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[Discussion] Playing old school / classic

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Posted on 2021-04-11 05:22:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, I came back after a long time not playing, and am kinda surprised that the game is full with Level 100-170 items, but skipping me through the level 0-100 gameplay by a quite restrictive quest line. The guides on the forum are showing me how to get to level 140 quite quickly. It skips me through a lot of exploration/excitement as exploring suburbs is no longer dangerous with a level 100+ character.

But my question is: Is it still possible as a new player to play the 'old school'-game again? In other words: buy a level 1 ship, grind/buy my wood for a level 2 upgrade, use my own crafted falchion (that has 4 attack :D) etc? 

I've a few additional questions:

  • Are the regular /old school quests still in the game?
  • Which missions should I skip as they are immediately giving me a unreasonable amount of XP?
  • Which persons are there to avoid talking to, as they will give me refining items, etc.?
  • Is the game still balanced when I do not use rings, necklaces etc.?
  • Is there any guide on how to play the classic game? E.g. dating back to 2007?
  • Does it even makes sense to try to pursue this vanilla gameplay? Or has it been made impossible as all items I get are trying to push me to level 100+?

Posted on 2021-04-11 12:19:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

I decided to give it a go, and write my own guide while playing. I throwed away all the Rings, Necklaces, starter gear and starter ships, and instead started my own adventure with a level 1 merchant vessel.

Currently I'm running into a bottleneck as I'm not able to produce any low-level items: I cannot craft any Weapons, Ship Figureheads, Potions or Clothing. While I do have the goods and the level (lvl 1) for crafting a 'Broad Infantry Falchion', the game does not allow me: '[Prompt] you are not able to make Broad Infantry Falchion.' Presumably, I do need a profession production skill? Does anyone have an idea to by-pass this? Or how to gain the Production Skill Points needed to unlock these skills?

Of course, I could buy directly from the blacksmith, but this would skip a big part of the old-school experience.

Posted on 2021-04-11 14:10:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

yes, to craft anything;
1) You will need the "old skill" (Skill tutor npc inside the city gate)

2) you will need to put a profession point toward the type of weapon, or helmet or loricae (uniform) you want to make: Ctrl +s - or in the lower right in the ships wheel the crossed pistols....production tab...
the 4 types of weapons building skills are separated now so be sure to just choose the one weapon you will use... you only get a total of 5 profession skills per character
(this is one of the main reasons so many people have so many alts as there are 15 production skills and you only get 5 points to spend... and the points are granted at profession points 21, 41, 61, 81, 101

and you will later need the special trees, special mines, special "fishing" wood and metals, and special plant seeds/plant/cotton material which take profession production points for some items... be sure to check the guides for the lists.

3) you will need to learn the drawing (some drawings can be/ are still drops but most are just bought from blacksmith/weaponsmith, tailor etc..)
3a) dont forget sewing requires equipping a bag, foundry or shipbuilding a hammer, mining a pick axe, logging an axe, planting a hoe...

4) your foundry. sewing, ship building etc.. level will need to be 1,11,21,31,41,51,61 etc depending on the drawing

5) 120 is the highest level weapon and uniform a character can make
you can not upgrade a 120 weapon or uniform into a 140 (there are no 130 weapons/uniforms in game anymore)
140 items are/ are needed to upgrade at the npcs (we now have 170 gear, 180 in profession points)

6) it is possible to get drop weapons that are level 140 or 145, 150 but the only ones that will upgrade are the ones that come in "packs"/ packages that you see form time to time in players stalls... but you pretty much need a high level weapon to go farm those weapon packs.
Maybe if you have a really nice guild mate they will help you out with free gear.

7) you can buy the 140 weapons and uniforms at the tiger totem npc in Seville if you eventually need them as well

Answer to Questions
** To search the list of guides use your browser's search function ctrl+f on a word likely to be in the title of the guide you want

+ Are the regular /old school quests still in the game?
yes, some are, some npcs exist but wont give the quests, some are just gone.... you can still go through the old npcs (merchant alliance, handicraftsmans alliance, warrior alliance and discoveries), HOWEVER the old quests do not grant much if any profession experience making it hard to level by just doing the old quests.
(Search the list of guides for "Alliance tasks" )

+Which missions should I skip as they are immediately giving me a unreasonable amount of XP?
This is why the beginner quest line was created... as yes all the old quests give very little profession exp. and little money

+Which persons are there to avoid talking to, as they will give me refining items, etc.?
If you really dont want the items just drop them to the ground - though if you are doing beginner quest line some you HAVE to use or the quests will not continue so follow the guide.

