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[Discussion] FoK... WHAT have you done this time???

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Posted on 2021-08-17 07:19:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

Is it that hard for you when something is working to NOT TOUCH it? By "working" i mean barely working but still working... I am beginning to suspect that you' ve done this on purpose for some sick reason of yours or is it just part of your so called programmer job you have there? The mix of your incompetence and the extensive lack of ANY interest in VCO is now getting quite apparent and annoying for everybody who is still by some reason in the game and NOT or Partly left for other WORKING game like lets say bbo. What was that patch that coz of it you broke AGAIN the game? DAFUQ

Posted on 2021-08-17 12:43:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

This has nothing to do with funofking. funofking is not making patches on his own. Hes just doing what he can. He has been given limited amount of resources he can invest into this game so his hands are tied.

IGG is receiving patches from Snail Games USA "as is". Those patches come from BBO version. On other hand, Snail Games USA is receiving these patches from Snail Games in China. So basically all of these patches we receive have been worked on twice and then given to us.

The issue comes due to the differences in our versions. For example, Chinese version has redesigned Quaznhou port. Lets say a new guild instance arrives with new scenes. They have to edit a file which is read every time a player enters a scene and the file contains players spawn location in that scene. They take the file from Chinese version, it contains spawn locations for the new scenes, all good, but they forget it also contains the new spawn location for redesigned Quanzhou port, but VCO doesn't have redesigned Quanzhou, so that's where we run into an issue.

Then we test that on test server and we report the bug. Funofking asks Snail Games for a fix, they give him the fix, but now the fix has some other extra things that mess up some other things and we are spinning in circles, same bugs reappearing over and over again.

The same crap happens at BBO. Almost all of these bugs appeared in their version as well. So BBO is not a working game either, just check their Discord server.

So the main issues here are:
1. Poor version control in Snail Games.
2. Poor testing and quality control at Snail Games.
3. Poor testing and quality control at Snail Games USA.
3. Poor testing and quality control at IGG.
4. Lack of interest at IGG to request bug fixes.

So we gotta understand this is what we have at the moment. The amount of money IGG makes in this game compared to others is negligible, so why invest money and resources into this game, partially working is good enough for them. Don't expect any change unless the whole gaming industry goes trough a drastic change and old RPG style client games become relevant ones while mobile gaming goes extinct.


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