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[Discussion] New player!

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Posted on 2021-08-01 00:01:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey everyone, I saw a youtube clip of this game and have decided to try and play.
I find it really confusing and really struggle to find people in game to ask for help. (everyone is afk)

I dont really understand what to do that much, is there some good guides to help out / helpful levelling guild / or helpful other players. I'd be happy to change servers to find a good guild that will answer questions / point me as to what i should be doing haha.

I'm currently just doing the profession questline and have almost hit 140. There seems to be so much to do in the game its really overwhelming.

Any advise is appreciated.

Posted on 2021-08-01 01:54:00 | Show thread starter's posts only pretty much guides for everything in the game.
Start with " 2014 - New/ Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide" and go on from there.

Posted on 2021-08-01 02:03:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Once you hit 140 and got all the gear ect, you've hit end game . Find a guild and have fun in hurricane Island instance/dungeon for the majority of your time unless money is no problem to you

Posted on 2021-08-01 18:57:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

140 is not really end game...
it is more end if you only like playing solo with one character.

you can probably make it to 155 playing with your own alts - but it takes a long time to train them so may not be worth it since most people have trained alts to cover what you need.... and then because you need to do actions so fast in higher instances its probably best if you play with other people.

You will want/need to join a guild and do instances with them and the people they know.

Usually the higher level players in your team. will allow you to just pick up the lower level stuff that they no longer need to advance.

there is a way to see all the items when you click to pick up a mob drop... then only take what you want... and leave the lower stuff for the next person to pick up.
often you can hang back and take the weakest mobs while you watch the stronger players and learn their strategies.

often you can be in a guild voice chat  while doing instance or just doing daily tasks...and can discuss who wants to do what task or instance, the mob drop pick ups while in the instance, the mob types and the strategy in attacking them and in what order, and other game play information.

 all that will help you advance in game... though yes buying any items you can in the item mall will always be faster.

- Ele

Posted on 2021-08-05 14:11:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

for mpe55

Best way to find a guild is to talk in public chat - and ask who is accepting new members.

If you see a lot of active players (during the time of day you play) check out the guild names above their character's heads.
Try messaging them and ask if they are accepting new players.
they will probably want to know your game experience... as some may only want high levels and do not enjoy helping out beginners.

Below are the beginner quests an tasks that you can mostly do by yourself...
I do suggest doing silk route and daily trading task every day you play.
(You will need the trade point cards (TPC) for the "free" refining materials from the Barcelona npc)
Do what ever instances you can for the low level refining drops.

It is definitely worth the money to buy SOV (special offer vouchers) and open bank storage space (to hold all those refines until you have a good stack 50+ or so.. that you are able to use all at once)
And dont forget to get your free bag and ship space openers from the Seville free gear giver.

On weekends you can use the double drop card (DDC) for more refines from the instances... later you will use the DDC when you "farm" North sea or HI instance.

------copy paste from list of guides-------

New Player Basic Game Information

Beginner quest lines are now broken into separate quest lines.  Do them in the following "order"
(it is suggested you jump around between some of the quest lines.  Such as do the 120 Knights vigil when you reach 120 in the middle of the beginner story line or do Voyagers times and daily quests when you need a break);

A lot of first time player information is included at the beginning of the Beginning Player Start and Quest line Guide

1)    2014 - New/ Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide
2)    2014 - 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line   (lvl 120 to start quest line)
3)    2014 - 140 Knight's Vigil II Quest line Guide - (Free 140 equipment) (lvl 140 to start quest line)
4)    2014 - Bimi, Atlantis, Storyline, Quests, Exploration Log, Rewards (lvl 133 to start quest line)
5)    North Island - Profession Storyline / Exploration / Cards / Rewards (lvl 120 required, 140 suggested to start quest line)
2014 - Voyagers Times Quests (quests start at various levels, some do start at level 1)
Silk Route, Saint Andrews - Quanzhu Daily Quests (lvl 60 to receive quests)
World Ocean/ Naval Intelligence & Industrial Quests (level 120 to do these quests)
2014 - Gonzalez in Barcelona; Free 140 Weapon (lvl 100 to see first quest, lvl 140 to see weapon quest)
2014 - Valentines Day Daily Quest & Quest Line (lvl 120 to receive quests)
2018 - Arena Quests (lvl 60, 90, 120 to receive different sets of quests)
Request quest line (daily task) (Any level can start the quests but level 140+ recommended to kill Rampant Pirates)