+Is the game still balanced when I do not use rings, necklaces etc.?
No, you have to use rings + necklaces (we have always used them, they just were not as powerful).

+Is there any guide on how to play the classic game? E.g. dating back to 2007?
No,.. well maybe yes sort of... because you would level so slowly it discourages new players and very few people want to do it the old school way.
However the old old old 2006 storyline quests may still exist - but some of the npcs may be missing. IDK for sure which quests work and which do not, no one has reported trying them in many many years (search the list of guides for "2006" for the old old old story line )

+Does it even makes sense to try to pursue this vanilla game play? Or has it been made impossible as all items I get are trying to push me to level 100+?
As I said above... playing this way is pretty self defeating if you ever want to get above level 120 items.
You will spend many many hours killing bellwether and wolves when you need to be doing the instances collecting the items needed for gear upgrades... instances that you can not do unless you use refining items.

ps. you can do trade runs - use alts to make more money and TPC (Trade point cards).
you can use TPC  to get lower level refining items, compressed provisions,  and bag and ship space openers for free from the npc in Barcelona city

you can also get lower level refining items from doing the lower instances Madagascar, Bombay,  Gibraltar straight and North sea especially for lower level players.
Farm North sea for cannon - sell them to npc for coin (ps game is designed so auto fire does not work in north sea instance)
Use the team a npc function to do instances solo; ctrl + x >> recruit members button
Though old school = weak so make sure you can survive Mallorca instance first before trying the mentioned instances

remember to only use almighty repair kits on anything you have not learned the drawing for... or you will loose durability.

- Ele

Posted on 2021-04-11 15:48:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you xanthian31. I appreciate your help. I will definitely attempt to do a classic playthrough. I do not regret that I will not be able to get above level 120, as I like the more realistic setting of level 1-10 more. Also I do not see it as wasted time: instead I'll be able to explore and experience the vanilla gameplay a bit more.

So for crafting, I do need the profession skills. What ways are there to level profession? Is there an item in the mall that gives profession XP? Is there any other way to ONLY level profession and not other skills so I can have the old-school playthrough?

EDIT: Ah, I noticed that the beginners quests do not give much skill XP, but DO give a lot of profession XP. That is great, that means I can finish them without being worried that I'll level too fast.

Posted on 2021-04-11 16:24:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

On leveling:

In the beginner story line guide I noted/wrote when I hit certain levels
100 Profession is at #67
120 profession is at #86

***ability reward gold is used at npc in Athens dock at bottom of ramp, and will take a skill immediately to 100 and you will immediately have the old skill points to spend at the skill tutor (if you have the coin to buy the stunts/ stunt levels)

To keep from earning points for some of the skills... just do not learn them until after you finish the beginner quest line.
of the skills below all but medicine and shipbuilding are auto learned/ started when starting a new character so these skills (below) will get some experience when doing the beginner quest line.

at the bottom of the beginner guide I wrote my totals: quote;

----------------------  when I Ended Here 9/26/2013 2005 hrs EDT ---------------------------------
** these numbers may have gone up a little but probably not much, as this was 8 years ago *grin*

Skill levels at this point with minimal weapon leveling and some authenticating and not doing Knights Vigil Quest line.

Voyage 102  ( using a lvl 10 raider as my ship) (used ability gold)
Sea Battle 100 (used ability gold)
Eloquence  25
Bare hand 58
Medicine 10 (had to heal a BIT after getting killed 3 times stupidly standing near pirates)
Falchion 38
Sword 50
Shooting 37
Axe 54
Ship building 100 (used Ability gold)
all other skills are zero and not learned

General skill level 574
Profession Level 133

looking at the numbers, I chose / switched between axe and sword as my free weapons during the quest line so those weapons leveled faster
the quest line gives experience to all 4 weapons when it grants weapon experience as a reward.  But the weapon you have equipped gets more experience than the other 3 (possibly 1.5 times as much - but I have never done the math to calculate the difference)


yes you can buy a level 140 Gift bag (level 0-140) to level profession points.
The icon is not showing in the item mall but you can buy it for 200 IM points
and it only increases your profession points,  and NOT skill experience points.

there are also packs that take you to to 150 (level 0-150) 1,800IM
and 150-160 (need to be lvl 150) 800 IM
160-170 (need to be lvl 160) 1,000IM

Use search in the item mall using "140, 150 or 160"... otherwise, there are a lot of "packs" and "bags" to search through to find the right ones.

you can forgo any lower leveling at all if you want to just buy a "Newbie Character Pack for 6,000 IM

Details HERE- a news page


- Ele

Posted on 2021-04-12 02:44:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Warning has been issued  Warning

If you really want something, you gotta do everything in your power to achieve it and if that is not enough , then you gotta do what is required.
Posted on 2021-04-12 05:40:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Is it still possible as a new player to play the 'old school'-game again? - yes, it is possible but a lot of the content from the old days is missing or has been changed.
What does that mean -  a lot of the quests that used to give xp are gone or changed. Some of them can give you 20-30 lvls from completing them once. Voyage Times quests have been modified for sure - there are a lot less now and if you don't want to do the "new" storyline, very very soon you wont have a way to gain any xp to lvl up apart from killing mobs.

