long time.

- ele

Posted on 2021-09-01 15:31:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes ^

Don't use anymore refines on your 140 gear. Save any refines you get to work on your 148 equipment once you get there. There are many MANY ways to farm silver at low levels using sea gear that you don't have to repair very much. Guild mates helped me get the "Old Seven Seas Garments" I ran Gibraltar Straight 3 times a day and filled my ship with level 8 buckshots, sold everything I could fit on my boat, refined my gear to all 10 10 5, and saved as much silver as possible. Once I was strong enough for North Seas I would run that AND Gibraltar, fill up my boat with level 10 cannons, and sell everything between runs. I could make somewhere around 80-100kk a day if you play your cards right. Then once I got my figurehead good enough I went back to running Malta Defense 3 times a day until I had enough to make my Seven Seas gear Superiors.

Anything is doable in game if you put your mind to it, find a good process to level up AND DON'T BURN OUT!! Take it slow, and just enjoy playing with friends. That is the only way you'll stick around in this ptw game.

Im not an alt I swear! I just look like one! And your alt could probably kill me!