Instances you can do daily; see the instances part of the list of guides;
Take daily instance task (Athens dock or Seville Sanctum of Memories) every day you play.
Beginner instances; Crete (sea) Battlefield, Crete Maze copy (Instance), Straight of Gibraltar (Sea), Mallorca Instance, Madagascar Instance, Bombay Instance. - you will need the drops from these instances to refine/improve the stats of your equipment and they give a lot of experience/leveling points. You can do each instance up to 3 times per day!

I also suggest you to the daily trade task (Athens or Sanctum of memories) every day you play - you will need the trade point cards (TPC) to get refining items for your equipment (see Trade points Exchanger in Barcelona city)

The daily Valentines task give a high amount of experience for very little work.  Do it daily.
At level 60 you can do the low level arena quests and they give good experience as well.

Silk Route and Saint Andrews will also give you high amounts of experience and silver coin for very little work, do it daily as well.

Make money by farming the cannon and figureheads in North Sea instance (use double drop card when possible).... Until you are strong enough to farm Hurricane Island Cave instance (farm cannon operator jewelry)

If you can get someone to help you kill the Rampant Pirates in London Suburbs (last part of quest line); Do the daily task  "Request; Supply Officers Request" (level 1 to take quests) from the NPC on London Upper dock (next to the mid-summer event envoy).
Do the quest every day - Keep all items from that quest; You will need the items from that quest in the future.

If at all possible, when starting a new character play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
We get double experience (on most things done in game) on those days.


- Ele

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Warning has been issued  Warning

If you really want something, you gotta do everything in your power to achieve it and if that is not enough , then you gotta do what is required.
Posted on 2021-08-06 14:10:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

re the above warning
please read: BBO is not allowed to be discussed on IGG forums

Posted on 2021-08-06 19:17:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi All,

I've run into a few problems
I was doing the Knights Vigil questline and Kratos gave me a treasuremap to take to Crete and find a coin. I got the coin came back to kratos but he doesnt let me submit and there is no quest I have. What can I do here to progress?

Also my game jumps constantly. Is this normal? 
It hasnt really annoyed me up until pretty much today, happens on land and at high seas.

Posted on 2021-08-07 14:35:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

sometimes it takes a minute - yes like 60 seconds after you enter the city for the quests to register as complete...  so first just try again.

Make sure you have open spaces in all the tabs of your bag and ship.
ALWAYS have 4 or so open item slots as some quests give 4 or 5 things and will just not give them to you if you have full slots then you will never get them and it can mess up the quests and yet sometimes it just wont complete the quest until you have enough open slots.

read the white public chat - see if it tells you the error when you try to turn it in.

check your voyage log and be sure that turning in is the the next step in the quest you are on. (yes it should be, but with lag maybe you turned it in and you kept the coin... idk)


looked at the video and yes i get that a lot on high seas....
 try landing and re-sailing, or restart the game and try for a better connection.

some players especially on weekends get lag of seconds (the weekend events have not made it better)... the worst connections are usually in/from Italy or Greece... and Pretty much forget playing if you are in South America (east coast).... the signal travel times are just crazy long.
Lag gets better when school starts (mid September) but get horrible again during christmas vacation (December) for those who experience it.

If you experience lag try a vpn (servers are in southern San Francisco California).. I have found not using a San Francisco vpn gives me a better connection, but try a few different locations to find the best for you.
or just try re logging... the connection is so very random... you will see this randomness in action if you play alternate accounts at the same time.

- Ele

I use ping plotter freeware to check my internet jumps and connection...
doing a ping means nothing in this day and age... as certain companies can legally put your signal to a slower line if you are not their customer.