Definitely it is possible, but it's made harder.

For instance:  I can't find a tab to show the exploration/discoveries on High Seas anymore - how are you gonna get maneuverability lvl on ur ship to upgrade it?

Is there any guide on how to play the classic game? E.g. dating back to 2007? - nope, even a lot of the old guides were partially or fully lost when the forum updated.

In general you wanna do what all of us are doing - a lot of grinding for small upgrades but you will be missing out on 95% of the current game content. - Is that really something worth doing?

Posted on 2021-04-13 14:37:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for your input. I'm playing for a few days now, and I love it! Playing gives so much memories back. I always liked the 'realisticness' of the game, and found it a pity when glowing weapons entered the game. It gives quite some relaxation that I'm not necessarily focused on reaching 'the end' - instead I'm trying to explore the game (again, after 13 years).

I'm giving myself the strict guidelines to: 

  • > Always throw away all rings/necklaces I find (they are not realistic)
  • > Do not use any items that are 'glowing' or give a major boost over a crafted item. (e.g. use the hand crafted Falchion instead of the 'newbie falchion'
  • > Do not use any items that skip progress: e.g. earn my money with trading/finding treasures instead of opening a 10 mil coin box.

In case I'm really stuck/bored I always can create another character with which I do all the beginner quests / level 10 ships.

So far I'm having quite some fun with the little things I used to do: moving some goods from Athens to Beirut, etc. The beginner missions are also much more challanging: attacking with a level 1 battleship on Crete Battlefield is more exciting compared to sailing there with a Caraella sailer :D

In the process I'm creating my own guide, and already found the following:
  • > List of all Trade Quests 
  • > List of all Exploration Quests
  • > List of all Fighting Quests
  • > List of all Story Quests
  • > List of exploration locations

Unfortunately, some NPC's have been removed, leaving holes behind in the quests lines. It's a pity. 

I think the main bottleneck is going to be the Profession Skillpoins in the Production Tab: I can only produce 5 types of items. So I will be focussing on 1 weapon type, alchemy, shipbuilding, armor and hats. It's a pity that starter gear isn't excluded in the profession tab.

I'm still in doubt whether I will give myself the 'level 140 item' for profession skills, in order to get all 5 production skills. Most certainly I will need/want to buy some items to increase character/ship storage space. Is there also a item that increases warehouse storage slots?  I might also want to buy additional level >31 packs, so I can level more skills. But that's not for now :)

I'll share my guide once I find it's finished/someone wants it.

Posted on 2021-05-04 10:32:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm trying something similar as well. For me personally the main rule is not to use the lvl 10 ships since it feels wrong skipping the first 9 lvls when they are possibly the best of them.(haven't actually been lvl 12+ so cant claim it as a fact). 

Crafting sadly is broken due to the talents if you try to play oldschool. 
Gear seems have a wide assortment in vendors so i'm hoping lack of crafting wont be too bad.

Exploration is a bit weird since the discovery texts almost never match the discovery, but if you find a list of coords its working fine.

Some merchant quests have been removed(i think), but there seems to be enough of them to level up ship.

Haven't tried doing any non profession low lvl quests if they even exist.

Started on BBO but for some reason i get very weird crashes every 10-40 mins so im thinking about restarting in VCO.

Posted on 2021-05-05 07:47:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

crafting is broken only if you want to do more than 5 things at once... you can always use a lethe tool and reallocate your points.
Profession production points given at profession level:

Merchant /Trader quests:  
remember the old alliance (trader/ handicraftsman/ warrior) all show up as you progress in levels.

Ill have to try doing trade quests and see if all or just some or which do not work

Master of Alliance (Handicraftsman)

Adventurer Alliance tasks

Warrior alliance tasks

Merchant Alliance trader quests

Exploration - see the Discovery guide for coordinates:

ps non profession low level quests other than old alliance quests - maybe you mean the old old storyline??

(Original 2006) Storyline / Scenario Quests

Keep in mind BBO IS DIFFERENT from VCO
We have some different NPCS and different items are available through the npc's and item malls.

- Ele